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One of the most important questions in life. What is my sexuality?? Only you can answer the question, but the tests will help you find the right answer. Test yourself now!

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46 days ago
@sara you might be a biromantic lesbian thats what i am. it means ur only sexually attracted to women but ur romantically attracted to girls and boys. hope this helps :)
68 days ago
can anyone help me plz
76 days ago
91 days ago
Yo 💗 is this game?
120 days ago
Angel might have to move on trust you there are people. You know thats been there! Maybe inbrace being a lesbian. Love Xeno Kallum
120 days ago
What sexuality only like's LGBTQIA+ people? Love Xeno Kallum
120 days ago
Your sibling use to think you was bisexual ⚤ or pansexual but now your sibling thinks your polyamorous. Love Xeno Kallum
120 days ago
(you use you pronouns to describe yourself ) you really don't know what your sexuality is there. Are many sexualities'. That feel close to yours but none seem to quit match up 100 percent when you was younger you thought. You was straight when you got older you thought you was bisexual then you hit your teens and thought you was gay and tried to denie any feelings for other genders then you thought maybe you might be a little bi but then you found out about pansexual and thought. You might be pan but something still felt wrong and then you thought you might be polysexual or Autosexual or maybe cupiosexual or asexual you even thought you might be Skoliosexual or Polyamorous or panromantic, Augosexual, Apothisexual,Imvanosexual, Aromantic or Skolioromantic or Graysexual or ace flux but over all your unsure
125 days ago
I'm straight. man I love guys so much, I admire some girls but I just can't imagine myself being with one though.
153 days ago
my name is jayden lopez and i like jett chantala
168 days ago
Sara go with a boy!
239 days ago
ok... so i came out 5 months ago to my close friends as lesbian(and maybe biromantic) but because i have no experience in relationships and stuff i start to think that i might was wrong and it might be just a phase... but im super confused because i liked a girl and i can see me with a girl more than i can see me with a boy... but now when i see a straight relationship i think that it seems nice being hugged by a boy(in a romantic way) and the thought of being with a boy kinda grew on me but the thought of me being the "boy" of the relationship feels nicer....

What this means!?!?!?!
(also im 15)
277 days ago
I’m getting so many results! Can’t figure out my sexuality.
344 days ago
haha im 100 % lesbian #impartoftherainbow i love girls man there sooo pretty and nice well most of them ;) #girlsrock
370 days ago
Hi im a girl I’m 10% heterosexual and 40% bi & 50% lesbian
370 days ago
I’m Bi sexual, I like girls who are nice, funny, understanding and supportive but I prefer boys more when it comes to having fun lol
375 days ago
I'm pansexual but I don't want any🐤in my relationship, and some people said that im Asexual, now I'm not sure about my sexual
383 days ago
@Help sexuality is complicated, especially when it comes to sexual attraction - you might be biromatic but asexual (please excuse me if i'm wrong, i only started to really learn about the rest of the lgbtq+ community a few months ago)
383 days ago
anyone else just LOVE the lgbtq+ community and how supportive everyone is of each other