Lesbian Test for Ages 13 to 18

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This test includes pictures.

  • 1
    Is this guy hot?
    Is this guy hot?
  • 2
    Are these guys hot?
    Are these guys hot?
  • 3
    This guy?
    This guy?

  • 4
    This guy has a puppy. What do you think?
    This guy has a puppy. What do you think?
  • 5
    And this guy? (Heads up, he's ugly.)
    And this guy? (Heads up, he's ugly.)
  • 6
    OK, we are done with guys now. What do you think of this girl?
    OK, we are done with guys now. What do you think of this girl?

  • 7
    And her?
    And her?
  • 8
    This girl reminds me of a TikToker...
    This girl reminds me of a TikToker...
  • 9
    Now, what about her?
    Now, what about her?
  • 10
    Final girl...what do you think?
    Final girl...what do you think?

Comments (24)


75 days ago
Yeah I got lesbian. I already knew tho because I like a female youtuber thats called denitlava
99 days ago
I knew it!!! Lesbian!๐Ÿ˜˜
331 days ago
i feel like im a lesbian but i have attraction to certain guys but like barely. I keep going from bi to pan to gay. Gay feels right but bi feels like it matches kinda in theory but im WAY mostly into girls...undefined
616 days ago
Eh, close enough, it said I was bi I'm omni
736 days ago
This test confirmed I have taken tons my birthday is soonsoon and I felt like I was bisexual for 3 yrs and I just feel like I'm accepted it more, but now a days it's hard to make friends if your looking for someone to talk to or be friend let me know (14-18)
745 days ago
Yeh I got a lesbian and it said I was drawn to certain guys but love girls waaaayyy more. Wich is so true cuz I only like Corp. lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚
795 days ago
@Ayla, yeah they are all HANDSOME but I am not attracted to them. No. (Btw I identify as bi but Iโ€™m questioning les) I think I thought I was naturally attracted to guys and I even had a couple crushes on them when I was younger, but now they donโ€™t seem real. Girls just seem way nicer...and theyโ€™re pretty.... ๐Ÿฅบ
874 days ago
bro my bff who is bi while ima lesbian keeps teasing me sayin im straight but i said BEACH just because i cant pick between femme or butch does NOT mean im straight!!!!!!!!!!
891 days ago
fizlglomph, hello, do you wanna chat?
892 days ago
yeeesssss im lesbiannnn

good test
901 days ago
Lesbian Test (13-18)
Lesbian all the way, girl! You think guys are trash. You may also think specific guys are hot. But you love girls. You go, girl! It's alright to be lesbian. Embrace it!
915 days ago
honestly i dis cause i was getting red when i saw a girl from this house bq
977 days ago
If anyone need someone to talk to, I am fully open. Love to all!!
977 days ago
@existing girl
Thank you so much!! I took your advice and came out to my mother. She was totally fine with it and told me not to worry. :) Thank you so much!
982 days ago
If you're in a safe enviroment to come out, I say go for it!
984 days ago
Hi everyone! I am 90% sure I am a lesbian. Should I come out? I have been questioning my sexuality for a while now but Iโ€™m still not sure. Should I wait until I am sure and then come out? Thank you and hope everyone reading this is blessed with good luck! Stay safe and heathy everyone! Be happy and love who you want!!! After all, LOVE IS LOVE!! :)
985 days ago
I Am bi ๐Ÿ˜… If you wanna talk or something I Am free ๐Ÿ˜‰
987 days ago
I lied i found out im a lesbian and just came out
992 days ago
I got lesbian not that I am surprised though I already new that ๐Ÿ˜‰
992 days ago
More like a lesbian, but I don't wanna tell my parents... because I'm still not so sure. But I can more imagine being with a girl than with a guy