Am I lesbian? (for middle schoolers!)

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If you're taking this, I'm sure you're confused, questioning yourself, and maybe even scared. I hope this quiz can help you, but do know that it's not perfect.

  • 1
    Have you felt attracted to girls in anyway, wanted to kiss them, wished you could date them and be close to them, ect...
  • 2
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 3
    Are you happy when you see lesbian couples? Does it make you glad to know that someone you know is gay, bi, or lesbian?

  • 4
    If a girl you liked but didn't, y'know LIKE, said that she wanted to date you, what would your response be?
  • 5
    How you ever dated a girl?
  • 6
    Have you ever fantasied about a girl?

  • 7
    How many tests like this have you taken already?
  • 8
    Do other people think you're a lesbian?
  • 9
    Do you think you're a lesbian?
  • 10
    This isn't worth any points, just for fun:) Did you like this quiz?

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15 days ago
I took this quiz again and came up as bisexual, but, tbh, I do not really think I am bisexual. I do not really wanna date guys, or kiss guys, or do really anything with guys, except be their friend. Things are just really complicated, and I am not really sure why I am still questioning, and maybe I am just lesbian, but I, of course, will still not be sure because....I overthink everything and I do not want to be labeled at lesbian, when i am still figuring things out I want to be sure about everything until I know that I am lesbian.
16 days ago
It said that I am lesbian, and I kinda do think that I am actually lesbian, but I might be a little bit scared but I am also really confused, or maybe I am not as confused as I thought I was. Last year and for the majority of this year I was bi but now I think I might be lesbian....maybe I am overthinking this stuff, idk....
46 days ago
I don't know what I am because I took a bi test and it said I was bi but I don't like guys and I've taken lesbian tests before but it said that I was lesbian btw I'm dating someone right now but I lost feeling for them 1 week ago and when ever i date someone i lose feelings like the week after i start so i don't know if i can ever date someone again.
65 days ago
i think im bi but wut if im pan??? idk im so cunfuzed!!!
111 days ago
I'm so confused 😭. I'm starting high school next year, and recently iv only felt attracted to girls, but when I was younger, a few years ago, I definetly thought I had a crush on a boy, so sometimes I think I can't be lesbian coz of that? My best friend (a bi girl) is also rly rly pretty and I think I have a crush on her but she definetly doesn't like me back.
145 days ago
I'm pretty sure im a lesbian and im only coming out to my friends. I know my family will love and support me because my twin brother is trans and my family loves and supporter him i just dont think im ready. I have a huge crush on my friend who told my that she is either bi or pan and sometimes we send hear emojis back and Forth. (We can only chat over text because its the summer and even when its school again she is gonna go to a different middle school as me.)
Anyway I have a huge crush on her she is one of my greatest friends and I have a chance of her liking me back what the heck am I supposed to do!!!! Also I have a friend (who is a boy) that likes me but I feel bad for him so thats a thing also. Please help me.
151 days ago
I got lesbian and I'm am pretty sure I'm a lesbian. I have a friend (who is a boy) who told me that he likes me. What should i do?? I don't wanna make him sad.
157 days ago
I'm apparently bi curios wich sounds accurate but how do I figure out who I am
178 days ago
I have a crush on my boy best friend. But I also have a crush on this girl Maria… I don’t know if I am bi,pan or polysexual.. what do I do? When I told her she was like eww that’s weird but she always wants to be with me and stares at me..
182 days ago
Hi, Unsure. You can have a changing sexuality that is fluid just like you can be genderfluid. It is completely fine, don't worry about it. I like other girls but I try not to use labels coz that's just way too confusing!
203 days ago
I'm pretty sure I'm Bi, But if I come out to my parents, and finally I realize I'm heterosexual what do I do?
For now, I'm really confused...
206 days ago
i am really in love with a boy name Josiah# he likes me too but when i see him he grabs me and kisses me , it feels like n i just push and i sit on top him n do it back to him / its emberrsing kissing him so but it said i am Bi
248 days ago
it said i was Bi like every other test :) i like that
259 days ago
Isabelle (54156)

If you do not experience crushes at all you might be aromantic. Aromantic people experience little to no romantic attraction. (Side note, you can be both another sexuality and aromantic. Also, there is a whole spectrum of being aromantic, with different forms of it and stuff.) Hope this helps!
294 days ago
I am not Bi but I do say that I like only boys because I don't feel comfortable coming out but maybe I am like 3% BI and 97% LESBIAN
327 days ago
I've gotten bi on a quiz other than this one and this quiz said that im like, unsure of my sexuality. I don't have any crushes at all. I dunno if im bi or straight,
415 days ago
It says I’m bi, and I thought I was. Lately though I have been feeling more like a lesbian. Idk. Help.
419 days ago
omg good am happy that am homophobic.
423 days ago
I'm lesbian. No doubt about it. 🌈
424 days ago
Also, any tips on how to tell my parents? You know what? No. Never ever am i telling them. In the mean time i'll stay in the closet 🚪