Am I gay quiz? (for the girls)

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Alright, I'm going to be very honest, most of these quizzes suck. So, if you're in middle school looking for a quiz late at night: You can get some answers, this might be the quiz for you. I'll make this as real as I can get, but remember a quiz cannot tell you everything.

  • 1
    Try to imagine yourself on your wedding day. Imagine yourself at the altar with your soon-to-be husband. Now, what does he look like?
  • 2
    Now, same scenario, but this time you're at the altar with your soon-to-be wife. Can you tell me what she looks like?
  • 3
    When I first asked you to imagine your wedding day, did you imagine you were getting married to a boy or girl first?

  • 4
    Now, I understand this is a hard question to answer, but why did you start to think you might be gay?
  • 5
    Have you ever been really curious about one certain girls love life? Like if she has a crush, or a boyfriend and you don't really know why?
  • 6
    Have you ever had a crush on a boy?

  • 7
    If you answered yes to the last question, how did you know?
  • 8
    Have you always needed someone to tell you that you had a crush on a boy?
  • 9
    Have you ever faked having a crush on a boy to fit in with other girls?
  • 10
    How "boy-crazy" are you?

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441 days ago
i like my bff what do i do
471 days ago
I was told by a "good" friend I don't look gay so I can't be and thats why i do these.
478 days ago
Oh no! I'm a lesbian! Whatever will I tell my girlfriend of half a year!
483 days ago
im so glad I turned gay
502 days ago
It says im les or bi I thought I was bi and les before so I have no idea what to do
503 days ago
I'm not shore what I am I confused and my parents well parent dad died is not supportive but I know I'm not straight please help
551 days ago
it says I'm bi. I think I might be lesbian but idkkkk!!! My moms homophobic! My dad would help me but he's living in Europe! Idk what to do. HELP ME! :((
693 days ago
I've taken so many of these quizzes and I've gotten the same answer gay. I don't know what to do I have a Homophobic mom and a pastor dad. What can I do?! I know I'm Lesbian but I'm pushing down the fact. I came out to my BFF and now I'm not sure Ugggg!
777 days ago
Ok so i got les or bi but 100% not straight lmao! So Im twelve and i like girls i dont kno wim im gay or if im just bi and i like mostly girls. I may be lesbain. I DONT KNOW. If anyone has some tios how to find their sexuality plz tell me.
779 days ago
I HAD a crush on a boy, but I don't think it was real I think my sister just kept pressuring me to get a crush..... I definitely have a crush on a girl currently
779 days ago
You might be a lesbian, or maybe even bi. who knows? but based off your answers you're probably not 100% straight, but who is really?

Well I am Bi because I kissed a boy but then I saw a beautiful smart kind also BISEXUAL girl we became best friends but i had a crush on her but then when he did the Kissing my best friend trend I new what she was about to do so I kissed her before she did
779 days ago

Imma lesbian rat
804 days ago
I got Im probably not 100% straight, I think Im lesbian/gay whatever you prefer and have thought so for a while.
805 days ago
pls i have a bf but i ALWAYS think i’m lesbian i came out as bi to him but now i’m questioning if i’m just lesbian , help 🏃‍♀️🧍‍♀️
817 days ago
i just got my result it told me that im gay
924 days ago
I honestly h ave a crush on me ex. 😩
1150 days ago
It really helped me and it wa kinda relaxing
1201 days ago
@annie maybe say you lost feelings, you don’t need to come out to him, maybe he wouldn’t react well
1211 days ago
I think I am bi because yes I do like men, but when they have long hair and kinda look like a girl. I also had a crush on my best friend and was supper clingy. I don't like men private parts though just their face and body however I do like woman parts and their face. I don't think I want to accept the fact I'm bi because I have a sorta religious family and live in a holy Christian place.
1211 days ago
i’m pretty sure i’m gay, i mean,, i took this quiz so...