Am I Abroromantic, Abrosexual, or Both? Quiz

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This is an LGBTQIA+ quiz to help you find out if you are abroromantic or abrosexual! I hope this helps some people, as there are few to no quizzes about this type of attraction.

If you're saying, "Wait, what?" because you don't know what these terms even mean, don't worry! Simply put, an abrosexual or abroromantic experiences different levels of sexual or romantic attraction throughout life. Abrosexuals and abroromantics freely choose different sexual and romantic partners, or to have no partners at all.

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    Have you noticed that you like a different gender than you always had before? This change could have happened over either a short or long period of time.

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89 days ago
I am not sure if i am aroace flux or abrosexual/romantic. Looks like i'll have a hard time figuring things out.....
148 days ago
I can’t tell if I’m bi-flux or abrosexual. They’re both fluid so I’m gonna have a hard time figuring things out
156 days ago
I am so happy. my sexuality has stressed me out my entire life and I found out that this was a thing online I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE :]
This is the best quiz ever. I'm so relieved :]
180 days ago
Yes I'm. Last month i was lesbian, now I'm pansexual
244 days ago
I feel the same way Denise.
267 days ago
Denise maybe you bi-curiouse or somthing like that
315 days ago
I still have no idea what My sexuality or my romantic attraction actually... but it's a nice quiz I think
329 days ago
I thought i was lesbian but i'm not sure anymore, because rarely i find some boys hot but i don't want a relationship with them. I'm confused
330 days ago
Thanks for this test! As abrosexual, i feel more valid now