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Are you really straight or just in denial?

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So you think you're straight, but you still feel a lot of weird guilt and anxiety when gay stuff comes up in conversation for no discernible reason? Or maybe the thought of being with someone the same gender as you sends you into a weird panic? Could you be gay, but in denial?
Well here's this handy little quiz just for you!

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    Do you feel anxious whenever gay people are brought up in conversation?

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48 days ago
Look at you, already beginning to question and figure yourself out. I'm really proud. You are gay, and that's beautiful, that's wonderful, and I hope that the person you thought about during this quiz can accept you.
You are so brave, and I know that one day you will be able to live freely and proudly as your most genuine self.

56 days ago
Guys gals and nonbinary ppl, just because you like a celebrity of the opposite gender doesn't mean you are attracted to the opposite gender. Also if you are young examine your feelings when you are a little older.
110 days ago
Are you really straight or just in denial?
You're either gay or bi, and that's okay. You aren't broken, you aren't wrong for existing, and one day you'll be able to be yourself proudly and without fear. I can't wait for that day to come. You get closer with every new day.
I'm so proud of you.
192 days ago
i'm not sure if i'm bi, polysexual, or lesbian. i think i had a crush on a guy back in middle school, but since then i've only been into girls but also there are really attractive famous men that i might be into but i'm not sure. also my family is conservative christian so i don't know if i should come out yet. my younger sister came out when she was 14, and my parents were cool with it, but they don't let her have friends spend the night anymore because most of them are lgbtq+ as well. also, the girl i'm into is my sister's best friend. idk what to do. dm me @therealjuliakocher on instagram if you have any advice for me please. :)
315 days ago
Im currently pansexual but i dont really like guys I only seem to like girls and Im wondering if I'm just a lesbian in denial
496 days ago
The real me is as queer AF & i feel happier that way,
i will come out & be proud thats a promise
& support my fellow brothers & sisters in the LBGTQIA+ community
611 days ago
What about other sexualities?
644 days ago
I'm probably not lesbian. Maybe I am bisexual. I have only had crushes on boys so far but I'm 11.........