Are you a lesbian?

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Just a short quiz for those who are confused and/or questioning their sexuality. Choose honestly

  • 1
    A girl comes up to you and compliments you, standing close to you and smiling. What do you say?
  • 2
    Her smile brightens and asks for your phone number, sitting down beside you. Do you give it to her?
  • 3
    You gave it to her and she leaves, waving goodbye to you and saying thank you. She then calls you the next day and asks if you’d like to meet up at a café. What do you tell her?

  • 4
    You meet up at the café and sit down. A few minutes later you find her walking towards you with a scarlet red dress, smiling and waving towards you. What do you do?
  • 5
    She sits down and starts talking to you. You notice how her knee is touching yours and how she keeps staring at your lips, what do you do?
  • 6
    After your date, you look at your watch and tell her it’s late. Her smile fades a bit but offers to walk you home. Do you:

  • 7
    You make it to your house and walk to your front door. She tells you that you had fun tonight and asks if you and her could meet up again. You:
  • 8
    She smiles and goes back to staring at your lips. She slowly starts leaning in towards you, eyes slowly closing. You:
  • 9
    She breaks the kiss and smiles, eyes still closed. She then says she’d like to meet up tomorrow. You:
  • 10
    You then walk into your house, throwing yourself to the couch smiling. You hope that you can be more than friends one day.

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988 days ago
I'm lesbian. I don't know how to break it to my parents without them getting really upset at me. Ideas? Please
1004 days ago
im a lesbian and i havecsex with my girl countless times
1014 days ago
I'm not thank God. Can anyone explain why gay and lesbian was invented?! In mean its kinda WRONG in a lot of areas!
1028 days ago
I am not a bi but I know how it feels to be scared to teel your family your not what they wanted or expected you to be you are you and you are woderful just the way you are I can't think if I was bi my mom would have to accecpt it but just know your not alone don't be scared to be who you are be brave be you show the world you don't have to be scared to show the world the real you I'm in fourth grade and my name is yanaisha i'm 11 years old((teal)
1040 days ago
Y'all an scares to tell my mom am bi
1055 days ago
I’m bisexual, Dani (65275) you can talk to me if you want to
1055 days ago
I am bi omfg i am freaking out
1058 days ago
My mum is really against the whole lesbian thing and I think she would be really shocked if I told her I was bi and I don't know what to do?!!! Someone help!! X
1058 days ago
@Grade 7 : Tell her how u feel, if she doesn't accept you for who you are then maybe she's not the one for you! There are plenty of other girls out there if she doesn't want to be with you. Also, you should definitely tell her because she might be lesbian too, and she could like you as well!! Hope that helps! X
1073 days ago
sorry meant to say ,there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian.
1073 days ago
Thank god i'm not a lesbian.I knew that already.
1074 days ago
iam not a lesbian thank god
1074 days ago
i need a gf fast and quick
1075 days ago
it says im lesbi but ive only eaten my mom out once and she forced me please help!!!
1075 days ago
it says im gay but im a dude plz help...
1077 days ago
1077 days ago
Yayyyyy!!!! Straight as straight can be. I knew before, anyway 😉
1078 days ago
it sais i was asexual
1080 days ago
It says im lesbian👅👅💦💦💧💧
1081 days ago
I feel like this quiz is stereotyped
You see a girl
If you go with any girl ur gay?
Im not gonna hate
Just really stereotypical