Which Kind of Asexual ("Ace") Am I?👌

You know you're asexual, so it's time to discover where you fall on the spectrum. Are you ace, demi, gray, maybe cupio? Try my asexuality spectrum test and find out now. The results go into a lot of detail, so there's probably a designation that will fit you perfectly.

So, what type of asexual am I?

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    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (:

    So, starting off: When would you have sex with someone?
    This quiz is meant for people who already know they are ace, but ultimately, that's up to you. I hope this helps. (: So, starting off: When would

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4 hours ago
You are probably reciprosexual.

This sexuality is quite uncommon, and means you only feel sexually attracted when someone is attracted to you. For example, you have a crush on someone once you know they have a crush on you.

You could also be a gray ace - between being an ace and a non-ace.
23 days ago
i wish there were more in between options instead of just two different no and two different yes options. i already know im ace, but where exactly on the spectrum has always been a mystery to me. the intricacies and nuances of identity are something i usually don't like to concern myself with putting a label on; i do it anyways, because it is beneficial to others, and therefore beneficial to me in some capacity. i have adequate labels for all other facets of my identity, except this one. asexual is an umbrella label, for me, and telling people im ace usually results in them misunderstanding my identity entirely. people fail to realize how varies the asexual experience is, and it's surprisingly frustrating and upsetting to be constantly unseen in this way that's never bothered me with other areas of my identity. the results i got didn't feel fitting, they were labels that felt vary pandered to the lack of in between answers that do not accurately portray aforementioned intricacies and nuances of identity.
28 days ago
to the 12-year-old here and anyone else wondering if you are “too young”:

You are not too young to know. Your identity will be clearer after puberty, but you should use whatever label is comfortable for you right now.

If you start having different feelings later then that doesn’t change the fact you are asexual now. If you are asexual or gray-ace in the future than that is possible as well.

The point is, you are not in the future. Think about what your identity is right now.
47 days ago
An interesting test! However, one thing they did not ask about is sensual attraction. I am ace but sensual. Not sexual.
47 days ago
I really, REALLY think I'm ace. My life makes so much sense, now that I know that label. Am I too young to know that? I mean, I'm twelve, but... yeah.
79 days ago
Idk... many people say that this quiz ain't good, so... yeah. I'm ace, ig?
137 days ago
There needs to be in between answers, not just 2 answers of yes/no and one answer of the other.
Asexuality is a spectrum but almost instantly this quiz only has one or the others
138 days ago
Two questions in and nothing fits cause I'm not🍦repulsed just not sexually attracted 🙄
150 days ago
Lol, it told me 4 answers.............. okey
152 days ago
@Jaqueline maybe Akio/Lithosheksual? That's where you have shexual fantasies but you have no desire to have shex. Ik I'm spelling shex wrong, but that's so it doesn't censor it.
163 days ago
:00 this helped a lot more than I thought
168 days ago
this helped but honestly im still a bit confused, i don’t know what i am tbh
174 days ago
Alright,i was reading comments and one was like totes me but idk what it said any more but I like reading 'stuff' and watching 'stuff' along with uhhh idk how to say this i like doing 'it' to myself? But like ill try it with my partner if we get that far you know to try-but like the thought kinda grosses me out,I don't know I don't wanna talk to anybody else but I kinda want help so I understand where I am-uh bye I guess-👋
181 days ago
I appreciate the definitions for everything. I just recently began understanding myself better, and would be confused without the help. However, I think the definitions alone are what helped me the most.
183 days ago
the problem I have rn is that I don´t know if i´m asexual or not bc it´s like...fluind...? Well,sometimes I feel sexual atraction towards others and sometimes I don´t. Like,I feel uncomfortable with💝even though I never had it but on the other hand I would like to try it but at the same time I don´t.
183 days ago
With question 4, like, I’ve watched 🐤once and I wasn’t disturbed/grossed out by it but I didn’t like it or want to join in
194 days ago
Only question I couldnt answer was the 💗one, like I'm not grossed out, I dont not watch it, but I dont want to participate..
212 days ago
i know I'm aceflux but I'm still not sure
i sometimes have desire but sometimes not so I'm confused
213 days ago
What if I feel sexual attraction with absolutely no desire to ever have 🐬 Like being intimate is a turn off but reading smut I find it hot?
215 days ago
Honestly I'm still confused and the test helped I guess a little bit idk