Am I Nonbinary? quiz⚧️

How to tell if you're non binary? Gender as a concept is something young people think about more often than ever before.
We ask ourselves how we feel in our bodies and strive to be true to ourselves rather than hiding away.

This non binary test was created to hopefully help you discover what your gender identity is, or at least to give a broad overview of gender identity for you to explore yourself!
It is by no means the be-all or end-all in gender identity, but it may help you get closer to your true self!

  • 1
    When have these thoughts come up for the first time?
    When have these thoughts come up for the first time?
  • 2
    Do you ever experience discomfort being referred to as your assigned sex?
  • 3
    Do you ever experience discomfort with your body? Such as, with your breasts if you have them, or with your genitalia?

  • 4
    Have you ever thought about using different pronouns to refer to yourself other than the ones that go along with your birth sex?
  • 5
    Have you ever told someone online that you were the opposite sex of your birth sex, or that you were nonbinary?
  • 6
    How much have you looked into gender/sexuality online?

  • 7
    Do you already identify as gay, bi-, pan-, ace, etc?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing articles of clothing designated for your assigned sex? For example, dresses for afab folks, or suits for amab folks?
  • 9
    Why did you take this quiz?
  • 10
    After taking this quiz, which do you think you are?

Comments (399)


15 days ago
I don't know what to say so I'm not gonna answer
30 days ago
im nonbinary and it said binary trans :/
32 days ago
I think I’m nonbinary, everyone always confuses my gender, but it said I’m trans…which I guess could also be accurate. I often tell ppl online I’m my opposite gender, and once tried being nonbinary. Idk. Guess im still figuring it out lol. Good quiz, thanks for making it (if anyone’s actually reading this).
40 days ago
I have been identifying as non binary for a couple of months as a ‘safe zone’ but this quiz said that I’m trans (female to male).
43 days ago
I (and this is honesty) thought I was Non-binary but I'm actually Genderfluid. I do switch from being female to male a lot online (not irl). I'm hoping that me being Poly and Ace suits me being Genderfluid-
48 days ago
This is amazing I always knew I was neaver a girl and now I know who I truly am.I hope other people find who they are like me.
52 days ago
I think I’m basically a cis woman, I identify with that and don’t really feel uncomfortable with that, however - I’ve been feeling weird about my breasts. Like they’re not mine or not supposed to be there or something. So that put me on a the non binary research path.
58 days ago
I'm not cis gender. I'm not a cis woman. I'm a woman. Period.
59 days ago
I believe I’m a Demi boy (he/him/they/them)
Originally I’m female, my sister believes I’m too young to figure this out but I disagree with her
62 days ago
A lot of people in my school didn’t call me by my new name *sam* and quite a few dead named me in purpose. It was kinda hard to deal with but I have a better question then why they were
as🙈oles but how do I tell my family because I’m still not out to them but I really wanna be. Any advice from my fellow enbys?
63 days ago
I used to be a cis woman but I'm enby now (duh) cuz sometimes I was like "i wish i was a boy; it would be cool to have a d🐤k. Also I just feel like a boy." So I cut my hair short and started wearing 'boys' clothes and ppl in public assumed I was a boy but then I thought "it feels weird when ppl call me a boy but it feels weird when ppl call me a grl." So yea. I'm just a weird enby.
63 days ago
It says I'mbinary transgender. I took this test to see if it was accurate. I'm nonbinary. Why does it say binary trans like I answered all the questions that included nonbinary or they/them in the answers with that.
72 days ago
I feel no gender but also i always have hang around boys more than girls. But i have been put in a all girls school so i now am questioning my identity
73 days ago
i have had problems with my gender for a while and so i took the test and i am Gender fluid. now to see how my girlfriend reacts . . . and i think it will be good because they are non-binary.
88 days ago
this was actually helpful, i do feel like i am fluid, but i just wanna make sure because... well, its weird when i feel like i've wanted to be or felt like a man (kinda) it feels deifinite, but then i feel like a woman or remember all the other times i've felt more like a woman (kinda), or neither, or somehow both, and it gets confusing.

so, i guess genderfluid fits me the best.
98 days ago
bruh said I'm binary transgender
99 days ago
It said I'm Genderfluid.... .-.
99 days ago
My😘is male, but I definitely align with nonbinary.
110 days ago
I always wanted to be non-binary, I was agender, Bisexual, and Tras
117 days ago
Kids, non-binary is baloney!