Am I Straight?

Have you ever thought you might not be straight? You are not alone! It's pretty common to not be quite sure about your sexual orientation, so don't feel bad for questioning. Just try this quiz now, and soon, you will wonder no more! And please know that, whatever you end up being is fine, and there are many others out there like you. ☺️ If you feel in your heart that your result doesn't fit you, then you are most likely right. Only you can know for sure what you are, so please don't get upset.
Most importantly, have fun!

  • 1
    Judging from experiences, have you seen any clear direction regarding your sexuality?
    Judging from experiences, have you seen any clear direction regarding your sexuality?
  • 2
    When asked about your sexuality, do you ever want to answer any of the following? (Even though you might not say it after all)
  • 3
    Which gender do you most often have a crush on?

  • 4
    Assuming you consume pornographic content, what is most interesting to you?
  • 5
    If someone of the opposite gender flirts with you, what do you do?
  • 6
    If someone from the same gender invites you over for a drink, what do you do?

  • 7
    If a friend of yours is gay and invites you for a sleepover, and they make a move on you, what do you do?
  • 8
    Have you ever, even just for fun, made out with someone of the same sex.
  • 9
    Can you imagine a relationship with someone of the same sex?
  • 10
    How important is a traditional lifestyle for you? Marriage, children of your own, etc.

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1 minute ago
I got 80% straight and 20% pan. I know I'm not pan, because I'd never date a transgender, or a woman, or anything else, I CARE about the gender and the looks. BUT I have been said like 4+ times if I'm pan. EVEN MY BI BEST FRIEND said I give happy pan vibes. I know I'm not but I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

ps happy pride month babes 😘
22 hours ago
Uhhhh....? Pan? Nah I'm totally not pan I think I'm asexual ;-;
Can someone pls do what's my sexual orientation where is also asexuality?
they gave too many options like im confused dont make it worse yEah but apparently im lesbian,bi, pan which i had thought too but then i get told im straight like no thank you ma'am :D

4 days ago
4 days ago
I got
40% pan
20% straight
20% gay
The thing is, I have never loved a real person before, only fictional MEN. But I wouldn't mind dating a girl, non-binary person or anyone from other genders or people with none. I just assumed I was straighed because of the fictional thing. undefined
4 days ago
Idek why I did this test I have a boyfriend.
6 days ago
60% Straight
20% Pan
20% Bi
I was thinking I was Bi but as an African american I thought about so I took this test and I am straight
p.s, Happy pride motnh
8 days ago
80% gay
10% pan
10% bi
0% straight
10 days ago
30% straight 30% pansexual
12 days ago
I'm still processing this. I got 50% pan 30% gay 20% bi. Sooooooo ig im not straight(according to quiz) I have never dated and most people assume I am Aromantic. I think I am just scared to lose my only friends trying to make them something more. I have only had one guy have a crush on me but he is kinda a hopeless romantic and I felt like he was just lonely. But now we are best friends and I would never want to ruin that. But no girl has ever been into me but I would like to think that it will happen. But I go to a VERY small school. Im sad and lonely and confused just spilling my feelings on the web. God I feel so immature and stupid.😅😭
14 days ago
60% pan
20% gay/lesbian
20% bi
15 days ago
40% pan
40% gay/lesbian
20% bi

ummmmm im still confused
17 days ago
Lol it said I was 30% straight, 30% pan, 30% bi and 10% gay😅 soo idk what to think😂
18 days ago
Omg, I'm pan! So relieved, actually.
20 days ago
noooooooooo im not gay or pan!
26 days ago
I love it
40 days ago
First of all I agree with "Uhh" lol but I got

30% Straight

30% Lesbian

20% Bisexual

10% gay

Ima mix of everything apparently nvn
42 days ago
it says im 50% straight but I already know I'm 100% lesbian lmao
42 days ago
These questions were based on whether I would randomly start making out with someone like I’m not going to do that regardless of the gender lmao