Am I Bigender?💛

How do I know if I'm bigender? Just take this quiz to determine your gender identity. This is not scientific, so do not take your result seriously as far as making any life-changing decisions based on it. I have tried my best to relate this to my own real world experiences. I hope it helps you!

  • 1
    Do you feel like your assigned sex?
    Do you feel like your assigned sex?
  • 2
    Do you dress like the opposite sex?
  • 3
    Do you ever feel uncomfortable when someone refers to you as a "she" when you were born male, or as a "he" when you were born female?

  • 4
    If you have been called by opposite-sex pronouns (e.g., "he" when your biological birth sex is "she" or vice versa), did you like it?
  • 5
    Have you often felt gender dysphoria?
  • 6
    Do you ever dress as both masculine and feminine at the same time?

  • 7
    Have you ever considered top surgery (i.e., the removal or implantation of breasts) to appear either more feminine or masculine?
  • 8
    Have you felt male one day and female the next?
  • 9
    Do any of your friends question their gender?
  • 10
    How do you feel about finding out your result?

Comments (52)


50 days ago
i am bigender
i am bigender and i like it
i am nonbinary and i love it
i am also pansexual and Love it
52 days ago
Completly correct good test
68 days ago
You could possibly be transgender, or bigender with a heavy male lean. But this opinion is just based on my thoughts and this very short quiz.
89 days ago
I really feel comfortable with bigender(male and female at the same time for me)
I didnt really felt like non binary or something in bewteen lol.
103 days ago
“You could possibly be transgender, or bigender with a heavy male lean.”
Well, actually I am trigenderflux (60%~70% male, agender and paragirlflux on other times), and bigender means two genders, it doesn’t have to male or female, so it can also be something like a combination of demigirl and a xenogender. Good quiz anyways mate.
108 days ago
i might be bigender with a female lean and i fully agree
125 days ago
It said I might be trans but I'm not. & that I might be bi-gender, Idk if I am, I'm questioning.
135 days ago
It said bigender with a male lean and I actully totally agree
144 days ago
im bigender all along im identified as demigirl and demiboy :)
176 days ago
i guess im bigender with a heavy male lean?? im afab and i’ve been questioning my gender identity a lot lately. im okay with feminine terms and i don’t mine masculine terms or being referred to as a boy so…this is starting to make a little more sense to me. i really like this feeling :)
209 days ago
You are right!!! "I am... bigender with a heavy male lean".
213 days ago
I am transgender or bigender with a heavy male lean. I'm weirdly excited about this answer :D
214 days ago
Im apparently bigender w a male lean. Im afab and the thing holding me back from believing this is that idk what comes in the future. Do i wanna be on testosterone? am I just bigender bc others see me as female either way? idk
221 days ago
im bigender with a male lean, thinking about it now its kindof makes sence but the only thing stoping me of coming out is becuse of my friend. hes bighender aswell and i dont know how she'll feel. i took another test and it said i might aslo be pangender.
235 days ago

but uh I really wanna change my name to like.. Ryo? but i liked being called ari since it's a nickname from my birthname
so to everything out there, I hope ya figure it out (AYO MY BIGENDER PPL ILY ALL)
248 days ago
I think I may be bigender but I'm still so confused
321 days ago
im bigender!!! :DDDD
322 days ago
i think im bigender :)
362 days ago
i am afab but i feel like a boy sometimes. but i also feel female sometimes and most of the time like both at once. though i do like being called a boy rather than a girl. so bigender with heavy male lean is pretty spot on
369 days ago
And you think the only reason why it is just to speak because most of the time 60% male(outside of my house and wife around and 40% female online and staying home sometimes i have a Skirt on under my pants