The Lesbian Scenario Quiz!

Step right up, ladies, and prepare yourselves to read about - and hopefully REALLY enjoy! - some frisky situations! Then, choose the answer that best applies to you. P.S.: If you get too turned on while reading, I am NOT responsible! ;) Oh, wait - maybe I AM!

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    You are at a bar drinking. All of a sudden, an attractive girl appears and starts flirting with you. What do you do?
    You are at a bar drinking. All of a sudden, an attractive girl appears and starts flirting with you. What do you do?

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19 days ago
Full - on les. Wow. Its true tho
31 days ago
I´m lesbian and Iḿ 12 years old my parents hated me for it but I don´t care. I´m in school and I have a crush help me please
32 days ago
Though this is way more crazy than what I’d do, I’d never cheat on my gf with some random girl at a bar
32 days ago
I’ve been lesbian since I was a little kid, like age seven I knew there was something off with me. Never really gave it thought until I got a huge crush on my friend, we’re dating now- but I still do these quizzes for fun.
45 days ago
SOmetimes us lesbians suriprise peoplle also do not judge us by this quiz this is just uter disgust we are not like this- this is a crime to lesbians
45 days ago
woah it worked thank you so much GirlUCrayCray :)
45 days ago
Well, tell her how you feel- some people may understand thissituation i reccomend to not tell your boyfriend- they can bea lil touchy boys- das why girls are good
47 days ago
Ok, so I am not les but like my bff is crazy for me- she asked me out but idk what do do please help im scared aso she knows i have a boyfriend and i thought ppl on this may have les advice
129 days ago
Isn't this a bit rude? Like in the comments everyone acts like it's fine, bc this is ver weird.
133 days ago
For 100% you are: So are you ready to find out the truth? You are a lesbian! You are not afraid to be with a girl and you will go all the way with her if that's what the both of you want. Don't be afraid to love who you love. Iyt's your life - live it without regret. OH YEAH BABY!!!
160 days ago
For 93% you are: Ready for your result? You are a full-on, high-sex-drive lesbian all the way! You would go all the way with any girl you're attracted to, and not regret a single minute or move of it! Good for you! Now, if you're feeling as generous as you are turned on, share my quiz with a friend, or two, or three...multiples are ALWAYS awesome! ;)
165 days ago
192 days ago
((Red))I’m more pansexual than lesbian
192 days ago
I’m too young for that...
192 days ago
I’m probably not that lesbian, but I do have feelings for my friends! (They’re apparently all girls ._. But if I am at least 50% lesbian, then I’m probably pansexual, bc I have a crush on a boy at school)
195 days ago
it gave me asexual i don't blame myself for being asexual it might change in the future but for now i'll just cuddle!
203 days ago
Hi my fellow lesbians👀🖐🏾
229 days ago
Ready for your result? You are a lesbian for sure, but more of a soft lesbian. 💗 stuff isn't really your thing, but that's OK, and you don't judge! To each her own. Good for you! OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 🙀🙊🤫🤯
240 days ago
I got 60% soft lesbian, 20% a-sexual and 20% non-true ones. Yeah, I guess I might be lesbian or Bi, but I'm definitely demi-sexual or a-sexual.
@??? Absolutely, I am same as you. Some people do this but at least get to know them a little bit!
@Love If you feel confident enough, tell her! If you don't, you could tell your closest friends or siblings and they could give you suggestions on how to do it (Sorry if I said to much on this, its my first time and I wanted to help T^T)
241 days ago
@??? Same!! Except I Pan not a Lezzie.