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I am confused about my sexuality. I thought I was lesbian, but I think I am falling for my guy friend. Plz help
3 days ago
i have a crush on my bff and he always make me laugh and some times we saire in each other eyes but i dont know how approach him and kiss him pls i need help
4 days ago
I like a boy but I don't know how to approach him and I took a lot of test but I still don't know
5 days ago
Lilly, one, go by personality. But, if the girl you have a crush on is someone you might have feelings for, try getting their number or snap chat so you can't talk and maybe FaceTime so you can see her face. If you don't like what you see, just be friends. Another friend doesny hurt
14 days ago
Also, I’ve only seen half of her face because of the masks at school.
14 days ago
Okay, so uhm.. I have a crush on a girl, I’m a girl btw, but I’m scared that what if I see her whole face and don’t wanna be her girlfriend anymore, I do want to be her girlfriend right now.So if I don’t later, does that still make me a lesbian? (This is my first crush and I always found boys unattractive) sorry if I sound like a bad person because of the face thing. But can someone tell me if I don’t want to be her girlfriend later, does that still make me a lesbian?
18 days ago
I'm bi even tough I have a crush on my girl bestie
21 days ago
i am straight
i like boys only
23 days ago
i think
pansexual is liking someone regardless of gender
30 days ago
am i pansexual if i like people no matter of gender
38 days ago
Aly, to show people that I was a lesbian, (I think I am) I made bracelets that say lesbian. Using the beads that you get at Walmart or the dollar store.
38 days ago
Sorry it’s a really dumb question, but I want to know, becuase I’m confused.
38 days ago
I have a question, I think I’m an asexual lesbian, (currently have a crush on a girl), I’ve never been in a relationship yet, but I’m perfectly fine with being in a relationship with a man or woman. But I’m only attracted to women, am I bisexual or lesbian?
44 days ago
also im pansexaul ans asexual and im not even sure what i am. first i thought i was lesbian, than i thought i was bi, and now i think im pan, ive taken the tests, but i feel like its just going to change again. but now im positive im pan, and ive told all my friends, and my family (my parents i dont have siblings, but i have also told my grandpa. he is nice and accepting! my whole fam is and im really lucky) but i still need a way to come out to the world. i dont know how. there was this one class assignment where you were supposed to tell the class something not eveyone knows about you, but i couldnt say it so i lied and said that i had i pet Caterpillar but it died.
44 days ago
ollie that so sweet i love people like you who are accepting and kind. a lot of people are really confused rn and you are helping them! now if only someone could help me.... (see bellow)
44 days ago
I have a crush on one of my bffs and i really like him, but he has autism. He holds my hand sometimes, and im not sure what that means. once he said i made him smile in front of the whole class, and we would hang out everyday. we went to the movies together, and when my hand was on the hand rest, he put his hand on mine. now because of covid i haven't seen him, but my feelings for him are getting stronger. should i ask him out? i dont think he will understand, but really like him.
46 days ago
GUYS, calm down.
Slow down and give yourself some time, a lot of time.
It takes TIME and PATIENCE to truly understand yourself.
You don't need to label yourself yet, give yourself some TIME.
I love you, remember that.
48 days ago
I don't really know how to define except it's different sexualities
I'm Asexual but my mom doesn't even know what it means so I'm not gonna even tell her
So I'll let her think I'm straight (but I'll never have a crush on anyone and that's the end of it)
100 days ago
Well then, already knew but my friend was taking it so I took it ._. I’m gay
102 days ago
anyone else feel really gay right now