Are You Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual or Pansexual? Play This Test for Girls & See

If you already know which of these you are, you can take this quiz for fun or for confirmation/a second opinion! If you're questioning, you can take it to get a better idea of your status. This test will not be 100 percent accurate for everyone. It's only meant to help you reach your own conclusion, not to definitely tell you what you probably already know, deep down inside. ;)

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    Your reaction when you see a hot guy?
    Your reaction when you see a hot guy?

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319 days ago
Liking both female and male at different times is NOT pansexual. Being pan means being attracted to anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
710 days ago
@No no! same problem here, I'm not straight, I'm bi!
853 days ago
It said I'm s t r a i g h t but NO.IM. NOT .
894 days ago
Im sorry you said both genders in a question uhh their is more then one (sorry for spelling mistakes.)
895 days ago
this s 🌻 lie i am pan and t said iam a STRAIGHT
902 days ago
I’m Non-binary,Pan why would I be straight bruhh
907 days ago
@my name isn't any of your concern. I'm christened too but I think I'm either pan or bi. And I don't know how to come out
920 days ago

basically i came to myself that im pan because i like non binary people too
927 days ago
I- Wow- It said I was straight, I'm questioning between bi and pan. Also, why is this geared towards women?? I'm a transman and what was up about your interests and stuff? Like seriously, your sexuality has nothing to do with how you present! I'm sorry if I offended anyone that was not the intention but I'm stating my opinion. The idea is good but it's not very inclusive and quite stereotypical.
942 days ago
And I’m a Christian and my dad says homosexuality is against the Bible. It’s called a BIble not a straightble
942 days ago
No I’m pan and it said I was bicurious I’m just scared to come out of the closet
947 days ago
It said i was gay im pan and ace
959 days ago
Haha Mel, I got the exact results as you did! As for coming out (for the rest of you), it's obviously not the easiest thing. Idk if I'm bi or pan, so I'm in questioning. What I would do is try to get more experience on it. Maybe start finding out your type, maybe even talk to a couple more people. Maybe even someone else that you know who's not straight. Anything to help give you a better idea of what kind of people you are attracted to. If you're from a Christion family or your family just doesn't accept anything other then hetero, then I wouldn't come out to them just yet. First, I would figure things out more and then consider coming out once I have an official sexuality. Then, don't say anything or do anything that seems like you're not straight. Just talk to some family members casually about it every now and then. Once you've done that, just make sure that you have good relationships with who you're coming out with. Those closest to you will be the ones who will love you no matter what. After that, I would come out to the absolute closest people FIRST. Let them know what you are, that it's some self-discovery that you did about yourself, and make sure they know that it doesn't change who you are. They should know that it's just who you are, and if they don't accept it, just drop it for just a bit. Show them that you're discovering yourself and that it's all right. Get then more accustomed to the idea and once they are, if you're in a relationship, take that person to meet your family. If even then they don't accept you, just keep this part of your life private. They may have supported you in every way, but trust me, if they don't accept this part of who you are, then forget it. They don't need to be involved with this. Ik it's probably scary, but just keep this in mind. And for those like me in questioning, I hope you find your true sexuality. I really hoped this helped for anyone reading this. Hhave a nice day, everyone!!
972 days ago
Me too but I never asked my grandma
972 days ago
Have you came out I am so nervous 😬 because I come from a Christian family and I am a girl and I asked my grandma 👵 what she thinks about boys wearing makeup 💄 and she said it is weird and idk if I am bi or pan help
972 days ago
*23% homosexual. -_-
972 days ago
31% lesbian, homosexual, 23% bicurious, 15% straight and 8% bisexual. ???? I'm questioning if I'm pan. My sexuality gets fricked over so I question repeatedly. Most quizzes say pan. I'm trying to figure out. Coming out again will be a pain in the butt when three family members don't accept me.
972 days ago
I have Been bi for awhile and I need help knowing how to come out pls help 😭
972 days ago
Your test are helping me think if I am bi or pansexual thank you
975 days ago
It says im homosexual but im bi, pan or bi curious idk that’s why i was taking these tests!