Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

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Do you want a lesbian scenario quiz, but without all the sex? Honestly, girls are pretty but I don’t want the pussy. If you feel the same way, here you go!

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    You are at the store buying clothes (flannel, obviously) and you see a rather attractive girl searching through the shirts a few yards away. What do you do?

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46 days ago
This is the MOST INACCURATE QUIZ EVER. I am VERY straight and I got Ace Lesbian with all of my answer being the ones that we're just normal, like just a friend ones. No lovey dovey stuff and I still got that.
68 days ago
I got cutesy ace lesbian

I wish I had a girl friend now >:
71 days ago
i in fact am a cutesy ace lesbian
101 days ago
122 days ago
I wouldn’t consider myself the cutesy ace lesbian - I’m not ace first of all and I can tell you I’m one heck on a masc. I’d consider myself the boy in my lesbian relationship- if I had one that is :’)
144 days ago
so i dont think im ace but i got cutesy ace lesbian who likes cuddles
and i love cuddles
but im dating an incredibly amazing nonbinary
and im not ace
but then again i picked ace answers just cuz i felt like it
so good quiz :)
176 days ago
Awesome! This was so fun! I'm ace panromantic with more of a leaning towards feminine people.
219 days ago
i got cutesy ace lesbian who likes cuddles :3

and that indeed is true! i love cuddles from my dog and my friends :D
…if only i had a cute lesbian girlfriend to cuddle with :’)

also, i define as bi but also i’m questioning lesbian/greysexual meaning i don’t get attraction to people that often or intensely so i think this was pretty on point :)
243 days ago
I dont think I feel romantic or sexual attraction :'( ಥ_ಥ
248 days ago
I LOVE THIS!!! This is SO cute, I got cutesy ace lesbian. This gets a 10/10 :))
251 days ago
They said I was a shy and cuddly person- witch I am so 👉🏻👈🏻☺️ my point is it was spot on so yeah. Sorry this so long :)
331 days ago
This is the most accurate quiz I’ve ever found! Thank you for making it!! I hope you make more!
349 days ago
this quiz was very cute 10/10
369 days ago
I love the quiz U should definitely do more of these (only if U want to tho)❤️
389 days ago
Well, I think this quiz is really accurate, thank you for making it! You should def do more of them, only if you want to of course, I really enjoyed it x
I want a gf soo bad, but I'm still in the closet allthough my family is sort of supportive...Most of them are dead-ass religious, so am I, dont really know if they would accept me.
Finally could accept myself for being an demisexual lesbian, yay x
391 days ago
i just wish I had a girlfriend! I'm agender btw
399 days ago
Im glad that there is an ace version of this cause all the other ones I found were sexu and I didntike it, I like this one though! :V
401 days ago
405 days ago
I’m Lesbian I just wish that I had a ♥️💛💚💙💜🖤
408 days ago
Thank you do much i like this quiz and its help me a lot