What Gender Might You Be?

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Are you confused about your gender identity? This quiz might help you figure some stuff out!

Disclaimer: The result of this quiz may not be correct. It is meant to be a way to put some of your feelings together and give you a place to start researching gender identities if you are questioning your identity. Some questions do not have every ideal option because there is a limit of 5 choices. Try to pick what you feel most closely resembles you.

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    How closely aligned do you feel to your birth gender?

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149 days ago
You are probably transgender! This means that you feel closely aligned with the binary gender opposite of what you were assigned at birth. Transgender people usually, but not always were assigned male and feel like a woman, or were assigned female and feel like a man. This may also apply if you have a non-binary identity more closely related to the binary gender opposite of what you were assigned at birth. Trans women were assigned male and feel they are a woman, and trans men were assigned female and feel they are a man.

Well, I am AFAB and transmasculine…I feel more male in the intuitive and mental world, but less in reality. I am trigenderflux with a male lean, so it’s kind of correct.
283 days ago
Lol disclaimer: Quing is queen and king mixed together

Hai!!! I got trans. Well I already knew this lmao I've literally been going by they them for almost a year!! Anyway, I'm a feminine nonbinary person (meaning I lean more towards femininity but still nonbinary). And it's awsum!!! Ilyasm and I hope you can find the courage to be raging QUEENS/KINGS/QUINGS(or whatever gender you align with😅) baiiii!!
284 days ago
@Venter there's this thing called a pronouns dressing room that might help but I know this is super later after when you posted your comment sorry.
292 days ago
any time any pronouns are used it's just like hmmmmmmm. is this right? no. but.... maybe? this applies for all pronouns. I guess the best option I have is using all pronouns.
293 days ago
It says trans... It feels too far from what I think of myself. I was hoping for genderfluid because I still accept my AGAB
298 days ago
it says I am nonbinary but I dont think I am but I used to think I was and stuff its just so ✨c o n f u s i n g✨
310 days ago
trans man but im not sure i mean it probably is true but i cant really try things out in my environment
329 days ago
339 days ago
Now i'm a boy but i'm genderfluid, so it's right
565 days ago
im hoping somebody will see this and i need answers so here goes, i have no idea anything about myself or my pronouns all the tests i take are either demigirl or gender fluid but i am not sure, none of the tests have the option for somebody to just call me my name (im going to use a fake name for this part) Joan did this Joan is coming home but i have been raised as a her and have not heard they before, Joan said ____ name was Joan. Joan said ____ bf/gf is cute. so pls help its urgent :(
590 days ago
This test says i'm transgender, but the other test i took before this said i'm genderfluid. Nice.
598 days ago
I'm genderfluid, like I expected. I identify as genderfluid since two months now and it just feels fu**ing right 🏳️‍🌈✌🏻
631 days ago
It's difficult for me to find out my gender identity... Sometimes I feel like a normal cis-girl (but not often), sometimes like a demigirl (most of the time), sometimes genderfluid (more and more in the last few days) or sometimes agender or bigender :/
635 days ago
I’ve been moping around in a dark puddle of dysphoria for a while now- I’m not sure what I feel like. I like the title genderfluid but at the same time it feels wrong to me. I got trans on this quiz, I’ve never really considered being trans to be honest- I guess I see myself as more of a between or off the gender spectrum person. Now I kinda feel like a nobody. I’m tired, it’s 1am so I’ll check back later I guess. Happy start to July and a sad end to Pride month! 🏳️‍🌈
653 days ago
It says nb i got trans in another test i could be he/they 😳😳 idk but i rate this 10/10 ty :))
656 days ago
i have been thinking i might be a demigirl and this quiz said one of the nonbinary genders so I feel more certain
665 days ago
670 days ago
Yeah um so about question 6...

I’m fine with those pronouns, but prefer “pretty” over “handsome”.

(I’m afab btw :D)
(Not put to parents)
(Still working on that)
728 days ago
Thank you guys really much. I am still not sure what I identify as, but the test said I was trans! pronouns he/him sound really appealing to me now that I think about it. (I am assigned female at birth). But I also like to use pronouns they/them. I am now seriously questioning wether I am trans and I might be right! Or wrong, idk really. Anyways, tysm to the test creator
749 days ago
Also I meant least, not east