Am I Lesbian? ( Girls ONLY )

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    What is in your opinion a girl's most attractive feature?
    What is in your opinion a girl's most attractive feature?

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223 days ago
It said I was Bi but I am not entirely sure about it because I have probably only crushed on a boy once or twice and I've crushed on a girl a few times.
I have also tried lots of different quizzes like this one but they all say the same answer!
234 days ago
wee-wee? oui oui baguette
236 days ago
Ok I knew I was lesbian cuz I have a crush on one of my friends and were like the same age I LITERALLY BLUSH SOMETIMES WHEN I AM WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS
237 days ago
But it says I'm bi
I've been pan for
Going on 5 years
237 days ago
Im pretty sure I'm pansexual
237 days ago
Told me I was bisexual this was a big help but I am still a little bit confused at a certain age so yeah
239 days ago
I do I have a crush on my best friend
241 days ago
do we all just have a crush on our best friend? no just me then.
255 days ago
I have a crash on my frends
256 days ago
Well I have a crush on my bestie female and she got jealous when I hug someone else I think she likes me eee
261 days ago
277 days ago
It says super gay it gay people are men and lesbian are women I mostly seen gay please fix it also kinda weird cause I didn't feel really attracted to girls lately so I think this is a scam😡😡😡😡
277 days ago
it says im bi but lately i have a lot of atrction in girls... i realy dont know what to do..
283 days ago
The third question actually happened but she was bi.she asked me in the movies my dum bass gave her a thumbs up thinking she would understand but she didn't so when we left I found out the whole school knew she had a crush on me and somebody came up to us and said ''are you guys dating now" I wanted to say yes but she said no so I missed my chance with her.😂😭
300 days ago
I had this really cute dog chain necklace and it said pride o n it and my mum and her husband make homophobic comments but say they don't fear what we are and my mum sore the neckles on my window sill when I was at school and when I got back from school it wasn't there and I just thought I'd miss placed it but a few days later she asked me at dinner why I had a price necklace and I said it was a friends and I have tidyed my whole room since and I can't find it it's been a month and I think my mum took it and I really love it
308 days ago
i havent come out to my parents ther homophobic. ahhhh
314 days ago
👮 what kind of test is this u have no cule what lgbtq+ means go get some 👮 help
314 days ago
i got (You are GAYYYYY ASF!)
i told my parents and they are sooooooooooooo mad
320 days ago
So, it says I'm bisexual, Well I am I already have a gf She makes me happy
BUT...I haven't told my mother so that'll be AWESOME "\( 0.0 )/"
322 days ago
rly intresting i dunno being 12...