How Straight Am I On A Scale Of 1 To 5? (The Real Answer)

Would you like to know the honest truth about your sexuality? You're definitely not alone. To get the truth, just take this quiz! Answer the questions 100 percent truthfully to get the most accurate result. Answering in a way to get the answer you want will only keep you from knowing the truth.

  • 1
    Which gender do you find yourself thinking about more/always?
    Which gender do you find yourself thinking about more/always?
  • 2
    Do you like rainbows?
  • 3
    An attractive member of the same sex starts flirting with you. Which of these are you most likely to do?

  • 4
    Which of these possible results do you think you will get?
  • 5
    An attractive member of the opposite gender starts flirting with you. You:
  • 6
    When you see two women together romantically, what do you think?

  • 7
    Which gender would you rather date?
  • 8
    Are you part of the LGBT+ Community?
  • 9
    Have you ever kissed the same gender?
  • 10
    Which do you hope to receive?

  • 11
    You find out your best friend is gay. Which are you most likely to do?

Comments (67)


8 days ago
I'm 2, like I suspected. If I had no gender problems I'd probably be gay but I'm gender fluid which would make me pansexual-or I'm non binary. Does this happen to everyone during puberty?
13 days ago
My result is 1 point. I am gay.
23 days ago
Your result is 4!

You are most likely straight - maybe bi-curious to give a slight chance to the same 😍 Either way, with instincts like yours, you can meet and have fun with just about anyone. Good luck and have fun!
33 days ago
I’m straight as a line and hair yep I’m straight af
35 days ago
i got 3 out of 5 not wrong
35 days ago
i am angry!!
46 days ago
I scored 1
And I’m happily comfortable being as gay AF
As I luv my boifriend too bits 🌈👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏾💯%🥰
47 days ago
Me and by best friend both got 1 out of 5 but we are bi so were rethinking our life choices
64 days ago
@Li Girl and boys are equal, bu I was so close to beating up a 7 year old boy who ik but didn't HE DON"T WANNA PIECE OF THIS i could snap him like a twig, hes lucky I didn't go Goku on him.
64 days ago
STRAIGHT AS JENNIFER ANISTONS HAIR!?!?!? funny. i don't even know what my gender is i was assigned female but idkkkkkkkkk.
71 days ago
Your result is 5!

You're as straight as a line, a pole, or Jennifer Aniston's hair.:)) If you were worried you were gay, relax. If you were hoping you were, well, nah. Sorry, but let's face it. Straight life is still easier, if maybe not as fun. LETS 🍦 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!1
73 days ago
i am strate, ver gud i lik bobs and vagen daveesh prood of mehundefined
79 days ago
Hi, I was straight, then bi then pan then gay then bi again and then now I think I am straight because I got 5/5. My dad is homophobic to so. I am not but he is.
118 days ago
im bisexual. i think its okay because i really like boys and girls :3
121 days ago
I got a 2 saying I'm gay- corious (lol I can't spell)
186 days ago
i’m 100% gay apparently hehe girls for the win
190 days ago
I am pansexual and happy about it UwU
197 days ago
im straight-curious lmao thats perfect because girls are so pretty and cute and once in a while boys are cute and stuff
204 days ago
@fizlglomph Only clowns think that girls are better than boys. If you actually had meant no offense then you wouldn't have said that in the first place.
217 days ago
I got a 5 out of a 5 I'm straight