Are you straight, lesbian, or bi? Quiz for middle schoolers

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Girls only, a test for middle schooler questioning who they like, clean and no assumptions.

  • 1
    Have you started noticing people? Boy or girl?
  • 2
    Do you think of the same gender?
  • 3
    Have you gone on any dates?

  • 4
    Do you support lgbt?
  • 5
    Do you consider yourself butch or femme?
  • 6
    Do you have any gay friends?

  • 7
    Are your friends mostly men or women?
  • 8
    Image your wedding day, is it a girl or boy?
  • 9
    Do you support gay families?
  • 10
    Image you are on a date with the girl of your dreams, what do you do?

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47 days ago
This was my result:
“It’s to soon to tell, you are too young or inexperienced to know for sure, but don’t worry and when you feel something come back and try again”

This was no help at all I would recommend another test.
100 days ago
Why :,) I got no initial result ;-;
102 days ago
Thank you for letting me to this test
118 days ago
118 days ago
Thank you for helping, i took this quiz over and over just be sure, also im younger than middle school but i know more thean you think
267 days ago
I'm not in middle school but this helped me a lot. I wasn't sure if I was straight or BI but this helped me!
343 days ago
Also, this test seems to be a little misinforming. I just took it, giving the most mature answers, and it told me I'm inexperienced. I suggest trying another test, this one doesn't seem to help much.
343 days ago
@My comment is tremendously long :)), you are absolutely correct!!! No one must come out, no straight person must tell everyone that they are straight. And no test will ever be able to decide if you are Bi, Gay, Les, Pan, Aro, Trans, or any part of the LGBTQ+ community. Only YOU can decide that. (True story: I used to think that I was Aro, and I took like a million tests to see if that was true, and all the tests I took told me that I was Lesbian/Gay. And then I realized that I'm Bi/Pan, at least after a while. 80% of the time, tests can't give you reliable life advice.) So well said, @My comment is tremendously long :))!! You should be proud.
(Gosh, I feel like the Grandma of LGBTQ+ tests, trying to reassure everyone! Sorry!)
-The Caged Bird
343 days ago
@Rhea, you don't have to decide if you're Bi just yet. You're still a kid! But look, I'm still young and I'm Bi. I told my mom, and she's one of those people who are like "Oh, well I really don't care, you do you." I even built up my courage to tell my dad, who's one of those "If you are Bi you should die" people. And he still loves me. Just thinks that this is a phase (IT'S NOT!!!). So yeah, you do you, @Rhea. Stay strong! 🏳️‍🌈
346 days ago
im 11 and it siad too soon to tell?? im scared plus ive taking thousands of tests like these and all say im bi...
376 days ago
hi I'm Sophie I'm 15\ In March 9 and since 13 on my birthday i thought I was gay now I finally lol
did a test and it turns out I'm right . I'm A lesbian.
377 days ago
Hello Beauties! First of all I am your to apologise in advance for the length of this comment. Second, I'm a lean bisexual (lean means you prefer one gender over another) leaning to girls. This comment is not just for bisexuals, it is for anyone in the lgbtqiap+ .Thirdly, there IS a plus in lgbtqiap+ for a reason. There is not just gay, les, bi and pan. There are so many wonderful sexualities out there, and they are all valid. If you're a sexuality that is not commonly noted, eg. Polysexual, omnisexual, etc. ect. You ARE VALID! Just because you are part of the plus does not mean you don't exist. Fourthly (is that even a word?) If you are not 'out' yet, doesn't mean you aren't part of the community 💝 comming out is very hard and there is never a perfect moment. You should take your time, especially if you are questioning. Remember that you don't really need to come out, straight people don't have to come out and say "I'm straight", and they aren't better than us, and neither are they worse than us. Anyway, back to the point, you should take your time coming out, you don't deserve to be pushed out of the closet by the demon that hides in there, waiting at night for me to leave a crack open so it can kill me in my sleep. 😁 I'm not out , and I don't think I'll properly be out, I'll just tell my fam that i have a gf of bf, and if they don't accept u, there are plenty of hotline places for people to talk to. Fith, you can't take a quiz that decides your sexualjty, although sometimes the quizzes can sweep you in the right direction. I know how it feels, you just want a truthful, accurate, 100% correct answer, but unfortunately no test can do thst, only you.

To anyone who survived that, good on you, and I hope I somewhat guided you into a 'better state' I am sorry if I offended anyone, and I am sorry if I made any miskakes,

From, Me :)
396 days ago
I got 100% lesbian and im ok with that because i kinda new like I OVER OBSESS ABOUT GIRLS and my friends always talk about a boy they like and im more talk about girls :)
400 days ago
I'm a lesbian I knew I was a lesbian but wasn't 100% sure even though I have a girlfriend I wanted to be the best girlfriend ever. Because we almost broke up because i was so caught up with was I an acaual lesbian so yea hope you get the result you want.
408 days ago
i am back and so far every test i took sat ima lesbian!! anyways i wish u all well!!
416 days ago
At my school there is a girl I have recently become friends with. I felt super awkward when I asked for her email so we could talk. She makes me nervous, but like... in a happy way? IDK, but I have just been stalking the web on things having to do with LGBTQ since then. I took this test and a couple others to see, it said I was to young and unexperienced. (;-;) Other tests said I was bi or lesbian, so I'm still questioning. I have continued to think about this a lot. Wish me luck on figuring out! 🙃
417 days ago
am happ TvT
425 days ago
It says it’s too soon because it kinda is but I say I could be bisexual because I had a crush on a guy because he was my best friend but when I got a new friend (girl) I had a strange feeling of us being together. Idk it feels weird but I like it ;-; she also said she is lesbian which made me feel weird and just wanting to be with her more.
437 days ago
i took alot of quiz and the one is the only one that says im not straight it says im lesbian but i know im stright
458 days ago
it said im too young lol pretty sure im a lesbian tho, never liked a boy ever