The Ultimate Sexuality Test (For Both Genders)

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Co-created by a heterosexual and a bisexual, this quiz aims to offer you deeper insight into your sexuality if you're wondering about it, like so many do. The best bisexuality test out there! If you've long suspected you might be bi, confirm it (or not) right now.

  • 1
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
    What do you think your sexuality is now?
  • 2
    Who have you found yourself most attracted to over the past few years?
  • 3
    Who was your first-ever crush?

  • 4
    Have you dated someone of the opposite sex?
  • 5
    Have you dated the same sex?
  • 6
    What's your opinion of bisexual people?

  • 7
    Would you rather be in a relationship with the opposite or the same sex?
  • 8
    Do you think you can tell if other people are gay? ("gaydar")
  • 9
    If you have a crush at the moment, which sex is it on?
  • 10
    After taking this test, what do you think your sexuality is now?

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4 days ago
@Sammy I think you might be bi but i'd look more into it :). I am a trans guy almost 14 years old and i think i'm pan but i'm not sure the test was very confusing and didn't make any sense. I think i might be pan or skolio idk.
4 days ago
Yeep, Im Here To Correct, Im** Pansexual-Panromantic Fluid
4 days ago
Hewo Guyzzzz!!!! Do A Lotta Research, I Thought I Was Bi But It Didnt Exactly Fit Me, Than I Discovered Pansexuality, And It Clicked Right Away!! Later On, I Did More Research, And Now After Some Time, I Can Proudly Say, In Pansexual-Panromantic Fluid And Genderwise, Im Pangender! Do Look Into It Closely, So You Dont Miss Anything Thats Actually YOU. Dont Be Afraid To Change Your Sexuality/ Gender If You Find Something That Fits You Better
7 days ago
I'm bi I knew it
9 days ago
your probably bi :))))))))))
12 days ago
@Sammy 🖤and @Alisha Hey guys, im about 15 and just recently am sure im bi, but i was in all your guys' shoes not too long ago! the only thing that will help is time! and that's ok! just enjoy the rideee. What confirmed it for me was finding out another girl was bi and realised i liked her :) I also found interacting with the community you think you make be a part of is great helpp
16 days ago
Hi can anyone help me out, im a 13 yr old girl and ive never dated anyone or not really done sexual things with any gender (actually thats kinda a lie i kissed my girl best friend when i was like 9 dont ask) i think im either bi, lesbian or homosexual im not sure because i have crushes on girls more and always dream about kissing and you know with them but i dont know about guys i think id kiss them but im not sure help me :-) sorry if this made no sense..
21 days ago
Hey can anyone help me out? I'm in middle school and have only ever had crushes on boys, but can only imagine myself kissing a girl. Right now a relationship with a girl just sounds so right, but I guess I wouldn't mind being with a guy either? Am I bi or just completely confused? Please help
21 days ago
@pansexual??? 💖💛💙 (09167)
You're probably pansexual if you don't really mind what gender the person is, but honestly its not really my decision what your sexuality is so just keep exploring lol
22 days ago
....i got 20% each.... was this supposed to help?
27 days ago
Hi I like girls and boys, but I also don't really mind what gender as long as they have a good personality. so i think i am either bi or pan??? I have no idea but I believe in fluid sexuality so :)
Hope everyone is well
31 days ago
@um chile, tbh I think your grey-sexual (it's under the asexual umbrella)
32 days ago
Uhh guys, I'm attracted to non binary people and feamales, does this classify as bi? If not please please please tell me what sexuality i identify as. I've looks it up I searched 'what sexuality am I if I like girls and non binary ' but it came up with "how to know if you're non binary" ! Please let me know, I have no idea!!😐😑
34 days ago
this is amazing
34 days ago
Bruh, there are waaayy more than just two genders and l’m attracted to all of them. l think🚔is the word you’re looking for.
Cause l don’t know if l have to explain this but, gender has to do with your identity and personal stuff while🚔has to do with your reproductive organs.
38 days ago
This says that I'm 60% homosexual...
38 days ago
Im bi. I already knew that before the test just did it for fun. still havent told my christian parents tho.
39 days ago
Hi! So I identify as female, but I know some people don’t identify as either. There are more than two genders so if it’s possible, could you change the title to include everyone, thanks!
46 days ago
im bi curious,I learned the word
46 days ago
This cleared up my confusion so much. I was confused about my sexuality for the longest time,then I took this quiz. I now know what I am.Im bi,or I forget what it is called,it is in the about.