Just For Girls - Are You A Lesbian? Test

Have you been wondering if you might be a lesbian? Contrary to what some closed-minded people might say or think, being one is NOT "bad"! Whatever you are is just fine, because you're AWESOME!

Note: This test is not 100% accurate, but it might help you anyway! I hope so...good luck!

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    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?
    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?

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11 days ago
It said I’m lesbian but I swear im bi soooo
16 days ago
it said i’m bi, nope haha i’m gay!! thanks for the quiz tho, it was one of the best i’ve taken!! :)) best luck to everyone figuring out their identity, ilysm!! you are all valid, don’t let anyone take that away!!
27 days ago
The only boy I have ever dated is because I felt bad for him also I get nauseous when a boy touches me unless it my best friend and he already knows I’m into girls (bro he’s homophobic but is like “your just not like that public with dating girls so it not that weird to me ) and I have to tell him that trans people are whoever they changed and nonbinary people are valid and don’t need a gender and it gets kinda annoying but idfk also I’m like a super feminist so I hate men in general sooooooooooooo
27 days ago
Ok so I am pretty sure I’m lesbian I’m 12 but a boy that was interested in me (he told me I’m not just guessing) hugged me and I started shaking and felt super uncomfortable and nauseous but then later that summer I went to my friends house and we ended up kissing and there was another girl to and I kissed her too (I’m also not opposed to having a 💑 like a crush not like💑or anything like that) and I got so red and blush and had butterflies and then this year in school this boy told me he liked me and I got a knot in my stomach and felt nauseous again but then my “best friend” (we aren’t friends anymore for reasons not related) told me she liked me and I was flattered I didn’t get nauseous or shaky at all and my sister who I came out to as bisexual already was like “ well good thing your 12 and don’t have to be anything” but this is actually stressing me out and I don’t know what to do also I haven’t come out too my mom yet and I want to know what my sexuality is cause what if I come out as lesbian and then start dating a boy or if I come out as bisexual and then only date girls and continue to feel nauseated by men for my entire life? Idk I need help 😭😭😭
117 days ago
I just finished and it said I’m bi but I know for a fact I’m lesbian because I fantasise about having a girlfriend every night so this quiz is not accurate 👩‍❤️‍👩❤️
143 days ago
I think I’m lesbian,I’ve never had a crush on a girl but I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush on a boy either.I think I like girl now tho she’s so sweet and when I think of my wedding day or something like that I imagine it being girl.My opinion girls are HOT and boys are yuck.I rlly want a girlfriend soon :) but how do I know if someone is LGBTQIA???
213 days ago
i just did it and i got bi ... like bruh im kinda young to be bi but i know alot of stuff im sure ill be fine ill try to tell her but itll be weried, pls help me out u guys
213 days ago
im kind of freaking out bc i think i like a girl but i dont like i feel a bit funny when im around her like u know that feeling when u think u like someone but u dont? well thats happening to me
227 days ago
Wait!!! One little thing I have to say!!!

1. If ANYONE, tell your BESTIST friend that your bi,lesbian WHATEVER.When I told my besest* friend,who's at a different school, she made me finally crack, and when I did, she said:"wait, I played her for basketball! She is totally crushable❤️!
You know, I used to have a crush on a girl in year two!"So, you never know... Maybe you'll make some mega lesbian friends! Or, hey, go a bit further than friends...❤️

Love, your gal, Audrey😘

*I'm pretty sure I spelt that EXTREMELY wrong!🤫
227 days ago
This year has been really hard actually, I started off,like REALLY wanting to be lesbian. Then, you know,days,weeks,months went by, and then,like, I started looking at this girl.Then, BOOM!!It hit me😱!I had A MASSIVE frick'n crush on this girl!!! AND it wasn't fake!! But then I started thinking,"Huh? I've only ever liked boys until this year??"
My parents are very LGBTQ+ supportive(we loved 'first day' and 'heart-stopper')
but I didn't bother telling them, because to me,(to ME,okay?you tell your parents if you want to!!!)it's not a big deal, like if I told my parents I liked boys, they'd be like: "umm... Okay??"Even though I'm still figuring out my sexuality, this quiz made me smile and get a little bit closer to finding out if I'm lesbian,bisexual or straight.

Hope this helps all those gals out there, just like me.
Love y'all, Audrey😘
235 days ago
it said im bi but idk!
241 days ago
why are 9 year olds dating LMFAO
243 days ago
btw please read my writing below because i hope that it will help u! X
243 days ago
this quiz is good. im only nine years old. Ive been having having some thoughts and i feel like i would be comfterable with a boy but also a girl? This was very hard for me yesterday. I told my best friend but i dont know if im straight or gay or even bisexual. When i took this test i didnt know how i felt because im having like a full on gay crisis. But i think im,,,, straight. But i dont know tommorrow or next week i might feel different about this. For all you youngsters like me you can be who ever you want to be. Its really not weird its just how you feel and you have your full life to change your idea, so dont listen to those 💗y bullies cuz your amazing no one can tell you that you aren't just follow your heart. 💗
277 days ago
Your right above that confused
277 days ago
Hi I’m Samantha and I like boys and girls. I wish that people would be nice too me lol. Nobody like Likes me.I don’t have friends lol. I’m tired. I miss my dad. I wish that you all like your resales!have a grate day evenning morning or night!

From ssksscdj
278 days ago
To umm WTH (64001)

Ok kid. That. Is. Just. Wrong. You are nine and you kissed someone!!! Cheese kid! Are you even allowed to?!?!

-Confused (15814) 🧀
278 days ago
If your parents think bad about being lesbian or bi or anything like that, it's their loss. You be who you want to be and don't let anyone change that.

To I don't know... (30078)
From Confused (15814)
278 days ago
To I don't know... (30078),

If you like your friend so much then you like her! You are your own person. I'm 11 too, and I am honestly and totally confused. I have this huge (and when I say huge I mean HUGE) crush on a boy. But there is this one girl who I kinda have a fluttery feeling in my stomache. My BFF also has a crush on me right now so I am under a lot of pressure. I am also helping a few people get over their ex. It's hard being awesome. You should go for what you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You sound like a cool person.

-Confused 🍔
280 days ago
@GG I’m 11 too. Are you lesbian? Because if you have experience with that could u maybe.. so do you have any tips for me? Like how will my parents react?