Am I Part Of The LGBTQ+ Community?👩‍❤️‍👩

Do you sometimes or even often think you might not be straight after all? Do you want to know your REAL sexuality?

This is a confusing topic for a lot of people. Especially if you previously thought you were straight. If you answer the following questions honestly, you'll get a lot closer to the truth!

  • 1
    First of all, how do you feel about homosexuality?
  • 2
    Imagine your wedding. You're at the end of the altar kissing the love of your life. Quick! What was their gender?
  • 3
    Have you ever dated someone of the same sex?

  • 4
    Who have you imagined a future with?
  • 5
    Would you have sex with the same gender?
  • 6
    If a relative came out as LGBT, how would you react?
    If a relative came out as LGBT, how would you react?

  • 7
    Your best friend comes out as homosexual and tells you they have a crush on you. You:
  • 8
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 9
    Has something happened that made you question your sexuality?
  • 10
    If you could be with anyone right now? What do you imagine?

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127 days ago
This is really accurate actually,surprisingly so.:)BY THE WAY,I suggest you listen to "This love"by taylor swift,it is good
129 days ago
im ace and bi/pan. its a weird combination lol
129 days ago
I was really confused when all my friends started talking about love interests and I had no one like that and had never really had a crush so it kinda made sense that I got 95% aroace. Also everyone know that I give my full seport to the LGBTQ+ community
132 days ago
I can't believe I'm aroace! I have always thought I was straight, but I got kind of suspicious that some people would like 'sexy' people on a magazine and 'wish to be with them' and I was just like 'ok wateva.'
139 days ago
It's so funny to me what I got out of it XD
(For understanding, I am very much aware I am pan-romantic and ace, just was bored)
And it just said that I am most likey Asexual and right after something between bi and pan, but after that, that I may be also straight lol
145 days ago
I just got 80% aroace
154 days ago
I love how it said my score was unclear on first try. Blame Heartstopper.
155 days ago
Phew, 100% straight

no offense to the rest of ya
155 days ago
I blame my best freind and heart stopper
159 days ago
Blame Heartstopper, please and thank you
161 days ago
im here bcoz of heartstopperಥ_ಥ
162 days ago
wow 0% straight lmaoooo
164 days ago
I’m making a massive quiz in MineCraft to see if my friends are gay and needed questions so Question 8 didn’t really have my answer
166 days ago

I'm 10 years old and in highschool dating a boy
(yes I'm gay)

this test was very wrong for me😭.
But... it definetly doesn't change the fact that I'm bisexual, gay, and non-binary....

Keep living your best lives and I will always be supporting the LGBTQIA+ community!!

168 days ago
I’m bi I’m. Non binary and idk I have a crush on somone tho
168 days ago
i'm a trans boy and maybe i'm straight panromantic, idk
180 days ago
I Came out Asexual. I have been trying to work out rather I’m Pan or Asexual but I have been leaning towards Asexual. I don’t really feel any attraction whatsoever so I already kinda knew the answer
188 days ago
they said im ace now im very gay ;-;
188 days ago
Wow i'm Bi or Pan but I can't choose!
189 days ago
So! i'm Gay or Pan, that's what it said, that's super cool! :D glad to hear that! i'm probably more Gay then Pan though, thanks for the advice though, to be honest, at first, i was super confused and i was like, what-.. but, now i understand my sexuality, and like this guy named Micheal.