Am I Gay? Quiz For Elementary Students, Girls and boys

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You're questioning your sexuality, and wondering if you could be Gay. I am a proud Bisexual, And I want to help others who are questioning their sexuality.: D

  • 1
    Have you ever felt any form of attraction to the opposite sex?
  • 2
    Are you In a relationship with the opposite sex?
  • 3
    What is your Gender?

  • 4
    Have you ever thought about/ fantasized about the same sex?
  • 5
    Hypothetically, if someone of the same sex flirted with you, What would you do?
  • 6
    How many quizzes have you taken before this?
    Be honest.

  • 7
    Do you see yourself being in love with someone of the same sex in the future?
  • 8
    Do you ever find yourself staring at the same sex?
    In class, outside, etc?
  • 9
    What are you hoping to get?
  • 10
    Why are you taking this quiz?

Comments (107)


The test says I’m gay. I mean I like a girl… but I undefinedalso might like a guy?
3 days ago
Da test say i gay and my friend bi and she my crush but she like a boy wat do I do someone pls tell me wat to do
9 days ago
Im in highschool and I find the name of this test very concerning
30 days ago
i just wanted to do this test for fun cause i just saw the ad and when i did it it said i was gay so then i did it again but this time videod it bc my friends in my gc wanted to see what i would get so im doing it again to see what i am
55 days ago
I have taken 10 quizes to find out if im a lesbian and it said im a lesbian om not sure how you come out this btw i loved thé quiz!
133 days ago
i got gay and i agree with that and also i love this site
156 days ago
I got gay but I’m a girl so shouldn’t i be lesbian though? Also your quiz was absalutly awesome! Out of alll the quizzes i have took to see if I’m LGBTQ this probably was the best.
190 days ago
I have taken many tests, yet I still haven’t figured out what I am…
206 days ago
Im 10 years old and i took at least like 30 quizzes and they all say something different and only ONE said i was straight but the others say im pansexual,lesbian,and bisexual so im very confused about which one i am. If you read this, thank you for listening, so have a great day!!
219 days ago
i think im going to get bi or lesbian
224 days ago
Im 10 years old too but it feels like i took like 60 quizzes
224 days ago
I took so many quizzes and some say im bisexual, pansexual or lesbian, so im confused.
233 days ago
I am in this community *thumbs up* Please be nice
249 days ago
I look at all these comments every night and even if you think your friends or family won’t like you being gay, tell a close friend that you are sure you think are trustworthy and kind. When I sorta came out to some of my friends, basically none of them really accepted me except for, surprisingly, my crush, with the same gender as me. I felt so much better after at least telling one person. if anyone has any trouble with a bully that tells them they’re a freak or weird or even worse words for being gay, bi, lesbian, or trans, or even if someone says that to you, tell em to duck off. (maybe don’t be that rude but ya know-)
249 days ago
Can ten-year-olds even kiss at such a young age? I can’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend until I’m 21. Seems like a young age!
250 days ago
Also, if my punctuation is good, will some of y’all tell me?? I’m writing a narrative in school 🥲
250 days ago
Ellooooo- I am ten years old, and I am so thankful for this test popping up on my screen at two am in the morning. It made me realize I am bisexual, or lesbian. I’m still not sure 🤔. As I type, I am struggling to find out who I really am. At two am. Gender-wise, and pride-wise(?) Anyways, whenever someone may be reading this, have a good day or night, and thank you for looking at my story. Okay. I think I’mma just watch YouTube instead of sleeping.
258 days ago
I think I'm bi because I like a girl and a boy but I can't make up my mind!😞
268 days ago
I like autunm 😎
310 days ago
Dont worry ik im lesbian but the thing is im they/he or they/them so i think im still a lesbian cause im nonbinary... lol