Am I Queer? Quiz - For Girls Ages 12-16 - Test yourself

This quiz aims to aid you in discovering your sexual identity. In no way is it scientific or will it be 100 percent right for everyone. But hopefully, if it doesn't answer your question for certain, it will help you get closer to knowing.

  • 1
    You're at school when you notice an attractive girl looking directly at you. What do you feel?
    You're at school when you notice an attractive girl looking directly at you. What do you feel?
  • 2
    You happen to sit near the same girl at lunch. You catch her staring again, but she looks away as soon as she sees you notice. Your bestie texts you, saying that you have a crush. What do you reply?
  • 3
    You keep going through your day - and keep catching this same girl looking at you. Finally, after school, she approaches you and starts to say something. She then hesitates and walks away. What’s your reaction?

  • 4
    You walk back to your bestie, who starts squealing. She exclaims that you have a massive crush. You grab her and pull her into the bathroom. What do you say?
  • 5
    (Now it's some time later, and you've found out that the girl who's been staring at you is named Brooke.)

    You are walking down the hall when you hear two girls talking negatively about Brooke. You:
  • 6
    The gossiping girls proceed to ask you what your problem is. You reply that:

  • 7
    They tell you, "F*ck off, you dyke!" Your reaction?
  • 8
    They repeat what they said, but more slowly. Then one of the girls shoves you and demands to know what you are prepared to do. You:
  • 9
    Things are about to get even uglier when you feel someone pull you away. You turn around, and it’s Brooke. What do you say?
  • 10
    Some time passes, and you go over to your bestie's house for a sleepover with her and Brooke. Your bestie decides that you should all play spin the bottle. You don't really want to, but before you can protest, the bottle gets spun. You land with your bestie. You:

  • 11
    It’s your turn to spin the bottle. As fate would have it, it lands on Brooke. You share a quick kiss - but as soon as it started, it was over. Thoughts?
  • 12
    It’s about 4 a.m. and everyone’s fallen asleep except you, because you drank four Cokes. You're sitting on the bed, watching YouTube, when Brooke walks in. She beckons you to come out of the room, and you follow. She says she wants to clear the air. You say:
  • 13
    You and Brooke start/continue kissing, then Brooke suddenly pulls away. She says that she has had a crush on you for a long time, and that she hopes it can go somewhere. The problem is, her parents don’t know. You:
  • 14
    It's weeks later and you and Brooke are dating, but are in a closeted relationship. Brooke comes over, and she's crying. You ask her what’s wrong, and she tells you that her parents disapprove of her being a lesbian. They told her that no women that aren’t close friends may enter their house. You:
  • 15
    Which sexual orientation did you identify with before you took this test?

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58 days ago
(14 - 15 yo) I’m bi (omni) and for real my parents are homophobic! and this is really…bad, because i’m queer, in love and gender identity, and i think my family don’t understand me 🥲.
For who is religious but LGBTQ+ like me and / have same or worst situations, i’m with you 🤗 (you have my support ;3)
For Who have more lucky…have a nice day 😎

For everyone in this world…HAVE A NICE LIIIIIFE!!! 🤗😎
Bye 🤗 peace & love 😎✌️
69 days ago
Well I really hope that none of my friends do this stuff because I dont want then to know especially my crush lol it might now be a girl tho...
123 days ago
Yes! I'm straight, but only 33%, I got 33% straight because I'm nice to everyone, and angelina, you are not the only 12 year old :)
139 days ago
Brooo I say I'm aro ace but I low-key get a happy feeling around girls and I've been daydreaming bout making out girls that are fictional and irl ones and daydreaming bout girls making out since I was like uh 12 AGHH BROO MY MOMS GONNA KILL ME IF SHE FINDS OUT LMAO
201 days ago
hey Angelina, you aren't not. im 12, almost 13 actually.
201 days ago
Squeee! i thought i was lesbian, according to the quiz i am... omg do you think one of the girl scouts have a crush on me!? yay
214 days ago
@ I love Jesus and kotlc
I feel the opposite way that you fell, boys are literally just friends, girls are literal lovers, and this quiz says I'm 80% lesbian, plus I am more masc than fem. Liking girls gives me a very warm feeling inside, and boys makes me to have a headache and I hate headaches so much, and being straight is just plain and boring, the only type of straight is the ally, because they care about us, which is nice.
237 days ago
To be honest, I think I am lesbian but I kind of know it too but my answer was bisexual which doesn't make any sense to me, to be honest, but at least I know that I am not straight and I know that I never could be. And I used to pick on myself and say that I was lesbian because I was a tomboy, but that's just some stupid sterotype or something, but then I remember myself begging to not be lesbian, but the reasons were also sterotypical of why I thought I was, but I kinda also knew that I wasn't straight but I am not exactly sure, because that was in the past and I don't remember all of what occured in my head because that was like a couple years ago and yeah, but I do remember, when I was 8 years old, ( now I'm going to be 13 this year ), and I was reading a book that involved some content, that I probably shouldn't have been looking at and that was to prove that I was not fully straight.....I think I overshared but I don't really care cause I don't know any of you people.....this just seems weird, and know I'm laughing awkwardly but I do think that I did, probably, have some internalized homophobia back then....
252 days ago
HELP PLEASE! Sooooo I always get straight and I am one hundred percent happier with being straight, and I've always been literally in love with boys. But sometimes I catch myself looking at girls, or I have a conflicting thought. Liking boys gives me a happy, bubbly feeling. but possibly liking a girl makes me nauseas and scared and really irritable. I've noticed that my behaviour and mental state feels better when I like a dude, but when I question myself I am all kinds of upset/weird. But alas, I need help. Please no one respond to this with anything like, "How dare you be so happy being straight! Are you a homophobe?" Because that is not what I'm trying to say. Thank you🙂
273 days ago
well the think is in most of these situations i would just panic and walk away but i would do that regardless of the gender of the person. i'm just an introvert with chronic anxiety.
315 days ago
For me it says:
For 67% you are: You are asexual (ace).
316 days ago
I like girls and boys
318 days ago
It said 67% lesbian
340 days ago
it says I'm 40 % bi, i thought so too, ig i am attracted to both genders
358 days ago
It says I'm 50 percent bi
411 days ago
It says im asexual well i hope im not the only 12 year old :)
462 days ago
@I'm confused same name lmao
462 days ago
For 73% you are: You are bisexual.

You feel an attraction to both sexes, and are willing to date both males and females.


You are questioning.

You don’t quite know what you are yet, so you are just experimenting until you can figure it out.
40% of 32341 quiz participants had this profile!
462 days ago
75% bi but like we're I'm from people are very homophobic
478 days ago
60% Biden 40% lesbian, what is so confusing because I think I like a boy but I think I like a girl I don’t think that I am poly but I might be please help I am so confused .