Just For Girls - Are You A Lesbian? Test

Have you been wondering if you might be a lesbian? Contrary to what some closed-minded people might say or think, being one is NOT "bad"! Whatever you are is just fine, because you're AWESOME! Note: This test is not 100% accurate, but it might help you anyway! I hope so...good luck!

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    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?
    Have you ever had a flutter in your heart around another girl?

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12 days ago
Ya I'm confused at this point
22 days ago
I didn’t really accept I was a lesbian before, I even forced myself to have feelings on a boy, the feelings died of in a week.
40 days ago
But I do have a girlfriend at the moment so that might have emotionally changed my response
40 days ago
Bi, I don’t really no though if its correct, because I have had ‘crushes’ on boys but I feel different (when having a’crush’ on a) to girls.
45 days ago
Girls. I think I love them.
59 days ago
67 days ago
I think maybe because i got yes
95 days ago
Got lesbian. Satisfied with it, yes but I'm questioning if I'm a demiboy so uh-
100 days ago
Hello I’m 12 and um my mom Dosent agree with me being gay but I’m bi I think 😰
And I’ve never really had a boyfriend or girlfriend
113 days ago
I am dating her
115 days ago
116 days ago
Hi i cant tell you my name but i got bi but the other quizes tell me that im lesbian so now im really confused but i think im bi so yeah
131 days ago
Hi I'm kj and I knew I was lesbian before,but I wanted to make extra sure. I have never told anyone except my gf on Roblox. this quiz is 100% right, thanks bye
135 days ago
There is legit a question that asks what gender you like 🙄 Like dude that’s what I’m trying to figure out.
152 days ago
i keep on doing these tests and get bi or les WICH ONE
163 days ago
And I'm 11 so yea
Lol this has to be 19 words so I'm adding this 😂
163 days ago
I'm bi and i suspected it :)
167 days ago
Well guess I'm bi (already knew it but had some suspicions abt being lesbian tbh)
177 days ago
I have a feeling that am alesbian though i don't know how??
187 days ago
I had a feeling so was lesbian for a while because I've never felt any connection with boys and have always felt closer and more happy with girls, I took this test and it said I'm lesbian, which is more than ok by me!