Lesbian Scenario Quiz: Ace - Asexual Edition

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I for one am tired of all these sexual lesbian scenario quizzes. Let's give the asexuals a chance in this Ace Lesbian quiz!

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    You are shopping for clothes (flannel, obviously) when you notice a really pretty girl staring at you from across the room. You:

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5 days ago
I'm not lesbian I'm pan with a pref to girls and I think I'm ace undefined
29 days ago
I am a lesbian I love this quiz
35 days ago
aroace lesbian here! i loved this quiz :)
78 days ago
i hate romance idk why i took this quiz im aroace but yeah
250 days ago
Arson (15792)

There is nothing wrong with you.

If you do not imagine anyone there, you might be aromantic-oriented lesbian if you don't imagine yourself in a relationship.

That, or this quiz made the quiz takers get sucked into a date too quickly or something and it gets a little hard for quiz takers to answer since it's so fast paced, probably unlike how it actually may happen or not.

Or you may just not imagine yourself going up to a random person and talking to them, and then going on a date with them so soon and stuff. I personally cannot imagine myself doing that.
255 days ago
how the hell does the color thing work lol
255 days ago
erm- i wrote it wrong- nice test
255 days ago
Asexual is correct! Nice test!
542 days ago
So when I saw the first question, I tried to imagine it in my head, but I couldn’t think of anyone. Its not coming to me. Im a lesbian, but I can’t imagine anybody there. Is there something wrong with me?
600 days ago
I might be an aromantic but i'm always down to cuddle with someone platonically.
620 days ago
I'm a happy asexual lesbian and I love FRICKEN CUDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
645 days ago
I am ace lesbian just learning to accept myself.I always felt like a freak at school or with friends but now I know to love who I am!I’m so thankful for this beautiful community.Lesbian for life 🥳🥳
664 days ago
I am 11,and lesbian, the first person I'll will be my best friend, my crush..😘😘😘👭🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
665 days ago
I’m Pan and trans not lesbian but I have been considering the thought of being lesbian argh i like girls a little bit more than men but I do like men it’s like 60 for girls and 40 for men but I identify as pan and trans well either way I’m always gonna be trans but pan is like I’m iffy abt
683 days ago
im demi, not aromantic...
705 days ago
I agree girls are cute but💋is nasty but for some people it’s quite peaceful
749 days ago
idk why my name is this
749 days ago
sex is stinky. girls cute.
780 days ago
I think I am biromatic and demisexual :)
784 days ago
Yea I’m aromatic don’t know what that means but I’m into boys