Are you a Lesbian?(girls only)

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Are you straight, bi, or lesbian? This quiz can help you know your sexuality.

  • 1
    Have you ever been in a relationship?
  • 2
    Did you ever imagine yourself with a female partner?
  • 3
    Did you ever imagine yourself with a male partner?

  • 4
    There is a hot girl in front of you who you were friends with for a long time. Will you ask her out?
  • 5
    A hot boy asks you out. What is your reaction?
  • 6
    You and your friend is watching a movie together. Your friend suddenly grabs your hand, blushing. What is your reaction?

  • 7
    You and your male friend is watching a movie. He suddenly grabs your hand, blushing. What is your reaction?
  • 8
    You are in a relationship with a girl. Why?
  • 9
    You are reading a lesbian love story. What do you think about the book?
  • 10
    You accidentally kissed a hot girl. What is your reaction?

  • 11
    Will you identify as a tomboy?
  • 12
    Who is your favorite character?
  • 13
    Your friends are being homophobic in front of you. What's your reaction?
  • 14
    Your friend who has the same gender as you started acting oddly. She try to sit closer to you, brushing an eyelash off your face, putting her hands in her crotches, and looks as though she is blushing. What's your reaction?
  • 15
    Why did you take this quiz?

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926 days ago
It said Am bisexual
but to be honest i feel more attracted to cute girl and i just can seem to get this girl out of my mind she fair,like my high and i know she likes me but i was scare and now i can't see her anymore because i moved away how i wish it was different
942 days ago
That’s super cool Ashley I hope u are able to tell her some day how u feel and I hope it all works out for u
1089 days ago
Hi and I like girls I have a crush on my bestfriend I am a lesbian
1100 days ago
Hi. :3 I'm at the start of a relationship with my girl freind Megan I I was juss see g if I am actually lesbian.
1100 days ago
I just did this for fun! I hate homophobes, I have a crush on a girl, and me and my best friend always like joke flirt and hold hands all the time! Am I lesbian?
1101 days ago
I wonder how many people clicked "Agree with them" on the homophobic question. Why doesn't she have a result saying "You might be asexual" cuz i think gays and les are a little...weird...😓🤢😳🙁so I think i might be ace. ACES UNITE!!╰(°▽°)╯🤩😝😃
1102 days ago
Yaaass queennnz 👸 DAB on the hatersssss 💪😻☕️☕️☕️☕️ 🐍 🐍 🐍 no snakesss allowd
1102 days ago
Hey guyssss. 👋👋👋 so basicsllyyy I think I’m the ✨specialest ✨ person in the whole wide world 🌎. If you poopyheads 💩 💩 disagree you can go be gay, I AM GAY ALSO. I love you guysssssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕👵🏿😻 stay safe!
1103 days ago
Gay AF.
1103 days ago
In a lesbian and want to have💑and ma me her Joann
With pleasure and make sexy nouses