What’s my sexuality?

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Nothing can be as confusing and exiting at the same time as discovering your own sexual orientation. And though it’s still a heteronormative world we live in, other sexual orientations are getting more and more accepted. If you struggle with your own sexual identity, maybe this test helps you figuring it out. Be aware, that this test does not provide a necessarily clear result. Only you are able to find out about your sexual orientation. (I’m not a native speaker, I hope you don’t mind a few grammar mistakes).

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168 days ago
Hi 🏳‍🌈😍

I am out of the closet (pansexual) and took this quiz to see if it was accurate. It most definitely is. I got 68% Bi/Pan/Omni (which although similar these sexualities are not the same and if you have any confusions about them, either 1, consult a person who is one of the sexualities, or 2, look it up on a creditable source) For a short answer, this is a good test and I feel that this a good testing ground for young people to experiment. And if you are young and questing while reading this...although a good source, yes. This is also an unprofessional test and it is best you do other research. Anygay, have a good evening my He's, She's, and Theys's!

A person attracted to cookware ❤
205 days ago
I adore LGBTQ+ i support and I love all people no matter gender my ligit sexulalltiy is Pan ( IT IS NOT THE SAME THING AS BI BTW) and I respect anyone who is gay straight Lesbian Trans bi ect (BTW I DO NOT FIND KITCHENWARE ATRACTIVE)
212 days ago
Lol I've known I was bi for a couple of years now, just wanted to see what this gave me. And it was right lol
223 days ago
Mhhh i'm omni i guess
311 days ago
This really helped me to identify my sexuality!
334 days ago
For me it said 46% homosexual and 32% Bisexual pan and omni so yeah but I think I am more homosexual than 46% maybe 60% homosexual 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩.
340 days ago
It gave me 7 percent straight 57 percentage gay and 36percent bi (inhale some deeply). 💝
344 days ago
Accepting that I’m a lesbian and have no attraction to men
396 days ago
I was unsure before I took the test now I know I'm bi.
463 days ago
It said I'm 32% bi, but I'm not sure. I'm romantically attracted for boys, but I'm also sexually attracted for girls. Help what I am?
501 days ago
So I guess I'm asexual/grey sexual, pansexual, and a demigirl. I don't think I'm going to tell people, just because labels don't matter much to me. I'm just me, but it helps to have words to use.
526 days ago
I like girls but idk if I should stay homosexual or change to Poly sexual
545 days ago
For 82%: homosexual. Yes, I am.
723 days ago
I very much think I'm bi so yea this app kinda helped me out a bit and so I'm cool with that:-P
758 days ago
It says im les but im not sure about telling my parrents cause my sisters pan my aunt is les and I have to older sisters that are strait i just do not want them to be dissopointed i also think im strait but I JUST FEEL COMFTERBALL AROUND GUYS but
792 days ago
So I guess I'm panromantic aegosexual (autochristosexual, a type of asexuality) and a demigirl (not fully a girl, I guess I'm girl and non-binary at the same time...)
857 days ago
Yes. A Demisexual Pansexual with Heterosexual Tendencies.
933 days ago
this reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally helped thank u sooooo muchhh aaaaaaaa
994 days ago
Ack, Ive been thinking Im les for w while but Im not sure, Its always been either Ace or Les for me since Ive never quite likes anybody but when I star at a girl inniaprotiatly I feel more embaressied than with a guy, and I think I might like my friend? Im really not sure and if more tests say Im.les them Im probably am, this is the second thats said Im les. (I cannot spell and Im lazy to look up words, deal with it)
1109 days ago
Always knew I was a lesbian