Are You Part Of The LGBTQ+ Community?

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Find out if you are part of the LGBT community!

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    Do you find your own gender attractive?

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3 days ago
thank you for telling me that i'm confused about that stuff. thats literally why i took this quiz lmao
9 days ago
Uhm.... Im ace,,,,,,,,
59 days ago
This quiz is dumb,IM NOT QUESTIONING!!! and also in a way it said "either your not ace or you die cus your ace" cus if you were not ace you would be alive cus you would do IT with a stranger but if you were ace or even demisexual you would probably not do that.... Thats just my opinion tho LOL
67 days ago
it says that im confused and im 10 idk who i want to be with actually i never thought about it
75 days ago
this quiz is terrible as an ace person. Also question 10 needs more responses. Why would i save the planet if there was only me and some other random? might as well die.
75 days ago
this quiz is autistic
91 days ago
Uhhh my friend is Non-binary
112 days ago
Oh yeah question 8 is dark but true and I choose 110 percent
112 days ago
Yep i is apart and confused it says and I’m 8 btw
138 days ago
im trans kid and that question i think last? was really nice made me feel happy
we are not burdens! we will always be ourselfs ÙwÚ
164 days ago
question 8 is kinda dark-
164 days ago
Im pansexual Im 17 and support LGBTQ+
166 days ago
this is so not true, i know 100% sure i'm apart of the lgbtq+ community and i wanna test these quizes, but they say i'm some of these dont have to do with the quiz oh and also if i would choose sometimes a gender like the bff one i cant choose non-binary!
169 days ago
Wdym i'm confused? I came here to see if i'm part of lgbtqia community. Not for you to tell me that i'm confused. And please... This questions are kinda weird and off the theme
209 days ago
Okay some of these questions are not relevant to the quiz at all. Pff-
226 days ago
No. You do not like the LGBT community, and would not like to be in it. You may support it, but will never, EVER, be a part of it

Very funny I’m bi with no preference. Plz find yours on your own don’t rely on other people to find it.
230 days ago
the other day i was doing an interview with my teacher (im 11) abd she asked me what my gender was and i was just speachless i proceded to ask if i could go to the bathroom and waited there until reses to avoid aswering that question
263 days ago
Just because your confused about your sexuality doesn't mean your automatically confused about the others.
268 days ago
What do you mean I'm confused, aren't you supposed to give me an answer? And there are more than two genders.
292 days ago
My best friend is nonbinary!!! Why does this quiz not include nonbinary,genderfluid,genderqueer,agende r,etc?!?!