Which Kind of Asexual ("Ace") Are You?

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You know you're asexual, so it's time to discover where you fall on the spectrum. Are you ace, demi, gray, maybe cupio? Try my test and find out now. The results go into a lot of detail, so there's probably a designation that will fit you perfectly.

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    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (:

    So, starting off: When would you have sex with someone?
    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (: So, starting off: When would

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11 days ago
Wrong, but good try. Narrowing these things down is really hard.
33 days ago
i'm pretty sure i'm aego but i got demi. i don't ever want to have🕊with anyone and am pretty repulsed by the idea especially with a friend. :(
47 days ago
*breathes in Autochois*
47 days ago
so uh, I got results of DESIRING sex, when I never want it :’(
90 days ago
I got my results were unclear. Now what? Like I thought I was straight for most of my life. But then I was like wait am I asexual?? Then I’m like wait I’ve only had crushes on guys but very few..and sometimes I feel like weird around girls and I don’t even know and also I feel like I’m the slightest bit sexually attracted to girls. So what the hell am I??? Am I bisexual?? Biromantic homosexual?? HELP
123 days ago
Hmmm, this was really interesting! From this test, I'm certain now that I'm ace so I'm really glad I can kinda identify myself now (not that my parents will accept it *sighs*). But I got lots of things at the end of what type of ace I could be and I'm not sure if any of them are completely correct. I mean I get grossed out whenever thinking of that... I legit slapped my self in the face sooooo freaking hard with disgust the two times in my entire life I even thought of you know what. Ahh even typing this is weird as I have to remember that. Grey seems to be the one that suits me best of the ones it showed in my results. But I don't think that's right :/
Does anyone who feels the same actually know what it's called?? I saw someone in the comments say something about aroace??? Is that what this is? If you know then I'd love it if you could tell me! To anyone reading this, please have a nice day and be happy for who you are. Yay for both asexual and everyone else no matter what your sexuality is you're awesome :D
138 days ago
I got many but gray ace is real thing that suits me.
145 days ago
I would add an option: Interesting and enjoyable, but I have no interest in joining in.
148 days ago
For q 6 I think I was a “I ll go with the flow” and “I am no longer interested”. I guess? I might sorta also fade into not liking them very quickly? I really don’t know what I am. Just came here for some guidance on what I might be.
168 days ago
With question four it would be more of a "whatever"
182 days ago
I’m aroace :> and I’m actually👮repulsed.. I can’t rly find a name for that “type”- I think it’s apothosexual or something..? Anyone here know..?
223 days ago
I'm a ace person but I'm a gray ARO, not a gray ace.