The Ultimate Sexuality Test (For Both Genders)

Co-created by a heterosexual and a bisexual, this quiz aims to offer you deeper insight into your sexuality if you're wondering about it, like so many do. The best bisexuality test out there! If you've long suspected you might be bi, confirm it (or not) right now.

  • 1
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
  • 2
    Who have you found yourself most attracted to over the past few years?
  • 3
    Who was your first-ever crush?

  • 4
    Have you dated someone of the opposite sex?
  • 5
    Have you dated the same sex?
  • 6
    What's your opinion of bisexual people?

  • 7
    Would you rather be in a relationship with the opposite or the same sex?
  • 8
    Do you think you can tell if other people are gay? ("gaydar")
  • 9
    If you have a crush at the moment, which sex is it on?
  • 10
    After taking this test, what do you think your sexuality is now?

Comments (315)


11 days ago
50% homosexual , 40% asexual

Yep sounds about right

But how in the heck did I get 10% straight like sorry? I think it needs to have an option to say something like yes, but I didn't like it when it asks if you've dated someone of the same 🐤
40 days ago
To: audrey
Remember this is just a quiz u can be bi if u want or anything rlly thats fine
40 days ago
To: 2 genders only
Theyre is such a thing as nonbinary demi girl and demi boy stop being homophobic
40 days ago
U got it correct sorta. Im a straight asexual person. (asexual means either no physical attraction or little to no desire for🦄and mine is i have little desire for sex) i got 50% heterosexual (straight) and 30% asexual however i got 10% homosexual (lesbian for me) and 10% pansexual then again i have had crushes on females (not the desire for sex)

58 days ago
i already knew i was pan, i just decided to take this for fun and it told me i was pan
63 days ago
The comments are depressing as 🦄. You either don't accept your sexuality or you are delusional
63 days ago
To the person that said there are 8 genders: SAY IT WITH ME. THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS. IDGAF.
71 days ago
Hi… my parents are both christians (to make matters worse my dad is a pastor) but I’ve usually been into guys. For years I’ve identified as straight. Now I met someone at a fair near my house and I think I like her. I don’t want to be bi, but everywhere I look I’m thinking I’m bi. I’m 40% straight and 40% bi. I want to change this, I only want to like guys! Any tips…?
72 days ago
why did i get 10% gay haha???/nm thankfully it acknowledged my asexuality though so that’s nice ^^
84 days ago
IM BI YESSSS (already knew I was but YEEES)
105 days ago
@🍄 gay is liking the same genders as one, specifically if you are a man and like men, but can also be referred to women liking women. bi is liking genders same and opposite of one, reference to both men and women.

also you can be romantically attracted to people but not sexually attracted, for example I would be biromantic if I were romantically attracted to same and opposite genders of mine. just wanted 2 put that out there
105 days ago
i got 40% bi and 40% asexual, 10% homosexual and 10% pan.

111 days ago
I’m omni and being bi is similar but I like every gender
113 days ago
I'm 70% pan and 30% bi i guess im pan
116 days ago
I’m gay 💅 and I plan on being gay till satan takes me away 🙄🫃
117 days ago
I got Bisexual yes depends if i had crush on both boy or girl depends. I really like it
274 days ago
I have struggled to except the fact that I am a homosexual, but now I except it and I just want to find that perfect man for me.
302 days ago
um. which two genders? male and female? agender and bigender? trans and pangender? I'm confused
368 days ago
I've got bisexual. I am actually biromantic and gray-asexual. I think that this test is mostly refers to romantic attraction, not sexual.
379 days ago
II have bisexual attraction but choose to want to date only males because of my Christian faith. There are many like myself that resolve that struggle between faith and sexuality that way.