Are you lesbian, bisexual, straight or asexual? (Girls only)

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This test will give you an idea of what sexuality you are!

  • 1
    A pretty friend hugs you. She slowly wraps her arms around your back and puts her head on your shoulder. You feel?
  • 2
    There’s a new girl at school. She’s pretty, her skin is nice and dark. She has beautiful green eyes and curly hair. You want to?
  • 3
    One of your girl friend’s is curious and wants to try kissing. You?

  • 4
    Your watching a girls softball game. What are you focusing on?
  • 5
    You have a secret admirer. They give you roses, flowers, cute letters. Suddenly you find out it’s a girl. You feel?
  • 6
    Your walking and your friend holds your hand, you notice?

  • 7
    Which statement is personally true?
  • 8
    Your friend confesses her feelings for you. You feel?
  • 9
    Finish the statement so it’s true to you. I would like to cuddle with..
  • 10
    The idea of having a girlfriend makes you feel...

  • 11
    Your friends are taking about boys, you feel?
  • 12
    What feelings do you associate with girls?
  • 13
    Do you feel like you’d be accepted with your sexuality?
  • 14
    Have you had any real-life crushes on girls?
  • 15
    You see a girl flirt with a guy you feel?

Comments (17)


85 days ago
80% lesbian, 13% bisexual, 7% ace, 0% straight I kinda saw that coming ...
200 days ago
i got asexual! though asexual people can still love, they just dont have a sexual attraction
262 days ago
I thought I was 100% straight but I’m dating a girl now (I am a girl) I think of her more gently than I think of guys, but I very much dislike other girls. I don’t think of making out with her or anything like that, just hanging together and eating at a restaurant or something, so I’m confused.
304 days ago
I’m definitely bi but I have a preference for girls I think like maybe 80% girls and 20% boys. I’m only 11 and I’m kinda confused
376 days ago
I have done a few different tests like this I have had a feeling that I am bi but I like guys more ? Btw I’m a girl I’m afraid of how others would react like my mother - I feel like it would be easier to come out after I have dated both genders so that I’m 100% sure I don’t want to like kiss a friend to see I would like to actually kiss a girl that would also be interested - Oh I just fully realized I want girls to like me more than just as a friend 😨 ok ye I’m def bi this test is great 😅😂
416 days ago
Ok yeah I'm a lesbian
458 days ago
Asexual. I want to try dating to see if it's true, but what if I'm also aromantic and I end up hurting the other? I don't want to be a burden. Although I would accept someones feeling to not break their heart, and i'm just weak like that
463 days ago
When I was 11, I knew for sure I was bisexual. Now that I’m 13 I’m questioning whether I’m lesbian, I haven’t felt a feeling for any boys for awhile and I can’t get girls out of my mind! All my tests I’ve been taking recently say I’m lesbian, maybe I’m bi and I just like 85% girls and 15% boys or something?
604 days ago
93% Bi , close enough, I'm pan.
694 days ago
Asexual doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any romantic feelings. There are many different types. For example one might not mind having sex, one hates🚔all together but holds romantic feelings (sometimes kissing/hugging, sometimes only hugging) and no🚔and no romantic feelings.

I’m ace, prefer the opposite🚔and think having a partner would be nice. It’s just so anxiety inducing cause I’d want a partner to accept not having🚔at all… That and I’ve never fallen for someone (don’t know if I can haha)
762 days ago
67%Lesbian 27% bisexual 7% asexual. Not really what I expected-I was expecting more of a 90% Lesbian, and a little bi, but it is still a great quiz!
829 days ago
53% lesbian and 40%, no straightness tho... honestly the b in lgbt stands for basically gay for me...
854 days ago
i guess i’m bisexual but more into guys than girls. i’m satisfied with that
858 days ago
80% bisexual 13% lesbian 7% asexual I'm really happy with this result and I'll have to admit I'm so bi
875 days ago
60% Bi
I expected that tho....
876 days ago
I'm 47% asexual xD I personally do not agree with that but this was still a fun quiz. Good job :)
876 days ago
Wow 93% straight 7% asexual
I expected that. I'm glad though. Thank you!