Am I Gay/Lesbian, Bi, Ace/Demi, Straight Or Pan?

Have you ever felt like you weren't completely straight? Had gay urges? Or had no urges at all? Maybe you only feel capable of loving people you're very close to? There's no way to simply put people into sexual categories, but these are the most well-known ones. Answer honestly for an accurate result.

  • 1
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
  • 2
    Your friend of the opposite gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 3
    Your friend of the same gender says they like you. How do you react?

  • 4
    OK, imagine this. You're in the shower, when suddenly, someone of the same sex appears. It's only you and them. If you're a guy, the other guy holds you passionately from behind. If you're a girl, the other girl walks over and starts kissing you. Imagine similar scenarios, but with someone of the opposite sex now. Which do you prefer?
  • 5
    You're joking around with your friends, and you're doing dares. Suddenly, your best same-sex friend has to kiss you on the lips. They do it - but then do it again after the dare. Your reaction is:
  • 6
    You've been dating someone for awhile now, and they're the opposite sex. You meet up and get intimate, but it turns out they're actually the same sex. You:

  • 7
    If you watch pornography, what kind?
  • 8
    What do you consider yourself to be? (Pick the closest - if questioning, pick the one you feel is most accurate).
  • 9
    Where on Earth could your friends never drag you to?
  • 10
    What would you call yourself if you had to answer as honestly as possible?

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Last time I took the test I was 60% bi and now I'm 70% bi... Like okkk... I'm hella confused now.
4 days ago
I am according to this quiz, 80% gay. Suprise , suprise. I've known this for about a year. I had my first and a mazzive crush on my year 6 teacher. OMG she was so pretty. I wanted her to hold me and I wanted to live with her. I go to a christen school now. I'm pretty sure that not many of my teachers or friends accept it. I feel a tiny bit attracted to my english teacher. But then agian I keep telling myself to get over with these feelings and focas on my school work. It's so hard being closted, I support every LGBTQ+ person I meet because I feel as if I'm most likely one of them. I hate it when people say bad things about them.undefined
8 days ago
@Bee I know how it feels, I have a crush on my best friend and most of my other friends know by now. You might not be exactly in the same situation but if you like them, tell them! It's okay if you need time to think or plan- But getting out how you feel is important! They seem to mean a lot to you from what I've read, so maybe if you haven't already you could try giving them a few hints? It might make them turn their view and things could happen. I'm in middle school too and am pretty new to LGBTQ+ so I'm really discovering myself. To be honest, my crush is straight and I've had the crushing doubts call me saying she'll never like me back. But she is questioning so I guess I've got that? What I'm saying is, be true to what you want. You don't needa take my advice, but I say trying to give them hints and points at you liking them could help. Who knows?
I hope this helps :)
8 days ago
I am so confused. This was a nice quiz-I've been questioning my sexual orientation for a long time! I'm not exactly sure if I'm bi or gay. My results were that I'm gay, but I don't really know how I feel towards guys. I mean, there are a few that fluster me but not as much as girls do. I'm trying to stick to no titles while I find out but thanks for the cool quiz.
9 days ago
I says I’m 40% lesbian/gay and 40% Bi. Now I’m just more confused lol🏳️‍🌈🦆.
12 days ago
I have boyfriend but I'm doubtful towards my sexuality
12 days ago
I was confused if I was bi now I'm confused between bi and pan
15 days ago
i support my best friend she is bisexual and idk if im in the lgbtq community
16 days ago
Can someone please please help me? I love my bff. But I’m really scared to tell them. It’s not like a little crush, I actually love them lots. They’re the reason I’m even alive. I have the feeling they might like or love me, too. But I don’t want to risk our friendship. I’m only a middle schooler who has never been in a relationship like that with anyone. I know it’ll just get worse and I will just suffer more.

Please helpppp aaaaaaahh if anyone says anything I’ll check back, pls call me bee
16 days ago
i got 90 percent BI i am proud!!!!!
17 days ago
Lmao I love how me and my bestie are kinda gay and I bet I could straight up tell them that I really love them and we would be just the same. It’s like we’re already in a relationship, we playing Minecraft while cuddling on a ripped old couch while laughing about anything and it’s just the best thing ever
18 days ago
Happy Pride Month everyone!
18 days ago
19 days ago
This quiz is tiring
19 days ago
19 days ago
Ight, let's see here. 90℅ PANSEXUAL!! I love to classify someone as my EXTREMELY CLOSE FRIEND based on their personality!! My bf is also is a land, so we will all live and love a happy life TOGETHER.

Happy Price month my people!!✊🖐❤💛💚💙💜and

Enjoy the rest of your day my lovelys :)
19 days ago
Not me getting 100% gay/lesbian 👁👄👁👌🏾. Oh also Happy Pride Month ✨🏳️‍🌈✨(
19 days ago
19 days ago
After TONS of thinking, I don’t find anyone _ullaly or romantically attractive, just platonic emotional and alterously. I’m proud to announce (again) that I am non-binary,bi and aro ace!!!!
20 days ago
I got 50% ace and 50% bi. As expected 😩✋