Are you Pansexual?

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Sexuality is always changing on a spectrum. One is never 100% of one personality, although some people think they are. Discovering I was pansexual took a while, since tests were all different. In this test are a list of questions I asked to help myself & hopefully they'll do the same for you

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    Are you attracted to someone, no matter their gender or sexual orientation?

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3 days ago
i'm just 10 and i have all of the turms of it well i like a girl at my school even though i am a girl and i like a boy at my school and he is gay and i don't really care so i think i'm pan because it said i might be pansexual well i kinda won't to change my gender a little bit so mint be pansexual and a demigirl.
65 days ago
dude it says do i not think heterosexual homosexual and something else dont describe me like 😘 just say do you think it describes you
93 days ago
'Might be'. Okay thanks ig.
idk agh im so confused i wanna cry
119 days ago
You MIGHT be. You aren't sure if you're 100% a Pansexual but you fit in the spectrum

how does that help?
122 days ago
Tbh I dated someone who was Non- Binary but we broke up
155 days ago
You were pretty confident in your answer to my thing. I mean, YES, I am pan, but you don't know that. You should've added something, like, "According to this quiz you're pan but you don't have to take my advice." Also, I don't like how you had so few options for so many of these. It's nice that you made this though.
206 days ago
i am very proud that im a pan cause i needed to know who was i..
212 days ago
YOOOO, anyone else confused?.....
214 days ago
I’m like 99% sure I’m pan, so I came out to my mom today. It was really awkward and I don’t think she was convinced that I wasn’t doing it because of a “trend” I wish I waited. I know she still loves me, but I’m not happy with my choice to come out today.
218 days ago
I'm am now a pan Non binary person with love for animals
229 days ago
I am now verified as a pan pan tran man
255 days ago
@bailey I have the same thing.
255 days ago
I've only dated males, and currently am dating one. However, I found myself to be attracted to anyone, no matter their gender or sexuality. It just took me until last May to figure that out, mainly due to my religious upbringing, and at the time I thought I was bisexual lol. But I think I'm Pan (:
261 days ago
To me, sexual attraction is extended love, like a simple positive meter, but I'm willing to have sexual and or a Romantic relationship with ANYONE, to me, if I love you, and you love me,I'm perfectly down with aging a relationship.
264 days ago
appenritly i fit in the spectrum but yet again always pictured my self with a girl , not a dude or a dudette . as a lesbian i wouldnt want it any other wayYYyyyY
279 days ago
I think I'm bi at the moment I like girls more than boys after previous relationships with boys and tbh I'm not the only one in my school that is bi or lesbian or gay we are all the same bc we at all humans I only have just came out to my dad he said its fine and just bc the bible said being gay bi or lesbian ect is a sin he also said we should all be accepted and all sins are forgiven so don't think that ur all alone
282 days ago
now i am a Verified Pansexual
297 days ago
I know it im pansexual i just wanted to make sure about it☺
297 days ago
i got pan😍😍😍(
306 days ago
Idk I only know 2 people, so I keep shouting that I’m pan