Am I Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Straight, Or A Lesbian? (For Girls)

Are you uncertain about your sexual orientation? Do you ever wonder, 'am I bisexual'? Then this quiz is for you! Upon completion, you'll find out in which direction you're headed. Whether you're straight, bi-curious, bisexual or a lesbian. If you don't get the answer you expected or wanted, please don't be upset. Remember, it's only an internet test. And only you can know for sure what you are. Whatever you are, you're absolutely wonderful!

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?
    Do you find yourself attracted to men?

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6 hours ago
so i’ve always said i am straight because i’ve only ever kissed a guy. but the quiz said i’m bi curious. which makes sense cause i would totally kiss a girl, but haven’t found the right one. but my mom would be so disgusted if i ever did kiss a girl so idk if i can label myself as anything but straight. also my friend who is bi says there’s no way i am bi which i don’t like. how would she know? yeah idk how to label myself someone help lol
14 hours ago
@Vee the test literally did not even have asexual in it, it said bi, bi-curious lesbian or straight. thats why it had sexual questions, it was not made for asexual people
so im 38% bi and 31% bi-curious ive always thought i was bi but didnt want to label myself... but i do feel like i am :) happy pride month
@lesbian same but I am bi and I have a girlfriend well sorta
3 days ago
Lol just wanted to see i am lesbian and i have a girlfriend
8 days ago
I'm asexual so i disliked how most of the questions were about sex
9 days ago
i've identified as bisexual for quite a while, but sometimes i feel like my interest in men diminishes with every passing day. while i used to be able to imagine myself only being in a relationship with a man due to the conservative household ideals i was raised by, i find myself almost unable to imagine living the rest of my life with a man. i've identified as a bisexual with a preference for women for quite some time, but i can't help thinking that i might be a lesbian. i am very much confused and this quiz telling me i'm 38% bi and 38% lesbian didn't help much lol ! women are hot and i'm very much drawn to the idea of a long-term relationship with a woman in the future. once i come out to my family and everyone of course, i'm still very much in the closet i might accidentally find narnia. haha but anyways i hope everyone has an amazing day, stay safe
9 days ago
I think im bi. Ok so here's why; when i look up halloween costumes like it randomly shows those weird ladies wearing inappropriate costumes and i like it. Im a girl buts its weird bc i also like guys OMG AHHHHHH
9 days ago
wow it turns out i am bisexual
10 days ago
I'm bi-curious, but like in a gay way. I like girls, but I would be open to trying it with a guy lol
10 days ago
For 54% you are: It looks like you are bi-curious.
It's totally up to you what you do with that curiosity. You might choose to simply fantasize about the same sex, or you might take a leap and become sexually involved with a same-sex partner. Fortunately, the world is changing, and simple curiosity is no longer widely regarded as an aberration, at least in the western world. Like everything else, there are people who'll understand and those who won't. Try the things you wanna try and find out what you like! But most importantly: Have fun!
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10 days ago
Bi-curious means that i like the opposite gender but curious to know what it feels like with the same gender.....? Please explain lol cause i got that 😐😳👉👈
10 days ago
aghhh I don't wanna mislabel myself. ig we're playing it safe :')
11 days ago
Why do you think it's a girl quiz 😑
11 days ago
Am a boy stuck in the girls quiz Wow help me HELP ME....
12 days ago
I hate how most questions were about sex, i'm asexual so i couldn't answer those
13 days ago
I am so confused I don't know if i just started thinking i like women because it was "trending" or if i do or if im straight i dont want to put a label on my sexuality really tho because if i like you like that then im gonna wanna date you (most likely) and yesterday i saw this family the kids looked like triplets maybe a little bit older then me and i couldn't decide if i thought the boys were hotter or the girl was she was so attractive but so were they and i just dont know i dont feel like the answers to these questions are how i really feel
15 days ago
I am lesbian I just took this for fun lol but yes I am lesbian!
17 days ago
idk what sexuality i am.. i have kissed a girl and a man, but didn’t liek either of them. but i’m pretty sure i’m bi bc i go to a mixed skl and have different crushes.. meh
19 days ago
Okay so I’ve made out with girls before and liked it, I’ve also had a girl go down on me and liked it but I’ve also only kissed one boy before (none have gone down on me) and liked it... I think I’m bisexual... it scares me at the idea, Ik my family would be okay with it, but I’m still scared... I feel like if I come out to everyone I’ll turn out to be straight...

What do y’all think?💗💙💜