The Ultimate Sexuality Test (For Both Genders)

Co-created by a heterosexual and a bisexual, this quiz aims to offer you deeper insight into your sexuality if you're wondering about it, like so many do. The best bisexuality test out there! If you've long suspected you might be bi, confirm it (or not) right now.

  • 1
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
  • 2
    Who have you found yourself most attracted to over the past few years?
  • 3
    Who was your first-ever crush?

  • 4
    Have you dated someone of the opposite sex?
  • 5
    Have you dated the same sex?
  • 6
    What's your opinion of bisexual people?

  • 7
    Would you rather be in a relationship with the opposite or the same sex?
  • 8
    Do you think you can tell if other people are gay? ("gaydar")
  • 9
    If you have a crush at the moment, which sex is it on?
  • 10
    After taking this test, what do you think your sexuality is now?

Comments (299)


24 days ago
I have struggled to except the fact that I am a homosexual, but now I except it and I just want to find that perfect man for me.
52 days ago
um. which two genders? male and female? agender and bigender? trans and pangender? I'm confused
117 days ago
I've got bisexual. I am actually biromantic and gray-asexual. I think that this test is mostly refers to romantic attraction, not sexual.
129 days ago
II have bisexual attraction but choose to want to date only males because of my Christian faith. There are many like myself that resolve that struggle between faith and sexuality that way.
129 days ago
It says I’m straight which I very much believe so thanks for the quiz. I took this because I am friends with some gay people and I wanted to see if it had an effect on me
139 days ago
honestly atm i have no idea if i'm gay or bi with a preference, any ideas how to tell the difference? sorry to bother yous btw
140 days ago

You can still be a lesbian and like gender neutral people I believe
140 days ago
The test said i'm Pan. Totally true. Genders don't matter. Personality does. If they are mean, i don't like Them. Only if they are nice. So yeah
148 days ago
Before i took the test i was just bi but after i took the test it says 40% of me is homo and i'm female so i'm les
175 days ago
Yep, I knew I was pansexual, but I only like boys, girls, and transgenders, but not non binaries, but that would probably count as pansexual still.
209 days ago
@Owals Just wanted to let you know that you can be bi with a preference. you probably have a preference but you are still super valid!
210 days ago
Could there or is there another term for when you just date whoever regardless of anything about them? Like I'm going on a date and that's it, no asking him or her or they or whatever. I am personally pansexual for sure but still, I want to be able to be like "Wanna go out on a date?" just because I want to for no specific reason and them to say "Yes/No." and that's it. No bother what gender, no bother about whether I love/like them, and no bother about anything. Why can't dating just be going out with someone you're interested in and that's it? Why isn't it normal? Why is there even such terms?
216 days ago
I don't wanna put up with the bullying and hate I may face if I come out about my sexuality.
216 days ago
My community has a lot of open homophobes. Any tips on concealing Queer sexualities?
216 days ago
Well, this is gonna be a fun conversation with my parents
216 days ago
I've done my research, I'm Bi sexual.
217 days ago
40% ace
40% pan?
kinda makes sense actually lol
219 days ago
I just take these for fun i already know im a raging homosexual lol also heres a tip, if youre questioning and you take quizzes youre most likely queer.
221 days ago
Sorry no idea lmao
221 days ago
Oh and sorry for being annoying I sometimes hate the same gender