Which Kind of Asexual ("Ace") Am I?👌

You know you're asexual, so it's time to discover where you fall on the spectrum. Are you ace, demi, gray, maybe cupio? Try my asexuality spectrum test and find out now. The results go into a lot of detail, so there's probably a designation that will fit you perfectly.

So, what type of asexual am I?

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    So, starting off: When would you have sex with someone?
    So, starting off: When would you have sex with someone?

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2 days ago
Results reciprosexual, but im actually cupio. Not quite.
11 days ago
My test results were that I am a recpico_ and a touch of gray Ace. I can consider wearing a Black Band on my right hand middle finger. I think that the results are pretty accurate, but I am a little offended by the fact that my sexuality is considered an anomaly and I have to feel like I have a mental illness just because at the age of 59 I have Never experienced a 😻 . And I only had one time that I was chemically ey
21 days ago
Too many none of the above questions, too few questions, too many neologisms. But seems interesting!
28 days ago
Hello just here to clear things up for some people. If you feel sexually repulsed you are most likely apothisexual which is when somebody lacks sexual attraction and desires. (people that are apothisexual may still enjoy reading or thinking about sexual things but they don't want it to actually happen) hope this helps! :)
47 days ago
I've done a bunch of these tests and they all come back differently, but personally I think im either asexual or greysexual, but it's hard for me to knwo cause I feel like I might want kids in the future, but yk that means sex, but it's not like I want it, but maybe I'm just young. I really don't know. I just know I'm somewhere on the spectrum. Idk. This comment was pretty random, but I just wanted to say all this somewhere and I decided this place.

(I wont be specific on my age, but I'm 12-14)
67 days ago
The idea of having😍with someone, or other people having😍absolutely repulses me, and I don't feel sexual attraction to anyone.

However, I enjoy reading 😍 fanfiction about specific cartoon characters, and I enjoy dirty humor in cartoons. Live action 😍grosses me out, but animated 😍I sometimes enjoy. I think I might be aegosexual or something, but like I said, a lot of fictional😍still repulses me, especially live action. I only like it when it's with specific characters.

Is there a word for that?
100 days ago
Hey anonymous we are in the same boat
100 days ago
Im 13 and like im i to young to know i am ace or im i good and how do i tell my mom
107 days ago
I took a bunch of these and they have already confirmed that I am erassexual and my sexuality has indeed died as suddenly and unexpectedly as a car crash and NO I am not getting that car back. But These quizzes always fight against my aromantic lifestyle and it's hard when I feel like I have to lie to do these quizzes when I'm just doing them for fun.
129 days ago
i don't know anymore loll omg. i always used to say oh yeah im def pan/bi.

but then i actually got a gf and when things got serious, i just froze up about 😍 i couldn't even kiss without getting all sweaty and nervous, which was SO CONFUSING because i always fantasized about stuff like that. i kind of identify with the label "stone butch"(i'm more futch tho, lol) but i don't know if this even correlates with asexuality at all!

i feel like a jumbled mess of plasciosexual, requiessexual, maybe even graysexual....idk.

maybe it's time to stop labelling myself XDundefined
140 days ago
to Anonymous (08577) there is no minimum age to understand your sexual orientation, of course having experiences helps to understand better, but don't worry about it!
try talking to people in the asexual community and see if you can relate to something.
don't be in a hurry to be sure and if at any point you think "ah maybe not this but that" don't worry it's common
see how you feel without thinking about others and respect that!
good luck in your discovery!
144 days ago
So I am 13 years old and think I am asexual. But is that too young? I don't know! I am so confused. Like I have no idea. I can't answer half these questions. I am a minor and have never been in these situations. Does anyone know what I should do? I don't know how to tell anyone when I am not even sure myself! Thanks for this, I needed to get this written down and I thought this was the best place.
175 days ago
I'm not even sure how to know if I'm ace or not. Idk just like the idea of😍isn't something I really want? I remember first hearing about😍((I was really young at the time)) and thought like "Uh that's weird but like if I could keep my pants on and like a bra it might be chill?" and when I heard what being ace was I was like "Huh maybe???" but skill idea.

Thanks for letting me rant lol, have a good one folks
175 days ago
Hi! Ive really had trouble discovering my sexuality. I always felt like somehow being on the Ace-spectrum but i wasnt too sure to tell anyone (im 19 btw). Even tough many people experience online quizzes to be wrong, it really helped me, to not only find out more about (my) asexuality, but also about me. Im so happy for this to have a great supportive community!

Never forget, youre never alone!
Be who you are!

Bye, fellow Aces! :)
208 days ago
Hi, my name is via and i am a pansexual demigirl!! I have been trying to figure this stuff out for like 2 months now. i still havent come out to anyone but 2 of my friends i know will be really supportive. i think i am graysexual but this test was kind of weird. Everyone out there figuring this stuff out, i feel you. Keep trying and just be yourself. Hope this encouraged some people. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! I hope that all of you figure things out and YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Bye!!!
237 days ago
I dunno I think I'm like asexual, panromantic, and nonbinary.
257 days ago
it has💑questions bc it is determining if you like 💑..
257 days ago
I think there should ba less "sex" questions for those who are youger that are questioning there sexualaty.
273 days ago
I wish the test asked more about attraction to physical touch then sexual touch like I had no idea how to answer some of these questions
273 days ago
I always thought that everybody thinks that🌻is gross but now I'm finally realizing I'm wrong 💀