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Lesbian scenario. This test is not 100% sure if you’re a lesbian that is for you decide alone. If you could feel yourself in these situations and like the idea of that there is a possibility that you could be a lesbian. Also, this test does not confirm you are straight.

  • 1
    Your crush (girl) worked up the nerve to ask you to prom. What are you thinking/what do you saying?
    ‘ = thinking
    “ = saying
  • 2
    (Time skip cause I’m a lazy test maker person... whatever...)
    You’re at home and are thinking about how the prom might be with your crush who we will name Victoria because why not. Anyways, what are you thinking?
  • 3
    (Time skip cause hopefully you understand how lazy I am by now....)
    You’re in school when Victoria walks up to you. She tells you that she has to change her plans and is going to have to pick you up at seven instead of you picking her up because she just told her parents she was a lesbian and they don’t approve.

  • 4
    She starts crying and you comfort her obviously. When she asks if it’s still okay for y’all to go to prom if you have to do it without her parents knowing....
  • 5
    (Time skip cause you know me... I know this a terrible test just bear with me please....)
    You’re at prom dancing to slow song when you catch a few people staring at y’all.
  • 6
    Then she kisses you. How do you feel.

  • 7
    You go home with Victoria and your parents in this scenario are homophobics. They ask you who your friend is and you say...
  • 8
    How do you feel about these scenarios?
  • 9
    Do you think you could go through stated and homophobia?
  • 10
    Okay... When Victoria kissed you did you think that yeah, I think I might be lesbian or I don’t know I could ever do that?

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61 days ago
ahhhhhhhh help me i have no idea if i'm bi or gay i'm so so confused
ALSO i must make it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that if for example you are a girl and you like both cis and trans women, it does not necessarily make you bi bc trans women are women! and trans men are men! this is very important to remember!!!!!!!!!
63 days ago
Yep, I’m either a lesbian or a bisexual
121 days ago
Gurrl I also like my best friend but she is straight L for me I'm also lesbian
140 days ago
You are most likely a lesbian. Sorry if I’m wrong. You believe love is love and a few people can’t change that feeling you get down deep inside that tells you that you’re in love with that lovable weirdo you have a crush on.
180 days ago
Nice i am lesbian but i already know that so i need to Tell you guys something
I love my best frind i love her but she just love me as her bff and idc about that i mean i really dont want to lose her and i want to tell her that i love her but she is straight sad story ik 😩🥲😖 👉🏼👈🏼 Anyway I LOVE YOU EVELINA evelina is my bffs name duhhh sheeeeeeeeeesh 😖😩😩🥰🥰😘😘🤓🤣😂☹️🤫
218 days ago
@That closeted gay no it isnt weird! its okay to feel scared to come out and dont feel forced to! come out when youre ready!
218 days ago
@LGBTQ+ quizzes hey, you might be bi or neptunic! (im neptunic)
218 days ago
Ur mom gae 🏳️‍🌈
228 days ago
Yup I am however in a very rare occasion I may find myself attracted to a dude but it really depends.
282 days ago
hey im christian and I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC if i was i would be like Oh ThIs QuIz Is FoR lOsErS STOP HOMO PPL HELP THE WORLD BE BETTER and im lesbian it'll change prob who knows
291 days ago
@omni disaster, ME TOO IM EXACTLY THE SAME
365 days ago
I am lesbian but I started thinking recently if I have a different label of something else. I still like girls, but then I recently started liked transgender and non binary people.
408 days ago
dude it said im lesbian I AM KINDA HOMO CAUSE IM A CHRISTIAN
421 days ago
@Eleiah i got the same 🥲
437 days ago
I’m a lesbian :)
467 days ago
I got the same one as @goatLOOOOOVER.
469 days ago
You are most likely a lesbian. Sorry if I’m wrong. You believe love is love and a few people can’t change that feeling you get down deep inside that tells you that you’re in love with that lovable weirdo you have a crush on.
471 days ago
It gave me, "You might be lesbian or questioning" BOI I KNOW IM LESBIAN STOP IT WITH THIS C R A P~
474 days ago
im stuck between pan and lesbian but ima say pan because im young im only 11 i dont wanna block out boys when im not sure
500 days ago
My test results are "you MIGHT be lesbian" might? I am one. I am only 11 but I am positive I am lesbian. Luckily I got two supportive moms and a loving dad. I believe you can love whoever the heck you want as long as you aren't hurting anyone and no one is hurting you. Be safe!! :