Am I Ace, Demi-, Hetero-, Bi Or Homosexual? Quiz For Ages 10-16, All Genders

I don't claim to be an expert on sexual orientation, so please don’t go out and live your life by the result you get here. This is just for those looking to mess around for a little while, have some fun, and maybe gain a little insight about your sexuality. Intended for ages 10-16.

  • 1
    Which do you think you are?
    Which do you think you are?
  • 2
    How many relationships have you been in?
  • 3
    Gender-wise, what would be your basic requirement for the person you love?

  • 4
    Scenario: A cute person of the opposite sex whom you don’t know very well personally, but know through groups, comes and curls up next to you while your class is watching a movie.
    Which one of the options best fits what you would do?
  • 5
    (Above scenario, continued)

    After school’s finished, the person from the movie comes and discreetly takes you to a private place. They tell you they have a crush on you, and were wondering if you have any feelings for them. What would you reply?
  • 6
    Have you ever been attracted to anyone?

  • 7
    Which of these would you do if you had the time?
  • 8
    Are you cool with the idea of LGBTQ+?
  • 9
    When you do something to turn yourself on, what do you think about?
  • 10
    Finally, what do you think your sexuality is?

Comments (318)


66 days ago
I also got 100% ace yessss
76 days ago
I'm an hetero-demisexual, or maybe an ace lol idk.. I got 50% demisexual, yeaa truuuee
99 days ago
100% ace lollll....I never expected it to be that high pog
112 days ago
the only crushes I've had are on my friends, but I think I'm bi. like I became goods friends with A, boom crush same with this girl lets call her S. I became friends and boom current crush. am I demi or bi??? also does someone know how to stop crushing on your bff because all the websites say to stop talking to them (I know for a fact S is gay and doesn't like me) bye!

🏳‍🌈 luv ya bunches, bi girl
137 days ago
@ Bloom

You are probably demiromantic and heterosexual
149 days ago
I got Demisexual which seems kinds right I can’t really decide if I’m Ace or Demi tho.
182 days ago
You got demisexual! This means you can like a person of either gender, but you have to develop a strong connection with the person first. Now, as I said in the description, don’t live your life by this - although, apart from that, do with this information what you will. Meaning, if the shoe fits and you want to wear it, feel free.
192 days ago
I got 90% bi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
238 days ago
I already know I am a Biromantic Demisexual... though I only got 70% demisexual as my result for some reason
247 days ago
I know that I'm panromantic and asexual 😃
250 days ago
I got demi, ace, and bi qwq
263 days ago
80% Bi in this, but deep inside, I know I'm Pan.
274 days ago
um, i’m pretty sure there’s a difference between homosexuality/heterosexuality/bisexuality and asexuality/demisexuality

jus’ saying ;-;
281 days ago
I’ve got 80% asexual and I think it’s possible I am, but I’m not sure how to tell my family about this..... because I didn’t experience🐤nor I want too, I want to get to know the person (either gender) before getting somewhere even though I’m really socially awkward I’m not into any sexual talk or sexual activities.... my sister and my mom thinks I’m bi because I said I like men and women.. I don’t think I’m bi.. I rarely have any crushes, I do, but I moved on very quickly. I actually attracted to a person's personality, I don’t care if they look very attractive or not. Should I write down on a piece of paper to show them without telling them?... I’m too nervous of what they react... I don’t want to tell my dad. I think he’s homophobic
290 days ago
i stumbled upon a video of a person who went by they/them pronouns so now im extra confused ;-; because ive never felt this way towards anyone before....*sigh*
294 days ago
As someone who has identified as ace for awhile now, I really don’t like the questions on this. Asexual is having no sexual attraction, not want a relationship is aromatic. Yes, I’m asexual, but I’m also biromatic and some of the questions made me kind of upset. I think that this test is confusing asexuality with being aromatic, and I just wanted to point that out.
306 days ago
ive gotten asexual im fine with it
308 days ago
I always thought I was heterosexual, but I recently discovered demisexuality and I feel represented by it. Can I be demisexual and heterosexual?
310 days ago
I'm demisexual towards all genders I'm omnisexual and demisexual but this test says I got demisexual so I'm happy with my results
317 days ago
Soccssounds to me like your prolly demi or asexual. It's hard to tell since your relationships have been long distance. I'd suggest giving something more local a try. Remember to stay true to yourself. For me it's very easy to get caught up in what my partner is feeling, then I forget what I feel and begin to make bad decisions that I regret later.