Female Sexuality Quiz

Are you a female who wonders about her sexuality? It's pretty common to be not quite certain about these things. Figure it all out now by answering just a few simple questions! Answer honestly or your results could be inaccurate. You don't want that! Please share my quiz if you think it might help a friend!

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    What do you think your sexuality is?

    What do you think your sexuality is?

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12 days ago
I'm literally a 50% heterosexual and 50%lesbian
12 days ago
I just wanna know my sexuality
26 days ago
29 days ago
just because i don’t want to go home with a stranger doesn’t mean i don’t like that gender 😭😭
75 days ago
i have no clue of my sexuality
141 days ago
I honestly question my sexuality cus its like i came out as bi but i like everyone but i also prefer women more its like im bi right? And u also like non-binary people get it?
152 days ago
i hate those questions ''What do you think you are?'' like why am i taking this quiz lmaoo YOU tell me
no hate tho cuz it was amazing
174 days ago
so im 40% heterosexual which im happy with 20% bi but in 40% lesbian which I'm not happy with but I'm very sure I'm not lesbian at all
182 days ago
im bi so. . . I WAS RIGHTT!!
188 days ago
Im really bisexual....I AM RIGHT MAH GOD
193 days ago
I got 80% lesbian 20% bisexual and 0% heterosexual 😂, I love my results!🏳️‍🌈
203 days ago
I got 40% but I think I’m more of bi but when I took another test it said I’m pansexual. Idk if I’m bi or pan. It depends on whatever. I like both genders and I do hangout with girls a lot more than boys.
216 days ago
I feel like I'm bi cuz I'v had a boyfriend and i have a girlfriend my best friend is pan my aunt is lesbien her best friend is trans my friend is gay my girlfriend is bi and I think 2 of my other friend are gay but I don't know
229 days ago
I got 40% lesbians 50% bisexual and 10% straight! I just want a label for gods sake
236 days ago
I got 100% lesbian lmao
236 days ago
Hi ok!So I think you might be bi but have a preference for women if you like some guys
247 days ago
Im a lesbian but i like some guys, i dont know i just want a label
247 days ago
Ya know-
I'm still kinda questioning but I really wanna to try and make out with a girl 😙
253 days ago
why are there only three options tf
253 days ago
for the 5th one:
im gay af but im also ace so idk 👮 to choose