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4 days ago
Hi im a girl I’m 10% heterosexual and 40% bi & 50% lesbian
5 days ago
I’m Bi sexual, I like girls who are nice, funny, understanding and supportive but I prefer boys more when it comes to having fun lol
9 days ago
I'm pansexual but I don't want any💋in my relationship, and some people said that im Asexual, now I'm not sure about my sexual
17 days ago
@Help sexuality is complicated, especially when it comes to sexual attraction - you might be biromatic but asexual (please excuse me if i'm wrong, i only started to really learn about the rest of the lgbtq+ community a few months ago)
17 days ago
anyone else just LOVE the lgbtq+ community and how supportive everyone is of each other
21 days ago
I'm a girl and I've been having problems with identifying my sexuality. I have liked men and women romantically but I can't really feel much sexual attraction to any of them. I want to be in a relationship but not do the deed.
36 days ago
Angel I think you should move on and find another girl/guy
36 days ago
@angel how can I help?
71 days ago
Wow I love lesbians
76 days ago
hi to everyone who says help:
If u don't know what u r and wonder if ur one or the other, u might be bi. and if ur worried about what ur family would think, then, don't tell them yet, not until u feel ready. I support all u guys even though I'm straight. I hope u all find a way to understand ur self or have others understand u. Good luck to those who need it ;)
If u have any questions, i will try to answer, but I cant guarantee it...
-Helpful girl :)
76 days ago
hi i feel lesbian but i like but so pls help meh
79 days ago
Welp I’m I’m 😘 lesbian so
95 days ago
In Bi! In another quiz I’m 40% bisexual 30% pansexual and 10% heterosexual!
100 days ago
100 days ago
hi, I have never told anyone before but at the moment I think that I am bi. I have had a crush on a girl called Layne and I have been in 2 relationships with her. she's straight now and has broken my heart 2 times but I still love her. I really need help! Do you think I should move on? or should I just forget myself so I don't have to face my pain anymore?
(I think I am lesbian now, btw.)
102 days ago
girls are awesome. they are so sweet and pretty and nice! but boys are weird and gross and yes ik im II but they are genuinely gross and thx no thx! also, @fellow earthling, ur still bi. Bi means you like two or more genders but not all. ur still bi ^^
105 days ago
i am bi but i like a girl and a boy but idk which one to go for
108 days ago
i feel lesbian but i dont want to be and i even kissed my bff but i realy dont want to be lesbian so pls i need help
114 days ago
I also got a crush on my friend boy and girl
114 days ago
I've been questioning my sexuality for a while now and now I'm taking this test but I'm still pretty young and my family wouldn't sopprot me I don't know what to do