What Gender(s) Am I Attracted To?👄

The good news is, this test is compatible with both boys and girls, so no one needs to feel left out. If you're wandering around in the big old world of sex and romance and wondering where wonderful you fit in best, just take my quiz and wonder no more!

  • 1
    Have you ever been attracted to a girl, or wondered if you might be?
    Have you ever been attracted to a girl, or wondered if you might be?
  • 2
    Have you ever been attracted to a boy, or wondered if you might be?
  • 3
    Would you date a biological male who identifies as a girl?

  • 4
    If you were to see an attractive guy out somewhere, which of these would be most likely to happen? You'd:
  • 5
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 6
    Do you get nervous whenever LGBTQ+-related topics come up?

  • 7
    How certain are you about your sexuality?
  • 8
    Choose the statement that rings the truest for you.
  • 9
    Choose the statement that rings the truest for you.
  • 10
    Choose the statement that rings the truest for you.

  • 11
    Would you date a girl?
  • 12
    Would you date a boy?

Comments (399)


13 days ago
I'm so scared to tell me family that I might be bi-because they said that there's only two genders female and male and to not be attracted to both-so who knows I might just leave when I'm 18 and run off with a girl and never tell them.
13 days ago
I honestly think I'm bi-anyways, I used to be really touchy about people being gay or lesbian but now I feel like I'm going to respect them-because we're all humans with choices
13 days ago
So, i'm SO confused rn-am I straight?-because like i like boys (I'm a girl) Most of the time but at my school there's a really cute girl so i might be bi....WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS 0_0
18 days ago
I’ve had a crush on this girl but I found out that she had a crush on a guy, and By the way I’m a girl. I’m nervous that if I tell my family I think that I’m lesbian that they will leave me. I’m not attracted to guys sexually but I am attracted to them, but I’m attracted to girls sexually and I’m really attracted to them. I don’t know what to do, my love life is garbage! I be never dated anyone, but I’ve always wanted to date a girl, but I think people with say that something is wrong with me!!! Help!
18 days ago
I need help plese! I am a girl and I youst to like boys but now I'm in love with the most popular girl of the hole school, shes AMAZING but to her Im just a joke she dosent know that I like her I havent told enywhon not even my best friends the entier school thinks im strait but....
27 days ago
This test is bad. Trans people are not a different new category that only bisexual or pansexual people can love.
32 days ago
ALRIGHT so i like this girl from my old school more than a friends and i don't have that boy thingy (I'm a girl ) and i don't know that she is straight or bi so can I be relationship with this girl or no?
36 days ago
I am 92% bisexual ^^ tt the test was good
55 days ago
my problem is that I know I like men, which makes me gay, but I don't know if I like girls? I don't know how I feel about them!! I like masculine girls but I still don't know if I'd even date a masculine girl. I call myself bisexual so I can maybe have a way to experience being with a girl but I keep switching between gay and bi and it's killing me here
69 days ago
I'm not straight good to know but the rest all got 8% I know I'm demisexual and attracted to women struggling over men though I'm not sexualy attracted to them but maybe biromantic?! Ugh I don't 🐤 know
71 days ago
i got 92% lesbian and its true
76 days ago
I got 33% straight, 33% pansexual, 17% bi 8% I like females and 8% asexual. What the heck does this mean
81 days ago
75% Bi and 25% Gay. Alright… I actually already had that thought. I’m happy I can be sure about it now. Only one problem.. my parents really don’t like people who are bi/gay/pan and all that stuff. That’s gonna be a problem for me
104 days ago
@Dean if you identify as female and this says you are attracted to men this means you're straight
109 days ago
i had a 90% percent that i like girls and boys...
112 days ago
Wait if I'm a girl that's trans which I am and i would be gay as a guy does that mean I'm gay.
117 days ago
I'm Bisexual and nonbinary. It's complicated. I keep feeling attracted to my closest friends but I know they like someone else. I think I might be A lesbian but I don't feel that way. At this point i'm just keeping to myself. Anyone else?
120 days ago
120 days ago
I'm bisexual. Wow. I'm so happy! If it turns out that I live with a girl who I love, then my parents would be like: -_-
124 days ago
You sound like you're pansexual. I thought I might be but turns out I'm bi.