Am I Abroromantic, Abrosexual, or Both?

Ever heard of abroromantic or abrosexual? If not, no biggie – we've got your back!
Imagine it like this: these awesome folks experience a rollercoaster of romantic or sexual vibes as they ride the waves of life. 🎢💖
Abroromantics and abrosexuals are all about making bold choices in love and intimacy. They dance to their own groove, whether it's flirting with different cuties or flying solo in the love department.
Ready to see if you're vibing with this crew? Buckle up, champ, 'cause it's time to dive into the quiz and discover if you're living that abroromantic or abrosexual dream!

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    Have you noticed that you like a different gender than you always had before? This change could have happened over either a short or long period of time.

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7 days ago
I look up „Am I abrosexual?“ for fun sometimes and I’m so happy to see that it gets more actual serious quizzes and articles and more validation. It’s cool that people learn about this too now ✨✨
66 days ago
@Sofia same?????????? Not confident in it but pretty sure :)
158 days ago
I'm ace abroromantic and I'm proud of me!
188 days ago
Whats with the people here tf
I’m abro and knew it before but I’ve been looking for tests like these because I hoped that more people would learn about Abrosexuality and Abroromanticism.
So yes i already knew about the results.
But what’s with the people here y’all calm down
Like the last two comments

So y’all if you’re confused still then don’t too much, it’s all valid and I personally just try not to think about it all the time and let it happen. Because we can’t change it
Or yes, we can. But you know what I mean 🫠😉
344 days ago
I am not sure if i am aroace flux or abrosexual/romantic. Looks like i'll have a hard time figuring things out.....
404 days ago
I can’t tell if I’m bi-flux or abrosexual. They’re both fluid so I’m gonna have a hard time figuring things out
411 days ago
I am so happy. my sexuality has stressed me out my entire life and I found out that this was a thing online I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE :]
This is the best quiz ever. I'm so relieved :]
435 days ago
Yes I'm. Last month i was lesbian, now I'm pansexual
499 days ago
I feel the same way Denise.
522 days ago
Denise maybe you bi-curiouse or somthing like that
570 days ago
I still have no idea what My sexuality or my romantic attraction actually... but it's a nice quiz I think
584 days ago
I thought i was lesbian but i'm not sure anymore, because rarely i find some boys hot but i don't want a relationship with them. I'm confused
585 days ago
Thanks for this test! As abrosexual, i feel more valid now