Am I Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Straight Or A Lesbian?

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Are you uncertain about your sexual orientation? Ever wonder, am I bisexual? Then this quiz is for you! Upon completion, you'll find out whether you're straight, bi-curious, bisexual or a lesbian. If you don't get the answer you expected or wanted, please don't be upset. Remember, it's only an internet test. And only you can know for sure what you are. Whatever you are, you're still wonderful you!

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?
    Do you find yourself attracted to men?

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7 days ago
I am bi but i still love my self
8 days ago
Ha now it says I'm bi idk which one I am lesbian or bi??? Good thing I am not currently dating anyone.If I was it might of been a boy or girl idk really. I think I am actually Bi and not lesbian. I could have a little lesbian in me but I am 50% Bi and 50% lesbian I am have and have!!!
8 days ago
31% lesbian I thought I was going to be bi welp Ima lesbian.
11 days ago
I am bi but according to this i’m a lesbian hahaha i bet my boyfriend will be surprised. But no i just wanted to check if these actually work, they do not. I am 100% bi. I like men and women equally. Just cause i like megan fox over bradley cooper doesnt mean i’m a lesbian. Megan is hot, bradley is meh not my type
15 days ago
i got 46% bi. i have finally accepted myself as i am after so many years struggling with my sexuality. i have never done anything w a girl but i havent met the right one
18 days ago
I'm 62% lesbian. I also have crush on my girl best friend
19 days ago
no matter your age or gender i wish u the best in your journey of finding yourself. remember that u do not have to come out to anybody if you don’t want to but just know there is a community out there that will accept you and care for u.
19 days ago
hi guys :) just know no matter what you identify as, you are loved! this test probably won’t prove much and the questions aren’t the best but hopefully it’ll bring u some ease.
20 days ago
It bleeps out your cuss words w an emoji lol
😍 xo
22 days ago
My results:
54% bisexual
23% lesbian
15% bi-curious
8% straight
23 days ago
I used to be straight but then I was bi and now I'm lesbian.
24 days ago
well im 0% straight lol
24 days ago
38% bi i don't know whether im bi. Like i have a crush on my best friends sister but i also have a crush on my guy best friend. Last night I had a dream that i had😘with my best friends sister and it was amzing. I kinda wish it was real but yeah idk
24 days ago
i dont know if im bi or not but i have a crush on this really cute girl i broke up with my bf for her but i dont think she likes ne she says she likes me but i dont think she does she had a bf but i dont think
25 days ago
77% lesbian. YESSSSS. But... I still find Luke in Julie and the Phantoms so cute. I don't want to kiss him though. I do, however, want to kiss a girl :). But what does this mean?
27 days ago
31% bi 31% bi curious 31% lesbian 8% straight .. i’m trying to figure out my sexuality. ik a test won’t determine that but i don’t want to label myself yet when i’m not completely sure. i think i’m bi curious but girls have made me feel something more than a boy has sexually and romantically kind of .. i’m so confused
27 days ago
This didn't help at all. As Demisexual the questions were kind of hard to answer but I got 31% Bisexual and 31% Bi-Curious
29 days ago
i think im bi i was 8 when i liked a boy at 10 i liked girls
29 days ago
38% bisexual
31% lesbian
23% bi-curious
8% straight
31 days ago
54% Bi
23% Lesbian
23% Bi-curious
0% straight