Are you gay/lez?
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Are you gay/lez?

Are you gay or a lesbian? Well, this is the quiz to find out. Results are not final - you can er, always 'change midstream', if you know what I mean.

Question 1:You see an attractive member of the opposite sex across the room. They smile at you. What is the first thought that crosses into your head?
Oh my goodness, I hope I don't look ugly!
Ah, I've seen them around before...
What a hunk/babe! Ok ok, must act cool!
What? Oh, HIM/HER! So?

Question 2:Okay, now an attractive member of the SAME sex smiles at you from across the room. What is the first thought that crosses into your head?
That girl/guy looks lonely. Maybe I should go over and talk.
Why is he/she smiling at me?
*jumps across the room in excitement*
Another nutter.

Question 3:You are flipping through a magazine when you see some attractive models of the same sex as you. What do you do?
Pause to look a bit closely at clothes, then feel a bit jealous about their bodies and faces
Stop completely to red the whole article.
Pause to look at the faces.
Stop completely, read the whole article, and look for some transparent clothing.

Question 4:Your best friend has an older sibling of the same sex as you. Every time you go over, what are your thoughts?
I wonder how <name of sibling> is doing? It'll be interesting to see him/her again!
I must look my best for <sibling>. Where are my lovely see-through satin pyjamas?
MUST MUST MUST stay away from party thrasher
I hope he doesn't come and annoy us again

Question 5:You see a couple of the same sex kissing in the street. They are the same sex as you. You...
...are disgusted. Kissing on the street is bad enough, but two people of the same sex *shake head*
...try and act normal, but you can't resist a backwards glance as you walk pass them.
...turn away quickly. It is rude to stare when people are doing intimate things.
...get excited. You get your camera, take pictures, and then ask if you can join in.

Question 6:Would you consider experimenting kissing techniques on your best friend of the same sex? (to practice for when you do have a partner of the opposite sex)
NO WAY! What the hell?!? How desperate can you get?
Um...interesting. Maybe. I guess. As long as we knew that we were both just experimenting I guess.
Yeah, I'd give it a try. I mean, what harm can it be?
No, I wouldn't. Kissing is for two people who love each other, and even though I love my best friend, I don't love her/him in THAT way.

Question 7:Girls: Do you wear pants more than dresses? Boys: Do you wear brightly coloured pastel shirts more than you wear dark coloured shirts?
No. Well, actually, half half I guess. I don't really know.
Yes. Is there a problem with that?

Question 8:Have you ever shaved any part of your body? (beard excluded for guys)
Just my legs.
No. But I would probably think about shaving my legs or something.
Yes! My legs, arm pitts, bikini line (girls), chest (guys), etc
No. And I wouldn't.

Question 9:During sex ed, a video is shown about how two people of opposite sex have intercourse. How do you feel?
You are sleeping. SOUNDLY.
You're so bored that you've actually started to do your history assignment.
A bit embarrassed or indifferent. You start laughing hysterically afterwards with your friends.
...slightly turned on. I mean, come on! This is interesting stuff, man!

Question 10:You think of 'gayness' or 'lesbianess' on a whole as:
Some peoples' choice. You bear no grudges against gays, but you prefer to be straight.
Not natural. You just can not understand how it works.
Something that people should understand more.

This Quiz has been designed by The 'fat' one! (It's ME I say!).