Do you like males, females or both?

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FOR GIRLS ONLY, PLEASE! Complete this test to determine your sexual orientation.

  • 1
    Your best friend (male) asks you out. How do you respond?
  • 2
    Your best friend (female) asks you out. How do you respond?
  • 3
    Your best friend (female) hugs you in a friendly way - nothing sexual is happening. How do you feel?

  • 4
    Your female friend gives you a piece of paper with writing on it. You read it. It says,
    "I love you. Meet me outside the school gates at lunch. Love, your babes."
    What do you do?
  • 5
    Imagine that you used to have a crush on your male bff a year ago. Then he asks you out. How do you react?
  • 6
    Your female bff invites you to her house. When you're there, she takes you into her room and takes off her top and places your hands on her bra. What do you do?

  • 7
    You're getting changed for P.E and your female bff leans down to do her shoelaces. Her top button isn't done up. What do you do?
  • 8
    You are asked out by your male bff on the same day as you are asked out by your female bff. Who do you go with?
  • 9
    Who is the sexiest? If you don't know who they are, type them in on google images!
  • 10
    What do you THINK you are?

Comments (7)


495 days ago
I’m bisexual that does seem true because, I had a crush my crush was a female now a I have a crush that is a male. But I can’t see the female crush because, she is at anccs and I’m at a different school. I still have the male crush, I hope they like me to :>
870 days ago
Good quiz, I thought I was bi anyway, took a few quizzes, now confirmed. I did a bit of research too :)
Only improvement would be it says on the bi result:
"You are most probably bisexual, which means you equally like both sexes".
Bi doesn't necessarily mean you like both equally, of course you absolutely can, but some people lean towards the same or opposite💗more than the other :)
Good quiz tho. Hope I didn't sound mean or anything, just wanted to clear that up in case anyone was thinking they might not be bi cuz they don't like both equally.
960 days ago
This quiz is v good. It had very good questions. I got lesbian, I was expecting it anyways.😂 Good luck to everyone who is struggling right now! Stay strong, there is someone that will accept you for who you are! ❤️😇🏳️‍🌈
1054 days ago
Im bi....sounds about right -w-
1192 days ago
And at the first one, I could refuse cause I don't want anything like making out straight away! Not everyone has that in mind.
1192 days ago
I think this quiz is so exaggerated... Like "ripping off her bra"?? Really? 😂 What is this, some kind of 🌻video? You know that not everyone is as bold as all these opinions.
1232 days ago
yes . i'm lesbian. i'm happy.