Gender Shopping

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Haha gender shopping
Anyways, I'm Muffin (They/She) and we're going gender kit shopping. Put your shoes on and get on the double bike over there. Let's go!

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    Alright, now that we're going to the gender store, what's your assigned sex at birth, if you don't mind me asking.
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    We're at the store now! Any thoughts about your gender?
  • 3
    Hmmm, let's try this aisle first. Anyways, I've got another question. Does your gender keep changing or flowing?

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    *continues pushing cart around the gender pharmacy* Anyways, do you have any dysphoria? NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS
  • 5
    Do you have euphoria? (When you get happy by doing things that are typically seen by others as the opposite gender)
  • 6
    Hmm...Is there a chance you feel like multiple or several genders? *Takes toothpaste off a shelf to inspect it)

  • 7
    Tell me, darling, how would you like people to view you? *puts the toothpaste back*
  • 8
    Alright, love, I want you to know that pronouns do not equal gender, but what would you like me to call you?
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    Alright, I've found the perfect kit! Now I'm going to ask the person at the counter to check out the stuff and wrap it up. Now go buy something at the candy store across the street. *gives you 15 dollars*
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    Time to get back on the bike so we can go home to unwrap your gender!

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349 days ago
I made this quiz for fun, guys. A quiz can't define your gender. This is to help you, or just for funzies.
392 days ago