Gender Dysphoria Test (MtF)

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This quiz is mainly intended for people who have so far lived their life as a male. If you've been wondering you might be happier as a girl, but you're unsure if your feelings are the same as what most trans women feel, you've definitely come to the right place. Your results may not be accurate if you were assigned female at birth, if you would prefer to identify as a nonbinary gender, or if you have already transitioned to female. Answer the questions as honestly as you can, and unless specified, assume that you are presenting yourself the way you currently do, not as a version of yourself you wish to be. This quiz will ask you some of the questions that helped me realize who I really was inside. Hopefully this will help you understand yourself too! It will take time to fully come to terms with who you are either way, but eventually it will all make sense, I promise! <3 Amelia

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    Imagine you were given the option to press a button that would instantly turn you into a beautiful girl. Everyone would treat you as if you had always been a girl, and you could do all the things a girl can do without facing any backlash. If you did not press the button, you would be a handsome man. You would never have the opportunity to switch back or press the button later. What would you do?
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    How often do you think about wanting to be female?
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    Did you ever feel like something was "off" about you as a child? Like, was there something slightly different about the other boys your age that made you feel a little separated from them? Think about this one for a while if you're unsure. Something might come to you.

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    Have you ever gotten a strange feeling about certain female characters on TV, or in video games, movies, books, or anything else?
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    If you had been born as a girl, do you think it would have improved your life? You would still have the same mind and soul that you do now, but you would have lived your life in a female body and been raised as a girl.
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    When you look in the mirror at your body and face, does it feel right? Or does something feel unappealing about it? Do you feel dissatisfied with what you see?

  • 7
    If you had to live the rest of your life on your own, in a world without any other people, would you still want to be a girl?
  • 8
    Do you tend to wear hoodies or sweatshirts a lot?
  • 9
    How do you feel about your name? How does it relate to your feeling of gender?
  • 10
    Do you wish you were transgender?

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206 days ago
It's quite sure that I am a female soul being trapped into a biological male corporal flesh and it did caused dysphoria and depression
207 days ago
It seems to me that you are transgender , been fighting these feelings all my life and its not going away i just want to be happy
261 days ago
i took this test and was genuinely happy with the result of i most likely am, thank you! i hope you have a good week.
357 days ago
Every question should have an "I don't know" option because holy hell I DON'T KNOW!! Why is figuring out my gender identity so 🍦 hard?!
453 days ago
Yeaahh, I scored an high mark in this test without studying lol.
Omg, I'm so scared if I'm just faking it and affronting it
548 days ago
As a trans girl I can confirm this is accurate lol
622 days ago
Hello. I was born a male and underwent the Transgender procedure. I am now a girl. I'm glad my parents named me Sasha so I don't have to worry about learning how to respond to a new name.
643 days ago
Hello, I really am not comfortable in my body, I can't do anything I would want to do without being heavily criticized because of my cisgender. I just want this glorified flesh hose gone, it doesn't feel right
650 days ago
I would love to get rid of that dangly piece of meat down there and💝change it for a soft 💝.
703 days ago
I just found out that I’m transgender, I really hated being a boy, but now I am a girl, my gender dysphoria was the reason why I became a woman
910 days ago
Are you trans? The best answer I can give you is, you could be. Just the fact that you're wondering is a sign. You show some signs of feelings that are shared by people who suffer from dysphoria. This quiz isn't enough to tell you for sure, but there's a decent chance you are transgender. -my result
986 days ago
The result said that I had gender dysphoria. I was so happy with the result. I have always felt like a girl and I LOVE dressing up as a girl. Deep inside I know I am a girl. I now dress up more often. I have also started stepping out late in the evenings, dressed as a girl. I LOVE red lipstick....and tight stockings....ohhh ...and checked red skirt...makes me feel so happy...what a feeling. The test result sent a thrill through me...

Oscar (Olivia)
991 days ago
First, the name question was hard to answer , as my mother gave me a girl’s name at birth and I started using it. When I was young I was teased horribly, because of my name. When I knew that I was Transgendered , I started using my full name and not giving a 🐤 about what anyone said ... I did start transitions many years ago, although I’m a musician and have always had Long Stevie Nicks styled hair ( Great Excuse) ! I began taking Spiro, Progesterone for 4 months. I had 4 beautiful earrings in each ear, I bought all kinds of beautiful heeled sandals and wedged platform flip flops, started to wear thong panties, painted all of my nails, ( all full time ) started getting my makeup down, came out to parents and friends. One day my bottle of progesterone in the refrigerator disappeared.. My parents were not happy and very unhappy for me ,that I have dysphoria. So I stopped ! I feel female everyday of my life. These feeling creep in constantly and I have to try to push them out of my stupid brain! If I had the money for FFS and bottom surgery,I’d be a full time girl right now....
1015 days ago
Oof that last question lol. I've only known I'm pretty much for sure trans for like, 6 months, but. That last question was one I already knew my answer to pretty fast. "Do you wish you were transgender?" Well no, not really. I mean it's better than being a guy (oh hey that's one of the answers!) but really I just wish I was a cis girl, that would be the bets case scenar---oh 🍦, that's actually the next answer...yep, I'm trans! Like I'm fairly low on the dysphoria thing but I'm noticing it more and more now that I'm presenting fem and imaging myself as a woman all the time, so the euphoria kinda clued me in and helped me actually see some of the dysphoria I'd had without really knowing. I've taken a few quizzes and tests tonight just because I wanted confirmation I guess, and to see if I get different results than when I first realized/questioned, and this is one of the best I think. Actually asks good questions about lived and relatable experiences. A lot of other quizzes have these like, vague questions where multiple choice answers are half right but may have a couple ideas in them so part is right for me and part isn't, but gotta choose anyway. Not so much here, lots of good answer choices.
1023 days ago
i guesss i new this aredy but this just confermed this for me
1034 days ago
Gawd 🍦 why must life be so complicated. Apparently I'm trans tho so idc
1053 days ago
thank you so much for this i wanted to try multiple tests just to get the higher lickely correct answer. i like your explanation at the end to fully understand that a test wont decide fate but you encourage others to find it in themselves. thank you for this.
1063 days ago
This is probability the best are you trans quiz I've eve seen. The questions are so well thought out and I really connect with some of the answers. Thank you for making this
1066 days ago
welp i've done all the ftm quizzes, watched all the ftm videos, done all the ftm thinking. came out as a dude, and now i have to face all the doubt all over again and make sure i'm definitely not a girl... lovely. this is gonna be fun
1152 days ago
Some of these questions kinda hit hard