Am I Straight? A Quiz By A Woman, For Women

I used to wonder about my sexuality, too. But even though I practically already knew the truth, a test like this one helped me make up my mind once and for all. This quiz might not be 100% accurate for everyone who takes it, but there is a firm answer at the end. Get comfortable, because it's long. But on the fun side, it's a fantasy, so I hope you enjoy taking it.

  • 1
    First, a few questions about why.
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 2
    Do you think you're a lesbian?
  • 3
    You just won a competition go away on holiday for a week. You are allowed to invite one friend. Who do you invite?

  • 4
    Your private jet has to make a crash landing. Fearing it might be the last chance to confess, your best friend admits she has a crush on you. You:
  • 5
    Your plane lands on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the forest, your friend starts to get undressed. You:
    Your plane lands on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the forest, your friend starts to get undressed. You:
  • 6
    By the next day, you've managed to build a shelter, but haven't seen the pilot. When making the bed, your friend jumps on top of you and makes a sexual advance. You:

  • 7
    Let's say chose making out. You are now:
  • 8
    You then:
  • 9
    After a while you go looking for food and find the pilot, who has also built a shelter. At this time, it's dark, so you decide to stay there for the night. The pilot keeps going on that you will never be found and need to reproduce. He leans in for a kiss. You:
  • 10
    The pilot then goes to freshen up. While he's gone, you:

  • 11
    Let's say you get naked and the pilot comes back and starts trying to make out with you. You:
  • 12
    The pilot is now naked. You:
  • 13
    The pilot starts to nibble on your boob. You:
  • 14
    In the morning, you wake up in the arms of the naked pilot. You:
  • 15
    He starts to get dressed, but you realize that he has hidden your clothes. You:
  • 16
    You are now both dressed and go in search for your friend. On the way he holds your hand. You:

  • 17
    You finally find your friend, who realizes you are holding hands. In anger, she slaps him across the face and asked what you two did last night. You:
  • 18
    The pilot then asks your friend if his reproductive idea is fine with her. She says no and leans in for a kiss from you. You:
  • 19
    Let's say instead that you kiss her and he thinks it's sexy. He leans in for a kiss while she's undressing you. You:
  • 20
    You then:

  • 21
    After a couple of weeks, you are pregnant. And she has now decided to be bisexual. You decide the only way to survive is to have more children. Unfortunately, the pilot has fallen in love with you and won't have sex with your best friend. You:
  • 22
    When the baby is born and there are many children, your friend finally admits she's in love with you . You:
    When the baby is born and there are many children, your friend finally admits she's in love with you . You:
  • 23
    That evening the pilot has gone away to search for food and water. You're getting changed and your friend puts her hand in your bra. You:
  • 24
    Let's say you take it further. You are now:
  • 25
    She asks to lick you anywhere. You:
  • 26
    She asks you to return the favor. You then:

  • 27
    In the end, you never get found, but live a long happy life with ____ on the island forever.
  • 28
    Would you like this to become true?
  • 29
    Do you find your best friend attractive?
  • 30
    Have you ever had any kind of love relationship with another woman?

Comments (207)


I'm a single lesbian and I don't think i'll ever be able to come out. I think I need serious help!!!!
3 days ago
LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 days ago
I got lesbian suprise suprise
29 days ago
Why choose when you can like both. Yeah that's right "Bi"
32 days ago
this quiz is such a joke and laugh I never asked to be with a pilot lol
33 days ago
Ok but the pilot sounds like a creep and I hate men. Periodt.
35 days ago
P.s the only reason I look different is bc my hair is blue bc well why not ?
I don’t wear they stupid short skirts I wear trousers bc I can .
I don’t wear make up bc idk what I look like
And I wear trainers not balenciagas or converse or Prada (bc only the devil wears that . XD )
Lastly could this all just be down to my hormones or am I actually bi ?
35 days ago
Ok I’m 13 I like this chick I’m my class right but she is lesbian and I’m bi and she likes my BFF but my BFF doesn’t like her . Now in a normal case I would just be like ok nvm Wut Evva BUT I’m in high school so nothings normal and i like really want this chick and I really don’t know what to do with this problemmo .
So do I leave my bf and chase my heart OR
Stay with my bf and not get bullied every filliping day bc I look different.?
Bitty help her would be noice . Thx 😊

Good luck to all those singles out there !
From ,
Bi curious
37 days ago
39 days ago
I am definitley lesbian and I am proud of that! The thought of being with a man disgusts me... YUCK
39 days ago
I’m bisexual/pansexual and to myself : I am autosexual
44 days ago
Roses are red, I think this is🚔, ill push their🚔away, id rather eat my grapes.

I'm a 🚔 poet, the point is read my name.
55 days ago
Three some I meant in the comment beneath me!
55 days ago
Well, that was a weird quiz... I got 60% bi, but I would never be in a 🐤... Not the best quiz, but still its Okay...
55 days ago
I skipped all questions about intimacy and stuff.
I might kiss my best friend and nothing more. And the pilot is a stranger who's got nothing to do with me. I'd rather live with my bestie without doing any further sexual activities.
56 days ago
Chill, you need to take it slow and consider if that's true, if it is then wait to tell your parents for a bit
57 days ago
um... my heart is beating out of my chest because of that plot like girly say whattttt
61 days ago
I KNEW IT! im 10 btw
62 days ago
I am a lesbian how do I tell my mom ps I am 10
62 days ago
well that was interesting