Am I Lesbian, Bisexual, or Pansexual?

If you have reason to wonder whether you're one of these sexualities, this quiz can give you some idea. But if you don't get the result you expected, please don't get down on yourself! It's only a general quiz. When it comes to sexuality, there is no firm "diagnosis".
Your sexuality is as individual as you are, so as long as you don't use sex to hurt yourself or someone else, whatever you choose is OK. And how you identify is none of anyone else's business if you don't WANT it to be - remember that.

  • 1
    Have you ever kissed a girl?
    Have you ever kissed a girl?
  • 2
    Have you ever kissed a boy?
  • 3
    If a girl (someone you know fairly well) began flirting with you, you would...

  • 4
    What if the same girl asked you out?
  • 5
    Assuming you said yes on that fateful day: You and Ashley (the girl) have since gone on three dates and have seen each other around town numerous times. You really like each other. How far have you gone / are you willing to go?
  • 6
    And if Ashley was Ash, a boy? How far would you go then?

  • 7
    Have you been / are you attracted to or crushing on a boy or girl (friend, acquaintance, classmate, someone passing by)?
  • 8
    When you see a homosexual (single or couple) who are open and out there, what do you think / feel?
  • 9
    Could you imagine a relationship with a girl?
  • 10
    Could you be with a transgender person?

Comments (401)


1 hour ago
I came out as bisexual but then I started having feeling for more than just females and males. I don’t know what to do because I’m not sure if bisexual or pansexual. It’s hard because I don’t know how to explain my sexuality.
5 hours ago
I need help. I broke up with my bf of 7 months today, and already over it. I cried a bit, but I've only ever had a crush on 2 guys. That was only after I found out they liked me? Do y'all think I'm a lesbian?
I got 30% bi 30% pan 30% lesbian SO WHAT AM IIIIII? I’m 11.
3 days ago
I'm bi and have been crazily questioning being lesbian- So now I'm not exactly sure anymore.
4 days ago
Could i be pansexual and bisexual? I got 50% pan and 30% bi
5 days ago
Well all I took from this quiz is that im not straight or les

5 days ago
Ima go find a bisexual test so I can send it to my friend so they (they are gender less) can find out if their really bisexual
5 days ago
Who’s surprise the trans pan girl gets pansexual as 50%? I’m a transgender pansexual girl.
7 days ago
I was 100 percent pansexual. Y e s. I’m 11 lol
8 days ago
i was 0% on heterosexual lmfao 😆 but its accurate tho
9 days ago
I knew that I was pansexual and I got 90 for pansexual plus i'm TEN
9 days ago
Women 😍 👮 yea theyre so hot
11 days ago
I cant believe it im bi,10%pan 20% lesbian 10% heterosexual ok what im mostly bi

I thought i was straight but i felt a little attraction to girls so i took this test
12 days ago
so as of right now I’ll just label my sexuality as undecided
12 days ago
Okay so I don’t know if I’m bisexual or lesbian. I know I would do anything with women but I find some men attractive but I don’t know if I would date them or have🦄with them plus I’m a 13 year old girl so I’m really confused.
12 days ago
oof i got lesbian even tho im pan
13 days ago
I love this test it makes me learn more bout my secuality and about the diffrent sexualities
14 days ago
I took this because yea 😌