Are you bigender? Quiz

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I’m going to try and guess your guide to if you are bigender, if you already know, or are curious.

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    Do you typically dress to your birth gender stereotypes?

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62 days ago
I have feelings changing so quickly ;-;
66 days ago
hm now confused with nonbinary and bigender hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
75 days ago
I took the test, it said I was Bigender after all! I might needa get comfortable with it, and i am nervous but it feels like me. Yayyyyyyy :)
84 days ago
Hello so I took the test, It says I'm bigender and I feel more comfortable with that. I use the pronouns she/her, I'm pretty happy being bigender honestly :D
163 days ago
Hi everyone. I’m Anon and I identify as bigender, female and agender. I prefer the pronouns she and they and I hope everyone will fell right in their body soon.
178 days ago
These are very biased questions. There's no option for no to "would you change your name."

I wouldn't and Emily isn't my name, but I want to be called my name and maybe sometimes Emily. One day.

Me wanting to be a woman sometimes is more sexual.
198 days ago
It says I'm trans ... but I'm just a cis tomboy ... can a girl not be a tomboy anymore cause of all the new genders?
205 days ago
I already knew I was bigender just confirming✨✨✨✨
215 days ago
Hey Ryan, you can be bigender with a preference that is completely valid :)
219 days ago
I am very confused about my sexuality right now, I was born female and I love being a woman, but there are times in a day when I feel more connected to my masculine side. And all of these tests say I’m bigender, and I think I agree with them, but I also have a gender preference. So am I really bigender? Please help:(
231 days ago
knew it :D (wont let me post it so this is here aaa)
234 days ago
Did any other bigender people who already knew take this quiz just to see if it was right? Cuz I did.
238 days ago
It said im bigender and like that both works and doesn't work...... ugh
269 days ago
I feel like im bigender, flowing between girl, demigirl, non-binary and demiboy. Who knows though, we'll see
295 days ago
bruhhh i dont know if im genderfluid/bigender between demiboy and demigirl or if theres a gender for feeling like 3 genders? ahhhh
also im so torn i found a cool name (jamie) buttt its not spicy enough ;-; like i want to be names something cool like sock or pigeon or homicide but none of them really capture the essence of my personality... ahhhhh
317 days ago
says im non binary or genderfluid, idk... might be bigender- but maybe not. next test awaits me.
354 days ago
uh yeah.. i think i might be bigender but im not sure yeah..
363 days ago
It says that I’m bigender but idk... other quizzes has said the same
I took them out of curiosity, and honestly... I think I like it? I mean, idk if I really am bigender - it’s a quiz afterall! but... yeah idk-
377 days ago
just wanted to say that bigender isn't always identifying as both male and female, you could identify as other genders on and outside of the gender spectrum (i think thats how it works correct me if im wrong)

also i actually think that I might be bigender, my only worries are that people might get confused since i have two different identities and names for my gender identities
400 days ago
I actually see me being bigender I think I figured it out!