How Should You Come Out? Quiz

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This quiz is for anyone who wants to come out as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, pan, ace, or anything else! Also, you can take this quiz for every person you are thinking of coming out to, since your result will probably vary depending on the person. Remember to stay safe, and I hope that coming out goes well for you!:)

  • 1
    Do you know that the person you want to come out to is accepting?
    Do you know that the person you want to come out to is accepting?
  • 2
    Which answer best describes your personality?
  • 3
    Another personality question: How creative are you?

  • 4
    How do you view your coming-out?
  • 5
    How do you WANT to come out?
  • 6
    What comes to mind when you think of being out?

  • 7
    Here’s an easy question (does not affect score): What are you coming out as?
  • 8
    Is the person you’re coming out to educated about the LGBTQ+ community?
  • 9
    How much effort are you willing to put into coming out?
  • 10
    How visibly queer are you right now?

  • 11
    How many people already know?
  • 12
    Here’s another question that won’t affect your score: Choose a queer icon!
  • 13
    How many LGBTQ+ friends do you have?
  • 14
    How excited are you to come out?

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641 days ago
Oh my god Robin me to
657 days ago
someone already said this but its buried deep in the comments so ill say it again because omg its a pretty good idea. Hide in the closet and then when whoever you are coming out to is kinda just doing nothing jump out of the closet and when they ask you what your doing you say "im coming out of the closet, im _________.
661 days ago
I I am a very strong Christian. It says in the Bible that man shall not sleep with men but that is misunderstood. What it is referring to is that man shall not sleep with other men’s wives. God loves everybody for who they are.I have several by gay/lesbian friends and I myself am Bi. Maybe you telling him could change the way he feels about it
673 days ago
But, almost all my family is homo-
687 days ago
one of my friends is cristian and he hates gay people aghhhhhh heeeeeeelp i actually really want to tell himmmm
691 days ago
my name isn't any of your concern

if you see this here are some ideas:
call them and tell them you're going to jail and once they start freaking out say jk but i might be gay
wait until 3:00 am or really late when they're awake and come out of the closet(literally) and when they ask what you're doing say"im coming out of the closet, im gay"
tell them
hang a pride flag in your room
okay thats all i got
704 days ago
I have no idea what to do
741 days ago
I’m coming out as non-binary to my friends and I’m still having trouble accepting myself, like what if i change my mind? I don’t want to seem indecisive or a faker but i just want to be truthful and be me, even if i cant present how i want to...
761 days ago
@ash10 do it, if u have Supportive parents and if you are sure you are ♡ Good luck ¤
761 days ago
@alyssa just do it!♡ I mean,- u have supportive Parents you lucky one ;/ good luck!
761 days ago
@Ada omg you are just like me!! For real, i thought for a second if it was me, who wrote the comment ♡ First of all: Please only come out, when your really 100% sure, that u are. I've made the mistake to tell someone, and now they wont believe me, if i would come out as nonbinary. But please stay safe
762 days ago
I want to but I just-
I'm coming out as trans (I hope so anyway)
Any help in comments then please reply
Btw I'm trans guy (FtM)
Please no hate!
768 days ago
I just came out to someone for the first time and thankfully she didn't rlly care lmfao
793 days ago
Im only 12 and im bi and have a gf. I knew since 4th grade and i REALLLLLY want to tell my parents and there accepting 100% but i dont when to tell them and im really scareddd can someone just please force me to do it. Thank you :)
806 days ago
At least she didn’t overreact
806 days ago
I first wanted to see my mum’s reaction if I told her my classmates gay (which is true he told everyone in my class I’m proud of him and everyone accepted him🥺✌🏻🏳️‍🌈)
She was a little ‘meh’ about it and said he was too young and it’s stupid. She then told me not to be gay.
I’m straight, but I’m kinda am worried about her reaction if I tell her I’m a questioning straight demisexual...(No not I like Demi Lovato!)
806 days ago
I'm nonbinary trans. Is it a good idea to come out to the one grandparent I know will accept me, and ask her to keep it a secret from the other one?
825 days ago
I'm 12 will be 13 in january, and im pan and have a gf, my parets hinted homophobia, but also support. Most of my friends know im pan but my parents don't, I want them to know im pan (not about my gf yet tho xD ) but they'd most likely say: YoUr ToO YoUnG tOo KnOw YeT.
So im here. hoping for the best for everyon else, cuz I ain't comming out yet. ok im done bye
830 days ago
Hi i’m 13, i know that i’m bi that’s pretty obvious, i would need to be blind if I hadn’t figured that out, but lately i have been questioning my gender. I always thought that i was i cisgender girl but now i’m not too sure. I think i might be non-binary. Like being bi wasn’t enough i had to be trans aswell😕. I have nothing against it, but maybe having a bi and enby child is a bit too much for mom and dad, since they are the most homophobic people i know. I already told my mom about being bi. And believe me when i say she wasn’t happy to hear that. I guess the uncomfy feeling when being called a girl and the urge to cut my hair was not nothing. Anyways it’s not like they would kick me out of the house if they knew. So i guess should just tell them. Maybe tell my friends first tho.
834 days ago
I'm sitting here taking this quiz whit crying and eating tortellinis im coming out as non-binary hope it goes well for u to com out if you read this comment