Which Kind of Asexual ("Ace") Am I?

You know you're asexual, so it's time to discover where you fall on the spectrum. Are you ace, demi, gray, maybe cupio? Try my test and find out now. The results go into a lot of detail, so there's probably a designation that will fit you perfectly.

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    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (:

    So, starting off: When would you have sex with someone?
    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (: So, starting off: When would

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6 days ago
omigosh same Viiolat. it was a subcatagory on another I took though and it made me very happyyyy
10 days ago
This quiz doesn't seem to have results for just ace ace, as in, no sxual attraction EVER. I can't find it in th echart thing?
32 days ago
I finally found out what I am 😂 I am cupiosexual homoflexible 🏳️‍🌈
34 days ago
Ya this thing got me perfectly haha. Autochois here for sure.
39 days ago
I think this test is right :)
48 days ago
I'm so sure that I'm aego. I feel like this sexuality is not explained or known well. In most tests, neither of all answer options fit my own answer.
49 days ago
Um, this test needs like a "rarely" option. My desire for🍦is very very very low. Like less than once a month and when I do have that desire another person being involved would be a hindrance rather than a help.
59 days ago
I got cupiosexual but I’m not really sure if that’s the most accurate label to describe myself. I think I might be leaning more towards demisexual. This was still an interesting quiz to take though and it helped me understand the asexuality spectrum a lot more!
66 days ago
i meant fraysexual- 😀
66 days ago
i think i'm the only fraysecual one here- so like, a few days ago, i was identifying as pan, but i've been wondering for a few months, "is there a sexuality that can define me to 100%? I mean, my best friend is calling him my crush and all, i just go with it, but, idk how i should tell her that he's not even my crush anymore- like, i told her so many times!" So basically, i switched schools or like that, and in my new class there is this guy i thought i had a crush on in the beginning, ngl he's kinda cute but- as i got to know him more and more, i lost my interest on him. Just like with the other ppl i had 'crushes' on. And then, i found someone in a tiktok in the comments talking about something with gender identities, so ye i searched it and then this website came, i read it to the end and there were some recommended topics, such as "what is fraysexual?" i thought like "hey! i don't know that one yet, maybe i should check it out?" And so i did, i was surprised on how accurate it was to me, like, i always "fall in love" with random people i don't even know, but then, as time goes on, i start to loose interest. I was happy i found a label that defines me, and i took this quiz/test to see what it says, and i'm happy it said "you could also be fraysexual or "..." " (i don't remember fully i'm sorry-)! And also, i really like this test! :D Well, sorry this was so long, hehe, hope anyone who read this has a good day/night!
83 days ago
Wrong, but good try. Narrowing these things down is really hard.
104 days ago
i'm pretty sure i'm aego but i got demi. i don't ever want to have💑with anyone and am pretty repulsed by the idea especially with a friend. :(
118 days ago
*breathes in Autochois*
118 days ago
so uh, I got results of DESIRING sex, when I never want it :’(
162 days ago
I got my results were unclear. Now what? Like I thought I was straight for most of my life. But then I was like wait am I asexual?? Then I’m like wait I’ve only had crushes on guys but very few..and sometimes I feel like weird around girls and I don’t even know and also I feel like I’m the slightest bit sexually attracted to girls. So what the hell am I??? Am I bisexual?? Biromantic homosexual?? HELP
194 days ago
Hmmm, this was really interesting! From this test, I'm certain now that I'm ace so I'm really glad I can kinda identify myself now (not that my parents will accept it *sighs*). But I got lots of things at the end of what type of ace I could be and I'm not sure if any of them are completely correct. I mean I get grossed out whenever thinking of that... I legit slapped my self in the face sooooo freaking hard with disgust the two times in my entire life I even thought of you know what. Ahh even typing this is weird as I have to remember that. Grey seems to be the one that suits me best of the ones it showed in my results. But I don't think that's right :/
Does anyone who feels the same actually know what it's called?? I saw someone in the comments say something about aroace??? Is that what this is? If you know then I'd love it if you could tell me! To anyone reading this, please have a nice day and be happy for who you are. Yay for both asexual and everyone else no matter what your sexuality is you're awesome :D
210 days ago
I got many but gray ace is real thing that suits me.
217 days ago
I would add an option: Interesting and enjoyable, but I have no interest in joining in.
219 days ago
For q 6 I think I was a “I ll go with the flow” and “I am no longer interested”. I guess? I might sorta also fade into not liking them very quickly? I really don’t know what I am. Just came here for some guidance on what I might be.
240 days ago
With question four it would be more of a "whatever"