Just For Girls - Are You A Lesbian?

Have you been wondering if you might be a lesbian? Contrary to what some closed-minded people might say or think, being one is NOT "bad"! Whatever you are is just fine, because you're AWESOME! Note: This test is not 100% accurate, but it might help you anyway! I hope so...good luck!

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    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?
    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?

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6 days ago
I have a feeling that am alesbian though i don't know how??
17 days ago
I had a feeling so was lesbian for a while because I've never felt any connection with boys and have always felt closer and more happy with girls, I took this test and it said I'm lesbian, which is more than ok by me!
21 days ago
I knew I wasn’t straight or bi. Idk why I took this test. But hey, just making sure! Although I might be trixic as I am questioning my gender XD Girl or enby?
28 days ago
I got lesbian I'm just gonna go sit and think for awhile about how nice my gay life will be, I am very happy!(thought I was straight tbh)
30 days ago
LOL VIN I love this quiz
30 days ago
Hey!! It's the creator of the quiz again. I never expected it to blow up like it did, but I just want to thank everyone for being so welcoming in the comments. I'm a lot older now (14) but I still come to look at this quiz sometimes to listen to all of your stories that can help other people like you. Fun Fact!! I'm actually transmasc and bisexual, so even when I thought I was a girl and lesbian 4 years ago, i still have a long way to go lol
32 days ago
I am bi 😳Well i never thought that i would be bi well no one knows it so im ok with that
33 days ago
Pretty sure I'm lesbian at this point, but I haven't told anyone. I was saying something at school about how most of my friends are girls. And everyone at the table had misunderstood and thought i said i had a girlfriend instead Girl. space. Friends. as in friends who are female. Then i corrected them, while secretly panicking inside. What the heck! How do they know??
33 days ago
To Confused Girl. You have have just described exactly how i feel. I sympathize.😂
45 days ago
@local lesbian
YES SAME my parents aren't homophobic tho-
52 days ago
I’m a lesbian as usual lol
56 days ago
Me is in friendzone w/cute friend. Welp!
60 days ago
wait noooooo not a preference in men a preference in women defo lol 🤣😅🐾🏳‍🌈🌈❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪(ignore me being weird lol )
60 days ago
@AM I? ok so im 11 im in year 7 (uk) but I kissed a girl at 9 and i loved it we dated for a few months but she was a toxic person so we broke up and what im trying t say is that ur age doesn't matter don't wait till your older that will make it more confusing because its hard to figure out whether ur straight or not I identified myself as bi with a preference in men a few months ago but now im not sure, I know im not straight but one piece of advice here don't give up just yet expeiment a little bit
62 days ago
I got lesbian! I am 12 but I am pretty sure I’m a lesbian. My whole family is homophobic and I will never come out to them. Though I have come out to my friends and they accepted me and they are also very gay- anyways I feel a lot more comfortable with myself after coming out. This (and girl in red) has helped me a lot. Thanks :D 🥰
64 days ago
I think I’m lesbian but I’m bi I’m hella scared to tell my parents anything
64 days ago
I got lesbian.

I’m a 10 year old girl who dated a boy before. And had a crush on a other one. But lately I kissed a girl and loved it! I also told my parents I liked girls and they supported me!

-Also your never to young to be in the lgbtq+ community! After all me and my friend are both 10 and are in it.
65 days ago
Well what do you know I am a lesbian, and I am only 12.

I know I am to young😿but hey who cares😺
I am me 💕🥰
66 days ago
im 10 i keep on thinking that im a lesbian but i dont know and im
confuse am i or no i have not told my parents bicuse i think i am two young
69 days ago
Look, I’m only 13. I’m confused because I have a crush on a boy, but sometimes feel like I would/could date a girl too. Most of the time I feel straight, but there are times I doubt it. I also, for some very odd reason, fantasize about being gay. Not like the actual kissing a girl or anything, but just BEING GAY. I don’t know if that’s “normal” or a sign that I am gay, or just me being weird. I think I could be bi but I don’t know and I’m very confused