What's My Sexuality?

I have found some flaws with many of the sexuality tests on this site. Many only give gay or not gay as results, and are structured like tests to be passed (straight) or failed (gay). Here I offer a more nuanced, accurate test. Try it now to get the most accurate answer (remember to answer HONESTLY if you want complete accuracy).

  • 1
    Which anatomy is more appealing to you, male or female?
    Which anatomy is more appealing to you, male or female?
  • 2
    What are your friends mostly - men, or women?
  • 3
    You're at a party and someone of the same sex asks you to dance. Do you accept?

  • 4
    You hear someone of the same sex singing a seductive song, but you don't know who they're singing it for. How do you react?
  • 5
    You're going to the beach, and you see your friend in a Speedo/a bikini. They're the same gender as you. Now what?
  • 6
    Someone of the opposite gender asks you out. You react by:

  • 7
    What's your opinion on sex?
  • 8
    You find a box full of Playboy magazines in the street. What do you do with them?
  • 9
    One night after a party or some other event, you and your friend find yourselves alone. Your friend then throws their arms around you and informs you they're in love with you. You're both the same gender. What do you say?
  • 10
    You're all alone in your house and need to let off some steam, so you:

  • 11
    Of any of these you subscribe to, which is your favorite?
  • 12
    Final question: What do you think your sexuality is?

Comments (30)


64 days ago
im an 11 year-old gay trans boys and decided to take this quiz i got 42 percent gay and 25 percent bi 17 percent straight 8 percent asexual and 8 percent pan back to the straight one no just no
82 days ago
i am a raging lesbian and i got over 50% straight….. none of my answers had anything to do with me liking men. I think this test is horrible because it focuses on attraction to men. I feel like no matter what I said it would say I was straight and no matter what a man said it would say he was gay. We need to stop this- MEN DONT RULE ATTRACTION! I hate this
94 days ago
I am not gay like seriously 🙁
143 days ago
So I’ve liked guys since Kindergarten to 4th grade but now once I started 5th a new student had joined the school, it was a female... And I found her attractive. I then soon started to like her. I try to talk to my parents about this but they didn’t take me seriously, instead, they took my phone for a month or two because they thought I was spending too mush time on the internet and I was getting confused. I never EVER liked a girl like that before! So I’m just really confused am I straight or wha- bi? (Btw I told her I like her 😊 And I was really surprised that she said she liked me too! She says she pansexual)
189 days ago
I got bi or gay idk which I am I would date a girl but if I didn’t like her I wouldn’t but I would date a guy even if I didn’t like him
214 days ago
I took this test for fun even tho I already know I'm aego.
It turns out as asexual which is quite right owo
342 days ago
The result says 42% pan and 17% bi but I’m pretty sure that shld be switched around I’m bi
349 days ago
i am so confused with my sexuality. i got a mixture of bi and pan, which is what i think i am. i don't know if i'm straight and just thinking things, bi/pan, or gay and in denial. i just had a long cry about this..
353 days ago
355 days ago
either pan or bi. i honestly feel like i this is true, but i think im leaning more towards girls...
383 days ago
very very very very gay
383 days ago
quick say gay in chat
392 days ago
I like a non binary person am I still lesbian ???
439 days ago
man i screwed up this test i got an even 25% for bi pan straight and gay.

i'm bi some of the questions didn't have a simple bisexual answer
465 days ago
Apparently, I’m ace
506 days ago
this didnt really help. i was taking it for FUN but still.

it lied. said im hetero. im homo
525 days ago
this quiz put me as bi, which is true. Nice
536 days ago
mmmm...a quick question. What girl wouldn't like another girl?
some weirdo who likes males?
I only like females, and personally I don't see anything in males. Why would anyone date a male?
feel free to tell me if you do have an opinion, please. I would like to see what people see in men.
545 days ago
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For 42% you are: So what's your sexuality? You are asexual. That means you have no sexual preference, as you shy away from 🍦 Don't feel bad, though - asexuality is actually very common. Enjoy it.🍦will always be there for you when and if you're ready. It's not a necessity or a be-all, end-all for everyone.
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For 42% you are: So what's your sexuality? You are bisexual. You find both both genders attractive in their way, and would be fine with a relationship with either. Either that, or you are bi-curious, and don't know what sexuality you are. Give it time - it'll become clear to you. You might like one🍦more than the other. It's to be expected.
548 days ago
glad to know this quix worked for me lmao. ive had lovers of all genders and identities and it gave me pansexual