What Is My Romantic Orientation? 💗

When it comes to romance, which category do you fall into? ❤️‍🔥
This romantic preference test will help you figure out whether you're homoromantic, biromantic, heteroromantic, aromatic, or panromantic.
Got a hunch? See if you're right about your orientation, right now and find out the truth about your heart's desires!💘

  • 1
    First off, who do you currently feel the most romantically attracted to?
    First off, who do you currently feel the most romantically attracted to?
  • 2
    Who could you see yourself with in the future? Pick the one you feel strongest about.
  • 3
    Scenario time! You’re at the mall and see someone cute of the same sex as you. They come up and ask you out. There is nothing wrong with them at first glance. What do you say?
    Scenario time! You’re at the mall and see someone cute of the same sex as you. They come up and ask you out. There is nothing wrong with them at fir

  • 4
    Now, this time, same scenario as above - but it's the opposite gender who approaches and asks you out. Would you go out with them?
  • 5
    Who did you have a crush on in school?
    Who did you have a crush on in school?
  • 6
    Who have you dated before?

  • 7
    Which best describes most of the kids you hang around with?
    Which best describes most of the kids you hang around with?
  • 8
    What sexuality have you done the most research about?
  • 9
    Which sounds best to you?
    Which sounds best to you?
  • 10
    Your ideal romantic partner would be

Comments (276)


421 days ago
What I expectied aro, and I'm also ace so win win,and the quiz knew I have cats.LIKE HOW, and I do love cake.
458 days ago
I literally got a tie with 30% homoromantic, 30% aromantic and 30% panromantic.

459 days ago
Homoromantic yayyy! I wish I knew my other 30% tho, it’s probs biromantic :) ❤️🧡🤍💗💜
460 days ago
50% panromantic... which honestly makes sense!
461 days ago
i gess i knew about beeing aro. more of an aroace but how id the test knew i had a cat????
467 days ago
What's the other 40%? 🙂
486 days ago
I got Aromantic, which is true :D 💚💚🤍🖤🖤
488 days ago
I got 80% Aromantic (This is true, I'm Aromantic), but what the 15% then ?
495 days ago
i got 50% biromantic, but what’s the other 50?
it was pretty accurate i am biromantic and demisexual
🖤💜🤍 💖💜💙
521 days ago
For those of you who are confused what the other percentage is, It's just a jumble of the other answers you chose, so like 5% aromantic or 17% biromantic(epurple)). it's just that they all add up to a higher number, but no specific one has a higher percentage than what you got.
522 days ago
Ok. You are mixing up aromantic and asexual. Lemme share the difference:

Aromantic = yeah, I like doing it. But don't ask me out because I don't date anyone.

Asexual = Yeah, let's date. But no 😍 It's disgusting. Let's just cuddle.

Aroace = Nope, I don't feel sexual and romantic attraction towards anyone. Love my buddies tho. On a platonic level.
523 days ago
I got 30% biromantic and then it was like "results weren't clear; 30% aromantic" . It acted like I got conflicting results but it's actually pretty accurate because I'm bi and arospec (plus ace).
💚🤍🖤 💖💜💙 🖤🤍💜
The way it talks about being aromantic kind of makes it sound like it's the same as asexuality though, or that all aros are also ace. Some people are aro but not ace, some are ace but not aro, and some are both or neither or somewhere inbetween. ✨It's a spectrum✨
537 days ago
I've got 30% on panromantic. I don't think that it fit me well... Whats the 70%?
539 days ago
it just said 60% bi.Whats the 40% then
564 days ago
I wish this test included more gender identities than the basic binary. I got an inconclusive result between biromantic and panromantic. I’ve been struggling to define myself and my sexual and romantic attraction to other people. I can’t tell if some of the crushes/attractions I’ve had have stemmed from emotional connections, physical looks unrelated to gender, physical looks related to gender, or if I just latched onto someone because it’s been programmed into my mind that we all have to love someone. I’ve been attracted to boys because of their looks (not sure if gender had anything to do with it) and I’m currently dating a boy I was originally interested in purely because he’s stunningly gorgeous. Later, I discovered that he’s a really great person and the attraction got stronger. However, I’m also kind of in love with one of my best friends who I’ve known for about four years now. I don’t think physical looks had anything to do with my attraction to her. I kinda think that my romantic attraction to her is stronger than my attraction to my current boyfriend, but maybe that’s just because I’ve only really known him since the end of 2021 and haven’t yet gotten the chance to build the same deep and hugely meaningful connection with him that I have with her. I think I might be polyamorous because I really want to tell her how I feel and have a relationship with her, but I also still want to continue my current relationship with the wonderful boy I’m dating. My sexual attraction is a whole other conundrum. I feel like in theory I experience sexual attraction, but when actually faced with the idea of doing anything sexual, I’m really not so sure.

Sorry for the huge dump here, I just haven’t been able to talk to any of my friends or family about this and I really needed to allow it to exist somewhere outside my brain or I genuinely thought I might explode. Can anyone relate? lmao
565 days ago
Omg, I'm actaully kinda surprised that im Panromantic, but at the same time im not because I like both genders! (well- obviously, im bisexaul) but please! im NOT looking for a date, but i'd love to have someone to talk to rn, so my pintrest username is @llora__ ( 2 under-scores!!*) and please don't be creepy but just say hi (and maybe introduce yourself), i might be confused at first, but i'll say hi. ( im 15)
ok bye. :)
567 days ago
I got mainly heteroromantic.....I'm homoromantic if anything, if not already demiromantic. I literally can only imagine myself with a women, but guys are kinda hot. I'm also not women, but not guy.
568 days ago
Wow... I got aromantic... im kinda sad bc im asexual to :(
575 days ago
this wasn't that surprising. i've been considering that i may be either demi or aro because i really don't know if i actually crush on ppl or if i just get emotionally attached. I'm the type to jokingly flirt, and obviously i'll blush if someone does it back because it's embarrassing. point is, how do i distinguish the difference between friends and crushes?
581 days ago
It makes sense, my entire life I was raised to believe gay was bad. I never had sexual attraction. I never really cared about looks, I just thought if you loved people, were nice, would put just as much effort into a relationship as I would, and wouldn't pressure me to be doing stuff with you, then why does it mater what gender you are? So I am PAN-ROMANTIC!