The Accurate Sexuality Quiz

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What's your sexuality?๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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    Pick a color!
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    Pick a place!
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    Pick a food!

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    Pick a funky shape!
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    Pick a car!
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    Pick a pretty plant!

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    Pick a song/band!
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    Pick a sport!
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    Pick a letter!
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    Pick a fun animal!

Comments (29)


62 days ago
Not too long ago I got bi-curious from another quiz. Now I'm confused, am I bisexual or bi-curious?
161 days ago
It got me right. Bisexual. Not sure if I should be congratulated though. My wife took the quiz and she came up bi as well which is accurate too
202 days ago
omg this is so weird the questions r so random and it guessed right????
210 days ago
this is weird
im what you call boring and it says im pan
279 days ago
Im actually so confused right now T_T girl plz. Y'all so I identify as Gay and like I think straight boys are so fing hot, life if I picture a boy and a girl fing i only think about the boy..... Just something about straight boys are so hot, but im also so confused at the same time, since im picturing a girl am I Bi-sexual or liek do I like girls to, I think girls are pretty don't get me wrong there gorgeous like i want to be one, but then I get that confused with me just thinking they are beautiful being or if im actually sexually attracted. And ALSO I DO NOT WANT TO LIKE GIRLS! no offense i just want to be gay and im scared of changing. IDK plz help tho im just so confused.
296 days ago
why is it to accurate tho! im legit pansexual and it said that i was, HOW!
344 days ago
It actually guessed my Sexuality right ;-; I'm Pansexual
359 days ago
the only outcome is bisexual. why.
396 days ago
hi everyone. im thirteen and a female bisexual. at least, i think so... i dont know. i know i like guys but i think i want to date and kiss girls. my parents are slightly homophobic and i dont want to to come out. what do i do?
396 days ago
hey guys im thirteen and a girl. i think im bisexual but i dont know. every test says im bi but im just so confused!!!!!
407 days ago
Omg I got BI and I am and have been for 2 years now! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒ™
415 days ago
Wow! I'm Bisexual!

I'm happy that i am
432 days ago
I'm polysexual, and it told me I was gay or a lesbian. I also identify as nonbinary, so technically that is not posible.
434 days ago
ahem- i am asexual and it told me i was pan, ik its more of a whats your favorite quiz, but it has me backwards lmfao
684 days ago
I was thinking I might be bi-curious and this quiz told me I am bi lol. Obviously donโ€™t take this quiz srsly at all since it isnโ€™t a serious quiz, but itโ€™s funny what my result was!
686 days ago
This is really inaccurate and these questions aren't even related to sexual orientation or love! This is really just a "what's your favorite-" quiz. Lmao, but it somehow got me right. I'm bi.
774 days ago
Dude, I have been thinking that I might be bi, and somehow, this quiz told me that I am! Crazy!
840 days ago
o m f g it said i'm a lesbian BiSs THAT WaS 1 TIME!!
892 days ago
This is not accurate. Sorry.
892 days ago
I got pansexual. Mi pan zuzuzu zuzuzu.