Are you straight, lesbian, or bi? Quiz for middle schoolers

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Girls only, a test for middle schooler questioning who they like, clean and no assumptions.

  • 1
    Have you started noticing people? Boy or girl?
  • 2
    Do you think of the same gender?
  • 3
    Have you gone on any dates?

  • 4
    Do you support lgbt?
  • 5
    Do you consider yourself butch or femme?
  • 6
    Do you have any gay friends?

  • 7
    Are your friends mostly men or women?
  • 8
    Image your wedding day, is it a girl or boy?
  • 9
    Do you support gay families?
  • 10
    Image you are on a date with the girl of your dreams, what do you do?

Comments (61)


41 days ago
I'm lesbian you are a chicken nugget
84 days ago
Oh my gosh this quiz wasn’t super helpful. It said I was too young but I’m 12 going on 13. I think I’m either BI or les but i have to find out this is driving me crazy
203 days ago
It said unable to tell! What the heck. I currently don't know if I'm lesbian or bisexual. I am also asexual. People there are Asexuals! you can still be romantically atracted but not sexually, im not inexpierenced because i don't have sexual thoughts. :/
236 days ago
i am really happy that i am a lesbian because i did have a feeling that i was
258 days ago
help me i have a huge crush on one of my greatest friends and she told me that she is either bi or pan and we sometimes text heart emojis back and forth. also my friend (who is a boy) likes me and i domt wanna make him sad. what shold i do for the crush on my friend and my friend that likes me??? i need help!!!
264 days ago
There is this boy who likes me and we r going to the same middle school and I think I'm lesbian and the boy is my friend. Ahhhhh. I'm very confused. I got lesbian.
268 days ago
Uhm so I'm 11 and the uhm mamas kid😭 but I can be nice but don't date
282 days ago
I'm 13 turning fourteen and i started to like girls and I was'nt sure but now I am
286 days ago
Im gay i and i like a school mate from my klass what most i do?
328 days ago
Mbe you want to check if she is bi. :)
333 days ago
I don’t know. 😢 i mean i’m only 11 but i think i have a Früh on m’y bff… Any tips for me? Should i tell her? 😔
345 days ago
Bruh, I got it’s too soon to tell, then it called me young and/or inexperienced. UNHELPFUL
I’m actually super confused bc I’m dating a girl and she’s into me but idk if I’m into her, and idk if that means I’m straight or I’m just, well, not into her
357 days ago
if ur single just...idk i guess....hit me up and well talk
357 days ago
i got the answer i wanted, and yea im single so hit me up!
371 days ago
I want another test!
471 days ago
This was my result:
“It’s to soon to tell, you are too young or inexperienced to know for sure, but don’t worry and when you feel something come back and try again”

This was no help at all I would recommend another test.
525 days ago
Why :,) I got no initial result ;-;
526 days ago
Thank you for letting me to this test
542 days ago
542 days ago
Thank you for helping, i took this quiz over and over just be sure, also im younger than middle school but i know more thean you think